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A BIG FRAUD company

My name is Anand, I have been fraudulent by Manas hosting and servics

Please dont purchase any web hosting package from manashosting. They are real cheaters.

I have also purchase windows limited package from manashosting for 1 year
it is almost 3 week i could not create database and upload my file

This are all the problem which i have faced with manas hosting

1)i always get MSsql database connection error even after repeatedly raising tickets also issue are unresolved
2)falls promise made to me that they can connect database server with ms sql server management studio
3)they don't have any professional technical support people
4)after raising ticket to the technical support they respond very late it take 8 to 10 hr.
5)they resolve half issues then they close the ticket with out my consent(they even then don't bother read total ticket)
5)once paid no attention is given to people, they make excuses saying that the commitment is from sales team and billing team cannot help.
6)worst techinical support
7)unprofessional employ's

I Think this is only one fraud company which give 100% satisfaction for cheating (neha). Never purchase any service from them.


I have also purchase windows unlimited package from manashosting for 3 year. Now they block the control panel and told me your billing address is differ then website address now pay 1000 Rs. for reopen then control panel or purchase re-seller package for the same in 10000 rs. I request to them pl. open control panel i will change the address but now they fine 1000 Rs. as a penalty. I Think this is only one fraud company which give 100% satisfaction for cheating ( Kaise ullu banaya). Never purchase any service from them



My name is Naseem Shah
I am existing customer of manas, last year i got the call from manas to buy unlimited package, i brought and now manas is cheating with me, asking me to upgrade the package i paid 5000 for unlimited hosting for my own domain, i hosted only five domain...

Manas recovery team not giving any satisfactory answer.

very bad experiance with manas.

Complete criminal group

Hi guys,

Warning you against this group of low profile gamblers... They fool you saying they give best service and also they fool you saying that they have scheme going on. I had taken bulk hosting for 3 years. And till date was not able to host even a single site. I asked for refund and they ask for reason. when we say we have technical problems, they say raise a ticket and it will be solved. But of now use.. every seccond day u will have to raise a ticket.

Am fedup with this and planning to lodge a complainst against these people. There is nothing like team. Whenever I call Sales team, Pooja pick up the call and she is least bothered about what we are going through. When I said I will file a case against you , she was like" you may go ahead."

So now I am seriously filing a case against her. If any localite from bangalore is there please raise a complain against them.

Biggest Pro: no pros only cons
Biggest Con: No support

Manashosting The Worst Hosting Company

Hi All,

My name is Sumit. I am here to make you aware of the one of the WORST Hosting Company in India. Manashosting is the WORST hosting company I have ever used. There staff sitting on chat especially at SALES Desk are one of the dirties customer support. Whenever I try to contact them they disconnect the chat session without giving any reason. I do even remember the name of an idiot from there sales team. His name is Sandeep.

Now I am moving to another company.



Manashosting lowlife criminals

Do not be fooled by Manashosting. is owned by a lowlife criminal who found an easy way to make money. He was first located in The Netherlands, Rotterdam, but is now moved to India. I am trying to find this lowlife. If anyone has any information about this person, please let me know at
Not only my website got hacked by these people but the time and money wasted by them is beyond words. They prevent you from getting rid of them by asking money and ID proofs and other proofs. In the meanwhile they are destroying your business for no reason at all! I just want to give all the proofs to the registrant of personally. So please help me to find this lowlife.

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Criminals, hackers

Universal Worst Web Hosting Company is Manas Hosting

Really it is very bad and bad, the worst web hosting company is Manas Servers (Manas Hosting). We can give "The Universal Worst Web Hosting" award for manas hosting.

See, I have hosted 15 domains on a web hosting package, because of it is UNLIMITED domains, UNLIMITED web space and etc. after some days, all of my files and folders permissions has been changed without my interruption. So all of hosted domains were fall down and no one is working, so i raised i request, but there is no proper response from Manas Technical team and very bad response as i did modified permissions myself.
Why i change permissions and ask them again ?

Approximately after 10-15Days, finally we found that issue and fixed the issues, so all of my hosted domains were up and worked fine.

