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World's Worst Web Hosting Company - Manashosting

Hi Friends,

I was with manashosting since 2011. For the last 2 years I am suffering terrible experiences with them. Frequent website downtime, sometimes days. My website rankings with google went down substantially. Everyday I have to raise tickets(There is no chat or telephone options for technical support.) and wait for days to get a reply. One time I raise a ticket that website is inaccessible. Then I get a reply after 4 days saying website is fine. I have 4 days downtime. This happens 24/7. Next day again website goes down. I have no other job than raising tickets and complaints. But no use. Now my domain and hosting is with another company and I am totally satisfied with it. This review is to help others so that they should not get trapped with manashosting.

Anybody need proof for all these please contact me. I have chat history and tickets saved with me to show how irresponsible they are. I am still a customer of manashosting. Because I have paid for 10 years validity. I am running now some unimportant websites since I cannot trust them. All the above experinces are 100% genuine. Anybody can mail me to for details. I prepared a mail with attachments as proof for you. (Because came with a page showing all negative reviews are not genuine. This is completely wrong. They are cheaters.)

Jabelu Firoz

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: 99.99% downtime, low server speed, poor technical support, irritating customer service, overall poor rating, no chat option

manas hosting is extorting money

" Luckily I have registered my domain with another service provider,
I had paid Manas hosting Rs.10000.00 + taxes for 10 years + 10 years unlimited domain hosting with free web pages on 14/02/2013, They upgraded their servers in 2014, I never opted for paid service and with the help of my domain service provider I pointed the name servers to manas hosting,They started mailing for additional payment which i refused as I have never opted for any paid technical service. they as I see today show Invoice raised on 22/05/2014 of Rs4719.12. I have not even registered a single domain nor created any web site nor hosted any website so I as a customer without availing any service am being asked to make additional payment.
They have suspended my cPanel access stating outstanding of Rs.4719.12.
Manashosting is asking and harassing a customer for extracting more money.
Hope no one else fall in trap by Manashosting with their claim of being the cheapest and best with long write ups on its website "

Biggest Con: yes

Manashosting Web Hosting company is fraud & cheating co

Hello everyone Manashosting Web Hosting company is very very fraud & cheating company Don't buy any package from the Manashosting. Worst Customer Support, Billing Support & Tech Support, I purchased Multi-Platform Reseller Package (14/07/2012 - 13/07/2015) + 1 year hosting free (Unlimited Web space & Domains) 4 year package before 2 years passed they blocked my Hosting Control Panel harassing me Saying that they need my id & address proofs. After I provided all documents they demanded for Rs.5000 Extra for migration & get Platinum-Reseller package. Even I was surprised from their demand but I had not any option. I paid Rs. 5618 again on 21/12/2013. & after 3 month from paying they again blocked my Hosting Control Panel. They again called me for money. Many more unwanted due invoice sent from manashosting. This time they told me that I have used some big files in my website & there are some charges of that. What a rubbish thing is that.
Manashosting is not a Web (services) Hosting fraud company money collection company and cheat

All my amount Rs.20000+5618 Total= Rs. 25618 gone waste

Please don't do mistake of purchasing any hosting from manas hosting

If any body wants to verify, he may contact me any time. I have all proofs of payment & their cheater service.

My name is M.Sharvanan, Salem, Tamilnadu. India +91 97897 44966

Worst company with worst service.... Stay away from Manashosting

Manashosting is worst place to host domain. Very poor service from billing and technical department. My site was down since 2 week and issue was not resolved. They didnt take it seriously.Wont recommend anyone for manashosting. They such find one or other way to grab money from customer. I took 5 years package, after 2 years they changed their control panel without my knowledge and my site was down. Now they are asking for money if i need new control panel login. This is ridiculous.

Dont fall in to this trap. Never deal with manas hosting if you want to run your business/website successfully.

Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: poor service, unprofessional and illeterate staff, fake

Manashosting is a - Fraud Company

never do any business with manashosting, they are fraud company. I am customer from last 2 years and now regret... Only to save some money i purchased hosting space from them but from the day i got my website live, they have started screwing me, they block my account for no reason, in-fact i asked 100 times about the reason but receive no feedback from their support team. I have given a legal notice to them as well. I strongly suggest guys, DO NOT BUY any service from them only to save money, i bet you'll regret. by the way i have a learning website which i am hosting in this fraud company, I am only waiting for my package to over then bye bye manas...


Manas hosting is one of the worst company i ever seen. They never give fruitful replies just ask to submit ticket and that tickets are never solved. Took reseller package 3 months back, but still not able to create customer/domain. Even after sending many emails and raising tickets my issues are not resolved. I asked for money-back but no reply for that too. BEWARE of this company they promise to give you sun and moon but once payment is done, we are left with ticketing system which will go on and on.... I am still not able to create customer …still not got any solution …still not received money back.

Ugliest hosting service

Pathetic service!

I don't know how they are running their company, people don't have knowledge, even technical people are bunch of fools.

But one interesting thing I saw on there website, they are challenging there all clients and asking information.
It is a Technical Challenge 2013 and they are giving Rs. 1,00,0000 worth web designing free as a prize.
I am surely going for this challenge as I want my money back.

Biggest Pro: low price and good talking sales team.
Biggest Con: No support

Worst hosting company in India,

One of the worst hosting company in India, I have reseller hosting with this company, every second day website is down, mails not functioning, very bad experience. Worst response from support.


I have lost big business because of Manas Hosting. I will never recommend any one to go with Manashosting.

Manashosting number one fraud hosting company in the world.

Manashosting number one fraud hosting company in the world.

They are running like a Hitler Government, what rule they make is final, no value for customer. They can block your access to ftp

and controll panel. Apart from this they can put you penalty if you do not put your billing address, emailid, and your phone no in your

website ( I do not know which govt bring this ordinance). How can a private company can put the penalty for his customers who

paid the money for the service.

They give you 5 year unlimited domain hosting for 5000/- + service charge extra, domain registration charge extra.
check out the details here
What it says is hosting - unlimited :::
sql server - unlimited :::
mysql server - unlimited :::

After purchase the package. it will be like this

domain hosting - 5 only.
sql server will not be supported because the panel will not support. If you want sql server then buy another panel by paying money.
mysql - only 5 databases(said unlimited). and they will not support for connection string. die yourself to find the connection string.

After few months they call and send you the mail that their Auditing Dept find that you hosting domain with different websites, that

is illegal so they put you the penalty (like in Hitler Govt)

Then immediately they stop you to access your site ( for what you paid the money. There are thousands of websites which give

the free service, no body ask you to put the same contact details every where.)

If think only this much it will not end here, they will keep on calling you to buy new package (god only has to help at this situation)

so be careful do any business with, also I suggest to read all the reviews expressed in all other websites.

Biggest Con: Manashosting number one fraud hosting company in the world.


I have purchased windows server for five years multiple domains plan in 5000/-. I found it cheap in starting. But when i started using it then i came to know that there database is not responding and if call to them then they want me to generate a ticket. let me tell you one thing clearly there is no use to generate a ticket as there is no response for that. Finally i changed my domain to hostgator. Now i want to change my primary domain and for that even they are not responding. They haven't provided any multiple domains facility. I cant add domains. The server is down for more than 15 days in a 2-3 months. They are fraud. Now i don't understand what can i do

Biggest Pro: Down time- Cheated for plan - Worst services

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