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Manas hosting is the worst

I completely agree. Manashosting is completely worse. They claim 99.9% uptime but their sites are always down. i have 4 domains hosted with them and am really frustated and repenting my deicision to go with them. Please do not go with Manas hosting anytime.

Biggest Con: poor utime. Support staff who do not understand anything

worst custoer service i have seen wn compared to all products

If we raise any question they first take more than 2hrs to give a reply, again you need to call them more than 2 times, still issue is not at all solved. i sometimes get a feeling that all their employees are not paid as thier attitude and way of talking with cusomters show that.
i have made a blunder mistake by choosing manashosting for my clients.

dont vet choose this even if they give free for life time.


Manas hosting is having dumb a** shared servers and employees. never ever think about it.

Manas hosting servers only have 10% up time, I CAN HAVE A BET when ever you see your site you'll find it always off line.
And when you talk about this to manas hosting SUPPORT (which they claim 24X7 -- ALL Rubbish no one is available expect sales team) they reply it's shared hosting and the problem will remain until you BUY our DEDICATED servers (what a SH*T answer), and if you insist to make it up, they give you time of 24+ hrs. time and if server goes up in between it will surely get down in between 10 hr for sure.

+++ their managers uses abusive languages like "ukahad lo jo ukhadna hai" they are not afraid cause they have their team who is anonymously building reputation by becoming FAKE MEMBERS in Forms and by launching domain names so that their complains must not be visible on top three pages of Google when somebody search for manas hosting reviews. you can have look click on search result 2,3 4, followed for search term "Manas Hosting" Or "Manas Hosting review" "manas hosting fraud" "manas hosting complaints" "manas Hosting india" etc.. in search engines you'll be able to see only complaints and if there is any positive review they are just fake.

Even if you write about your complaint mail to CMD of Manas Hosting he'll not response on issues. because he know that HE IS WRONG AND CHEATING with people.

its really

If you'll buy MANAS hosting it is just waisting the time money and loosing the business, i STRONGLY SUGGEST DONT EVER THINK ABOUT MANAS HOSTING

I have never ever faced any prob. with my other hosters in same shared hosting but manas hosting is crap and will loose the market very soon.

THIS IS A GENUINE MANAS HOSTING REVIEW, I am seriously P*** OFF form the services and raising the stupid tickets, which are never understand the priority of online

Bitches compnay MANAS HOSTING

Yes its true.

Their caption is Feel the reality of hosting.

I feel their reality for couple of weeks and just left my money and not successfully hosted my domain. loss of 5000/-

It happened with me too,

The comany is fake. chaeting people. Once you make payment . thats it. No customer service nothing.

On their website they disply 24 x 7 customer service. Pakka joot. a company of lies. They will have one person 24 hrs basis. When you call him night times he en thowill just lift the phone and tell you plz call tommarow.

In the billing team only 2 people were there to tell you always create a ticket. They dont listen you. Even you ask for simple details. they tell you to create a ticket.

All they need is they try to get payment first.

Thanks for reading these forum.

Please spread this to everybody and beware of the cheating companies review: THE WORLDS WORST WEB HOSTING. review: THE WORLDS WORST WEB HOSTING.

Manashosting is the worst hosting service provider of the world.

Manashosting sucks

Manashosting poor services makes more frustration to us.

their usual HELM panel was in troubles with so many errors.
So they changed us to PLESK.

Then billing team gave a new Helm CONTROL PANEL once more.
In that new control panel, we unable to add domains and subdomains.

They once more gave PLESK panel
There we had the problem of FTP for all the domains and unable to upload any files through FTP.

So once more the billing team gave CPANEL. There we had the problem of Ftp oncemore.
In addition the main domain in CPANEL was configured to another domain.

We had submited nearly 35 tickets to every departments to solve our issues.

billing team of manashosting use to say, your issue will be solved soon... and redirected to technical department. But the technical department wont take care of it.

This situation is continuing more than 6 months and now without notice those accounts are suspended too.

Finally we are helpless.

Again we was given this new control panel/.
This to has the ADDON domain and subdomain issue.

We are really frustrated with these issues. We had somany packages with manashosting. So we started migrating all the packages.


if you want to host your website in India, then dont host in MANASHOSTING.COM

The good joke is the inside staffs of manashosting itself becoming enemy for that hosting company. They are selling our mobile numbers. So that opponent hosting companies are sending cheap rate offers to host our domains through sms. if we submit a complaint ticket to manashosting then you will receive sms from other hosting companies.

Biggest Pro: Nothing.
Biggest Con: They will suspend your account without notice.

Worst HOsting Company

The worst Hosting Company ever, mail me and I'll provide you the evidence.

