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Dont Use Manashosting... they dont provide you good services

Hi All,

Dont fall in pits by checkecking the rates manashosting offer. They provide the worst service. Once all my files got deleted I asked them they said its my resposnibility to back them up and it was by mistake it ahppened and they are helpless. Other time they deleted my database, asked why no answer. Twice they have blocked my hosting and domain saying I haven paid, then I have to raise a ticket wait for 4 -6 days for my server to be up. They don bother of customer time or how important services to them. What ever u call and say urgent or anything they just say raise ticket and we will respond in 24 hrs. Sometimes after we raise tkt if issue not resolved when we call they they say it was not the correct team u raised so do that agin with correct team. They cann even transfer tickets.

Please dont use this hosting.

Biggest Pro: No pros for this
Biggest Con: They dont even respond to u until u raise a ticket.

Manashosting services are with maximum downtime....stay away

This is my sites uptime report for Dec 2010
Outages: 90
Downtime: 103 hrs, 0 mins
Uptime: 88.26%
Great ....they are miserable and support team is pathetic....Most of the times the server is down and the reply you get is " We are having server update ....or we are taking backups ...please check after some time ".....when asked how much later general answer is 2-3 hrs ....r
Crap service .....

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Everything else

3rd class company, never ever go for it

This is the worst company i have ever seen. The web server goes down every now and then and the company people are not aware of it.. They themselves do not know what type of plan they have given it to me and after a very short they charge extra money for upgradation of their software which has the same level of service as the previous one(3rd grade ******** service) . If you want to keep yourselves happy never opt that ******** manashosting company... you ruin your site image....

Horrible - to put it in one word

In the last 40 days, my site has gone down at least 15 times. I have to check if my site is up or not every day. I have raised ticket after ticket to Billing team, technical team and logged complaint tickets. Billing team has asked for invoice of payment made at least 2 times in this 40 day period. They did oblige to put my domain on monitor for a few days and still no respite. You have to call them and tell them that my site is down, and then they will acknowledge that they just got an alert for a site that was down for over 2hrs.

In addition to this, be prepared to get a lot of spam messages in your email about various offers available and also calls to your mobile with recorded messages being played "EVERYDAY".

They keep disabling access to your control panel also. There is absolutely nothing you can do. This time I am not going to renew my account. I will definitely pay a little extra and shift out. I am currently evaluation other web hosts like and including and should be shifting out by year end.

Biggest Pro: NOTHING
Biggest Con: Loads of spam / marketing calls and site will go down every other day (100% guarantee)

Award Winner for The Worst Hosting Company

Need to waste your money???...then the best option is Manashosting . ... After getting the payment they really act as strangers...Some times Our website's control will be moved under others control pannel...some times account creation link will disappear from the whm control panel...

Even One of my ticket itself disappers from the list without closing it....

Some times Fund adding takes more than 2 days....

Some times Our site shows Account suspended messages too....what ever happens manashosting people never minds.....If we try to contact them...their first question is the proof of payment receipt....seems really funny about reply's

some times after a long chat billing team redirects us to tech team and after few mints tech team again redirect us back to billing team.....Basically no one have any idea about anything proper..But the tech team at Hyderabad is only have little hope....If we taken 10GB unlimited hosting plan...customer never ever get this 10 GB...first they set restriction to create max 50 accounts ...and if we report takes -2-3 days and they set next restriction to 60 that...actually they are the real cheaters in this field...If any one need to know more about their server service please ring me at + 91 9447061998...I will explain it in details......

Most Dishonest Attittude to Customers

S Vijay Kumar,
21st of September, 2010

Manashosting is the most dishonest company when it comes to domain ownership issues.

They refused to renew a domain, insisting that I have to bundle it with their hosting package. They are Dishonest to the Core.

I finally had to prefer a complaint with the Public Domain Registry for a resolution.

If you have any DOMAIN RELATED issues with ManasHosting, just visit this link and raise a ticket.

