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OK. First off, all the reviews below this one might have some good opinion. But, I have been in the hosting and web development business for several years and let me just tell you this, trusting Manas Hosting on your web hosting needs is the BIGGEST mistake you can make.

I was with them through their initial seed stages and everything seemed fine for a while. But, they just couldn't handle the servers. They claim to have a very reliable system but that is all trash talk. In its initial stages, if you had a problem (which would be almost every 3-7 days), you could call up someone and talk to them personally to get it fixed. However, that is not the case now. You have to go through their support team who are incapable of comprehending even the "smallest" of issues. They do not have any knowledge of web hosting and speak like robots that are pre-programmed to answer only specific questions. Ask them anything a little more advanced and somehow the phone gets disconnected or you receive a simple reply "I will redirect the issue and it will be solved tonight". And tonight never arrives for them. Even a week later.

I also had a reseller account with them and hosted my clients' websites there (I am a web developer). My clients frequently complained of their emails not working and the surprisingly long downtimes. Their website claims to have 99.99% up time. This is not true.

They will lure you with LOW prices and HIGH specifications such as unlimited space and bandwidth. My sincere suggestion is to leave this behind and host your site with someone like Media Temple (my current host) or Aplus or 1and1. Go for someone with an international footprint and a NAME. Even if that means that you won't get 1TB of space. Trust me, for an average business website, 50-200 MB would suffice.

Choose your poison. I will change this review to a positive one if I notice SIGNIFICANT changes at Manas. Until then, even I am disappointed. I usually hate putting up bad reviews. I just can't help it this time (imagine how much I would have gone through).

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: TOO MANY

very very slow server

Price is low so is the service

Server is dead slow. no proper customer service

they have only one thing to say

"We will chk thro the server and get the reason from server admins sir n we will get back to u thro mail or thro SMS asap plz cooperate sir "

If you want to do serious business don't go for this.

Biggest Pro: low price
Biggest Con: very very slow server most of the time

I have domain hosted 'n registered with Manashosting

I have domain hosted 'n registered with Manashosting. I have had virtually no problems with server downtime, and the speed is also ok for my needs. I have used both their phone 'n email customer service, and they handled all my requests 'n problems efficiently. Overall though i can say, this is a reliable hosting service as well as good value for money.

Biggest Pro: Cheap 'n easy to reach customer service

Slow Hosting

This is not the site for you, if you are looking for site speed and access speed and mail download speed.

The site is slow, slow, slow. We are fed of telling them that their ip address is blocked by many spam servers. They hardly correct the problem.

The after sales service is pathetic.

This hosting agency is not recommended

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: mails block by various servers due to ip address spam, speed of download of mails, etc

Good enough

Hi friends. I am a webdesigner from India. I have developed many websites and the first hosting company that i used was manashosting. They seemed to be very cheap for the offer they made and I purchased 2 GB Linux package for $35 (Rs. 1500) some 8 months back. I made the payment by depositing cash directly in their bank account and it took almost 24 hours before they activated my account.

At the early days I was little bit disappointed over the availability of the site since the site was not avaliable at some times. Any way things have changed a lot and the site is now availabe without any interruption. Speed of the server is also not that bad. Another good thing about their service is that support is available most of time and I have made use of it a lot.

I would recomend this server for you if you are looking for huge space for a reasonable price.

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