I was running a social networking site and they one day said that they are migrating server. (Why??? was I given this trouble in the first place???). I though maybe they want to upgrade servers, so I went through all their steps... and I ended up with 100 MB instead of 1 GB, No PHP support, 1 Mb Database limit... (I have screenshots to prove it, I'll upload them to flickr and can show you).
After being directed here and there (First billing then Tech support, the Compalin, etc.), finally nothing changed. My live site was deleted without warning, after requesting through around 20 tickets, they asked me to re-create my files... i wonder if they can recreate data...????????????

My request is still on... and its been more than a month.

I curse the day I choose MANASHOSTING


pls dont host your domain on this server

worst support i had experienced with manashosting. Control panel hardly works for a week, I had to repately make request till date.
I am not able to make changes my domain is active but i am unable to do modification on my website or view the web pages,
please please dont host your domain on this server. worst response i have to make the complaint again and again for atleast four to five time by the time it will a month over. simply they will close the complaint without even solving the problems.

Biggest Con: poor support on uptime and logon problems.

not get any type of support and speed is very slow

i host my domain on manashosting, they call me many time for sales but first step when i want to ask path for c panel they took fifteen days, for just mail me path.manas hosting is very selfis and very slow server so pls dont ever go. now i have new error for login and i cant raise ticket . when u try to raise ticket for support it gives errors and u cant raise ticket, secont u can cat for support, but when go to chat with some support it never come someone to help and third try is call for support , buy line is always busy and u cant talk with someone always wait for hours.

so pls dont ever go with manas web hosting. very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad experience. fu_Ck manas hosting. they cheated me.

Biggest Pro: cant get any support
Biggest Con: cant get any speed

manshosting ? hahah dont ever go with it

if u ask me about manashosting hhaha then simply my answer will be that it is better that u jump from mountain, but dont go with manashosting,!!!! i had website hosted at manashosting, i just called them once or i think i had filled their chatting box , and then booooom 5,,4,,,5,,,6 ....soooooo many phone calls from this company, i thought oh cool , if they r calling so many times , that mean they r reputed company, that's why their selleing department is working cool, but oh god, i was wrong , manashosting is fu##ing company, no up time, no technical support, they dont know anything, fu%k off, my money was wasted, :(( but i used to chat here and there on yahoo messenger, fortunately my friend from USA told me about an indian company, he said that server r located in usa at well , i thought to have a chance, when i sent the mail to this new company , i was surprised, haha they said they dont have online chatting system , i asked them reason , they replied that our server never get down, so we dont need online 24 hours live chatting, bcoz our clients cant get any problem, hahah i thought this company is also fu#cking haha but the package were so so affordable, so i joint them, i thought this may be better than manashosting, oh god , really mywebhosting,com is really cool , i dont need live support bcoz this cant ever down, their staff has amazing confidence , its cool, well friend i will suggest u , plz dont go with manashosting, u may choose anyone , whatever u like, lunarpages, hostgator,, which ever u like u may choose, but dont break ur heart with manshosting :P if u dont believe then try it , haha

Biggest Pro: price r so less, but i dont care about price if servise is cool,
Biggest Con: they dont know anything, they r selling vagitable on the road :P

Manas Hostings SUCKS !!!!!

I totally agree with you, Manashosting is the worst hosting company in india, the technical team have no knowledge of basic computers.
Once you create the invoice the SALES girl will keep calling you 6 times day... trust me... i used to get nearly 10 calls until i made the payment... but one the payment is done...... BZZZZZPPPPPPP.....

Manas hosting goes into Hibernation... you keep wondering what happened to the over proactive team, are they on strike???
U get no response for 3-4 days... then you call the customer care number which has 3 options... sales, billing and technical... Manag hosting has infinite number of SAles Girls... but 1-2 billing team guys who have not even passed 10th exam... when you opt for technical help in the IVR menu... it gives you a CHENNAI / HYD number.... I mean if i have a problem... i have to make STD calls to this number... and the TECHNICAL support person, is more busy than Steve Jobs or Bill Gates... he just give you one word answer which you dont understand... and CLICK.... he cuts the call on ur face.... pls dont mind... he is a busy guy and he has a big responsibility of upsetting every caller who calls him up.....

The sales, billing and the technical team have no co-ordination between them... when i contacted the number of the sales girl (soumya) who usd to bug me like anything... she says in a god-forsaken kannnada medium type of accent.... SAARRRR, YOU HAVE TO CONTACT THE BILLING DEPARTMENT SAAARRRRR.... I DONT KNOW YANYTHING ABOUT IT....

The worst this is tickets do not get escalated in case the customer is not satisfies and requires more help.
There is no help even if you visit the office in basaweshwarnagar... there is a recetionist who is always palying SOLITAIRE... (FYI he is an undisputed champion in solitaire and is about to get his name published in the "WORST DESK STAFF OF ALL TIME")

Manas hosting sucks guys... there is no 2ns thought abt it... dont go with the testimonials on their site.... they are all fake....

0/10 performance...

God save u all from Manas hosting

Biggest Pro: Nothing...
Biggest Con: read my review

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