I called up their CRM and Sales Head Mr Vishal at 99866 95855, after filing this complaint.

He insisted that I make an online remittance for the domain, and provide him with the Ticket Number.

When I asked him, "What is the guarantee that you will renew the Domain", he just dropped the call.

Biggest Con: They have NO Business Ethics

Manas Hosting the biggest cheaters !!!!

Dear Friends I would recomend you guys not to register yourself with this webhosting. They are the biggest cheats.
I had registered my website in the Name of .........................and with lot of work i got this website on the google listing but . I had lots of problems with them like every 2 months inspite of good security My website would get hacked and when i enquired i would get no response from their customer care.
but if you contact them saying you wanna new webspace they would immediately reply.
after getting angry my colleauges started to write them regularly but we got no response from them ultimately they blocked my site and gave silly reasons. . I would sincerely say this is the shittiest webhosting. please do not indulge your money in this.

Nothing but ManasScamming

Far too many problems
uptime & reliability:-
About 95% uptime, but totally NOT reliable. You may lost all your uploaded webpages WITHOUT prior notice.

server & connection speed:-
Not acceptable. You'll see thumnail loading line by line, anyway, better than ADSL upload.

technical support & knowledge
Their tech-support are dumb, idiot, empty brains. Whatever question you ask, they keep posting replies asking you for details. After you've posted all unnecessary details, they ask you to sumit a new ticket to billing department.

customer service & billing
This is the worst of the worst. They'll keep trying to get your ID proof and address proof. Keep asking you your payment details. Then, deactivate your account and make things worse when they've got your ticket

price value for money
You get almost nothing for whatever you've paid.

1) Cannot renew domain host
I've ask for a renew when there is 14 days to expire, but there is no such an option on their payment web. Raise ticket, the hold it for 5 days, until the domain name is in redemption period.
Then they tell you how to pay. After you've paid, they said domain cannot renew in redemption period, which is NOT TRUE. I wait till expire and register again.
They ask me to provide images of identitfy proof documents. I felt suspicious and not providing my ID proof. Then I use luckyregister for domain host, no ID is needed of course.

2) Sudden reset of account
You'll one day found you've lost all you web pages, email account, database records and other settings. They can't recover any of them for you.

3) Keep asking payment details.
They ask you to privide payment details every two weeks, and said they'll terminate your account if not replied in 12 hours!!

Below are extract from they notice:-
As per the cyber law and also the company rules you have to provide all these necessary details for your domain control panel so kindly get back to us with the complete and correct details so that we can do the needful to you.
Kindly update the ticket with necessary information with in 12 Hours or else
ticket status will be change to "close". For any delay or loss you will be held
responsible thank you for your patience and co-operation.

If you fail to provide the details with in 24 hours, then your hosting
account will remain unpaid and proceed for next department for furhter

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Services


I lost Rs.6000 because of manashosting. Worst Web Hosters. They know nothing about Customer care. But they are just money collectors. Always show interest in New Customers . once you became a customer u r totally neglected. This is 200% true with manas hosting. I have every proof with me.
Phone call records, web site's screen videos, ticket numbers veerything.

I am happy to find out I am not only the victim of manas Hosting here. I started a blog. Please visit and post your experience. or Please send it to me I may not help u legally but let us fight altogether.

Kishor Journalist ABN ANDHRAJOTHY TV

Biggest Con: They are cheaters. Not real webhosters. Its true, Not just a comment.

Very Frustrated by the number of SMS I Get

I am very much frustrated by Manashosting,
It has a very poor service, I had taken a plan from them for hosting a site,
From that time they had started sending me unwanted sms, and that too 20-50 sms daily.
Because of which my mobile memory gets full.
I had called their sales team to stop sending unwanted sms, but they dont understand what to do.

They can disturb people at anytime by calling them or sending unwanted sms.

Biggest Pro: Their costomer service can understand your problems.
Biggest Con: -

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