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Worst service and waste of money and pathetic support

Hi friends
i was with godaddy before they provide the excellent service because of heavy coast i moved to manasahosting and this is the worst decision i have taken. I opt for plan for 3 years unlimited webspace and database.
after 1 month also they are not able to provide the proper hosting environment there tech support is very pathetic. they never understand the issue and give unrelated resolution. if u open a ticket for issue god only know when are going to provide the solutoin

Worst service, Wastage of money in manas hosting

The worst service there is only wastage of money.technical support service is very poor,poor service,technical support has no knowledge,Web server is busy and website stops running after every 10 days. If you call customer care they are always busy and u will be paid on mobile.

Biggest Pro: Poor service

Cheap Price/ Worst Customer Service

The price plan are cheap BUT don't be fooled by it. The Customer Service is the worst. Technical Team have little/no technical knowledge. Billing team are very very slow to sort your query. Everytime you make a queary, you have to raise a ticket, which takes 2/3 days to get a reply and also isnt dealt with properly. First it took 3 weeks after i paid for my domain and hosting to be active.
When renewing the domain, they deducted money (6 times more than the actual price) from my account without my consent. Now its going to take another 3 weeks to sort that out.

Totally rubbish!!!!!

In one word - Horrible !!!

Yes, I mean that !
Their packages are very cheap and affordable. But their customer service is the worst. When you first talk to a "Sales Rep" via chat, they would ask for out "Name, Contact number, Email". That's what they keep on asking and never provides the information that we want. When we ask for the reason, he would say that he's "managing" several chat session with his clients. Means, one person talking to many...!

When we try chat with a "Tech Support Team", they won't respond. Looks like they were sleeping all the time. Sometimes, they accept the chat and the automatic message will be displayed saying "hi and welcome to blah..blah..". So we would start typing and explaining our issue. After typing it completely, we would feel like ourselves a fool. Because, they won't respond anything back to what we have written down...! Simply wasted our time...!!!

And if we try to open a "Support Ticket", we have to wait for 5 or 6 days or wait endlessly to get a response from them. Even if we complain against their services in a ticket, they would say nothing regarding it. Sometimes a representative might respond to the ticket, and what they are saying would be completely irrelevant to our issue and they would keep saying the same thing if we request for clarification. Again waste of time !

They have introduced a new toll free number to which we can call. But when we call, it says that, it is allowed for only "pre-sales enquiries" and all other suport questions will be charged highly on the call!!!

They claim to have received many awards and 99% customer satisfacation !!! I don't know how they got these...!!! Are these people who have rated them insane ?

The worst service I have ever had in my life....!!!!

Biggest Pro: cheap price
Biggest Con: pathetic service

don't buy manashosting server and don't deal with them

i bought linux 5 domain pack

in domain problem is came after that they blocked all my domains and control panel
Their technical support is very bad, they have very limited knowledge and they don't reply with full information sometime the dont even read your ticket properly.


Biggest Pro: control panel is loked

Worst Hosting Company

Its the most Worst Hosting Company in terms of support and billing.

- Support: Their technical support is very bad, they have very limited knowledge and they don't reply with full information sometime the dont even read your ticket properly like: if you have attached screenshot they don't check it and will reply you back to send screenshot.
- Billing: They dont maintain customer records, I used to receive emails every month to verify my billing information, so I create one default email with scan copies of all payment receipts to send them.

Their website uptime is acceptable about 1 - 2 hrs down time per week.

Biggest Pro: support and billing

Slowest people in the world

Paid for a domain and windows hosting plan. Had some problems so asked to shift to Linux. Its been more than a week now and yet to get things done. First had to pay for shifting, then had to raise a ticket and guess what u still need to raise more tickets because every ticket will take a TAT of 2 to 3 days to only get a component of work done. No end to end solution. Add things like "soory saar, we will look into it" and guess you have your day made.

Poor Billing support team

Billing team is very slow. they are not ready to give the deadline.
the query was just to add the fund to the domain reseller account.

Billing Team 1:
Welcome to Billing Team
How may i help you today?
could you please add funds to domain reseller account
Billing Team 1:
May i know your issue and ticket number please?
the ticket i is ATO-430149
Billing Team 1:
Please stay online ...
i am checking.
Billing Team 1:
we assign the issue to concern department it will be done as earliest
how long it will take for the addition of fund in the account?
Billing Team 1:
we cannot commit the time by today it will be done as earliest
who is the responsible department ?
Billing Team 1:
billing department
Billing Team 1:
Thanks for chatting with billing team,Have a nice day!
i had created the ticket for billing department already and why do you need to assign to billing department?

Biggest Pro: low price
Biggest Con: Poor billing and support team, it is waste of time and momey

World Most worst Technical Support

I am using Plesk Expand Reseller Plan from Manas Hosting from Last two year and other services are fine as per a shared plan but when ever a prolem came i raised a ticket and inform him about my ticket after then they take around 2-3 days normally and most of the time they have taken around 8-10 days and more .....

And they forget all the rules of a reseller relation ship cut the call and say the same words your issue is in process it will take time (How much ) I can't commit for time sir..
Very rubbish conversation i have faced with customer support person.

Big cheaters, pathetic service

Big cheaters, pathetic service. Indian government should ban this company
Because they are not providing any support for the services. they keeps telling us to raise the tickets and nothing happened after that. Our site and email services are gets down anytime in a day and this has caused loss to our company

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