Again after 10 Days, i got another serious problem... All of my folders and files hacked and moved to another folder i.e "bad" (folder name), so again all of my hosted domains down and not worked. So i asked Manas hosting people to check that issue. They told me that there is no files and folders and askd me to create. How can design again all those files and folders. So i worked on that found that issue as some body else moved away files and folders from actual location. So i asked them to move back those files and folders. but they told me that as i need to do it myself. But how can i download all those files and folders to local machine and again i need to upload all those files and folders to actual locations.

Finally there is no proper response from those people. So i decided to download all those files and folders but at that same time my account has been suspended. So i asked those people "Why did you suspended ?" They took long time and said as """ my account terminated as this was consuming most resources on the our server affecting the performance."""

My package is UNLIMITED domains, UNLIMITED Web Space and UNLIMITED band wodth then what is the propblem if i used most resources..

I have wasted lot of money with lot of domains registrations and lot of web hosting packages registrations. Honestly i am saying that you don't waste your time with Manas Hosting. It is world wide awarded as the manas hosting is Worst web hosting company

Manashosting - Fraud Company

I took Unlimited Linux hosting on 5th November 2011 from Manashosting and done with all the payment work. I also filed a request for transferring of domain to Manashosting. On the same day, I tried to transfer my 2 clients to Manashosting's server for hosting. I was surprise to see the loading time of files and loading time of page. It was horrible and pathetic ..

In the beginning when I purchase your domain hosting, I called your customer care and they all were nice to me. I was in touch with Ms Nita and her phone number is 9379772683 for purchasing Linux hosting. When I called her again to say that I am not satisfied with the services and my domain transfer is still pending, she didn't listened to me and hooked the phone. I made repeated attempts but she didn't picked the phone. This happened 2-3 times

Even after making repeated calls to manashosting, I didn’t got any call back from manashosting. No body told me to give me any proof. I then switched my two clients and my own domain name ie to other hosting provider after waiting for a week.

Now when I am demanding my money back because I was not satisfied with services, manashosting is demanding me proof of faults. This is really a pathetic and disgusting. I seem, Executives at Manashosting is GOOD in arguing with customer but doesn’t offer good and quality services.

WHAT KIND OF PROOF YOU ARE DEMANDING from me ??? ….. Till now, my domain was not even transferred to Manashosting from my previous hosting provider ie

Manashosting has FAILED in transferring my domain name ie from and I have been charge for the transferring domain name. DOESN’T THAT PROOF OF FAILURE IS ENOUGH???

I transferred another domain name ie to Godaddy which was transferred properly. What was the problem with Manashosting ???? . DOESN’T THAT PROOF OF FAILURE IS ENOUGH???

Biggest Pro: Not even a single
Biggest Con: Argument with customer, Rude Behavior, Doesn't Listen to issues, Pathetic technical skills, Poor quality service

worlds lowest cost cheater hosting.

Dont ever supposed to be manash hosting client..its full with fraud.this company have only three person in billing team, and no one is knowing hindi even and how to deal customer.they dnt have any technical software and seo tool.he is owner is smart internet monkey.if you will like to suck your business what i have done than only visit and buy product from here.i have booked my domain, their cheater sales person have told that after payment u will get domain control pannel.but after 8 days yet i havent got my domain, else they have taken money two time.they dnt even book the domain.this domain is available in market per time they had told, i had arrange a opening ceremony in which chief guest was dr. apj kalam. but due to this manas hosting i had lost my market position..i am requesting to god..plz call this manshosting to helllllllllllllllllllllllll

Biggest Pro: worst plan by internet monkey

Billing department is inefficient and dumb.

I must say to every body if u are reading these review please dont buy web hosting for 2 domain name from manashosting.Last week i bought 2 web hosting from manashosting. I got cpanal id and password of 1 domain name so i was very happy and waited for cpanal id and password for 2nd domain name. next days i talked to sales executive, she suggested me, i should have raised ticket to billing team. I had written so many tickets to billing team I got one reply we have sent please check. when i chatted with billing team and showed all mail what i got from billing team he said i have one cpanal user id and password for both domain name. I told but in cpanal i could see only one domain name in domain overview where is my 2nd domain name . He told me i should have written a ticket to billing department that my domain name is not showing in cpanal. I wrote then i talked to technical team he told me every domain name has own account id and cpanal i should have raised ticket they will direct to billing department till now i m just raising tickets and chatting. Now i feel it was my worst experience with manashosting. from last 7 days i am fed up to write ticket to billing team.

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