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When any change is needed to your domain, forget it! When they opened a new account area you had to use to authorise transfer requests an account was not created so any attempt to login just led you back to their completely useless "Contact us" form, Im now convinced that not one customer can access this area and its a scam to stop people leaving this awful company.

EMail are NEVER answered, support is non existent, they should not be in business.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: the company effectively holding your domain hostage

I will be filing a lawsuit against

If you have not had your issues resolved and wish to participate in a possible class action suit, feel fre to contact me

I've been trying to renew-change providers for over two months, and now my domains will expire....with no response from them whatsoever

Biggest Pro: Used to be price - Now, no positive attributes
Biggest Con: Does not respond to customer complaints - does not respond to anything, yet they are still taking pwople's money

Please, Scotty, BEAM them up, into the Galactic dustclouds!

Suddenly my Email was no longer forwarded; Mapname screwed up my setup. Then I found out my login to change my settings no longer worked either... domain registered on 2xth April 2005, PAID until April 2012!!

NONE of the email addresses (even those on their own pages) works! :-( The webform does not work either, no replies were ever received.

Even my request for a transfer code, needed to move my domain to a TRUSTWORTHY Registrar went unanswered! So I've filed complaints with VERISIGN and PublicDomainRegistry; the last one can help in such cases it would seem (fingers crossed I get MY domain back into MY control!)

Biggest Pro: Low price
Biggest Con: NO CONTACTS; they hold your domain hostage (or try to! See my solution)

Have trapped my domain names

Unfortunately, I transfered a few domains to them several years ago, and every time I need to change any settings for the domain, it is a nightmare. Setting changes don't stick.

The only reason I have not abandoned them is because my attempts to transfer domains away from them have repeatedly failed.

They do not respond to customer service requests which are submitted through a crappy little email form on their site which requires that you provide a postal address... wtf!?!

These guys are a nightmare to deal with. Steer clear!

Biggest Con: massive ongoing headaches and waste of my precious time

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