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On average, Manas Hosting is not recommended by users on our web site.

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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 Very High
# of Reviews 65
# that Recommend 2
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% that Recommend 3%
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Very Low
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Very High

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Service sucks

Would not recommend this company. Price is cheap and so is their service. If you ask them a question they put off their mobile and wont lift. Support staff are no good. Take long to support.

Manashosting SUCKS

Biggest Pro: PRICE
Biggest Con: SUPORT

Manashosting = low quality + frustration guaranteed

This is the worst hosing service provide that one can have. I have paid for pay for 2 years and avail 3 year hosting plan. I am still with manashosting. It sucks, stinks. Only there sales team works other departments sleeps. Manashosting is the world best scamers in internet. I have hosted my personal site with manashosting, suddenly all my files vanised, not to connect through FTP, not use Panel to upload the file. Its been highly fustrating after repeted call and chat IM's no responce, no one is there to attend the calls. I am worried about the contents stored in the sever.

I only remember one thing, "All that glitters are not gold". I got trapped by there price. Noting is attractive except their price.

Two thumbs down for there support, their infastructure.

There is no negative rating in this site, manashosting takes wopping -5 (minus five) for the support and abiltiy to torture me.

Biggest Pro: price,
Biggest Con: Every thing.

worse hosting Manashosting


I have taken a Five Domain Package from Manashosting. However, ever since I have used their services, I am facing sever problem of downtime and pathetic customer care.

I, firmly, recommend you not to use any of the services of Manashosting even thought it is free of cost.

Avoid manashosting.


Dharmendra SHarma

Never Host from Manashosting


I have a domain with Manashosting...i had very bad experience in hosting...their server are always down...and if u raise ticket..they reply u after 1012 hours...Really Very Bad..


Biggest Pro: Hosting
Biggest Con: Hosting



using shared linux hosting with Manas , my worst mistake being their customer.

Never get this much problem in 10 years which get with Manas in 2 months.

1-50% uptime per month ,
2-Cpanel sucks always problem and they are not capable to fix,
3-Nonsecure , their hosting security weak , also getting access on your files,
4-No support , tech team aren't capable to write english and answer your questions as well , 5-manas tech team aint got no knowlegde.
6-my page rank was 4 now its 1 with manas, google bots cannot access cos the server almost everytime down.
7-alexa rating 100.000 step down in 2 months with manas cos the visitors often meeting with not loading or cant find server website - they are leaving!

8- If you are online and care of your website ... FADE AWAY FROM MANAS.

Biggest Pro: always down
Biggest Con: rutin cpanel problems

For the eyes of MD Manas Hosting is CHEAP by All means

Just like the saying all that glitters is not gold manashosting has bosted the 2nd best hosting company in india i wonder if there service is so pethetic they dont respond to the call we make and they are located over a boutueque in banglore with hardly any staff to respond and a gentel man comes out promissing all nonsence in this world but nothimg happens i have witnessed my self many complaints coming all the way from andhra mumbai and my self went there from chennai

Biggest Pro: CHEEP
Biggest Con: CHEEP service

Useless webhosting company... pls don't ever do the mistake

Useless webhosting company... pls don't ever do the mistake of hosting with this company. Useless service (support), slow and the phone service and chat service is pathetic. They dont have track of customers. they dont send email or sms about renewals. No proper technical people there and the girls who pick up the phone lines are the really worst ones - absolute lack of technical knowledge, no proper understanding of the customers.... u can kep adding on and on and on.... Cheap pricing cheap = customer service

Biggest Pro: nothing... if someone says the price factor then they are actually unaware
Biggest Con: everything right from the day you start ur relationship with the company

Neve go with Manashosting for host your site!!

The support people are responding through chat nor by phone.

I have hosted my site & got critical issue. 3 days till now but i have no solutions.

Pls any one help me with any good hosting co. I just want to move from that bloody idiots hosting.

Management never available on phone.

I suggest to everyone, never go with manashosting.

You will lose your money as well as your services.

Worst Hosting Provider

I have had my site on Manas Hosting for a year and I had second thoughts even from the second month as the site was going down frequently and they were not even responding to my mails or calls. Even when I wanted to move from them it took me 3 months to get a reply and move out..

Manas Hosting

The following is my personal comments on the service of Manas hosting based on my personal experience with them and request you to give your review comments too about the service provider by replying to this post.

When I first heard of it, I was simply amazed by the price they were offering 1GB hosting package for and the best part was that the 1 domain registration was also free with the hosting package. I wondered how come they could give so much of space n blah blah in such a meager amount that I am still unaware of (If you know it then please let me know about it :).

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