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Worst Host on the face of the planet... PLANET.

sql server goes down every month.
sites go offline a number of times a month.
they start maintenance windows without notify customers.
customer service response is horrendous.

and finally, i canceled recurring billing, opting to keep the service active until the end of my billing period (August 4th, four months away), and they terminated the account. They claim it's terminated because i canceled it, neglected to check what kind of cancellation i opted for, and currently the situation had been unresolved for DAYS.
Also, i canceled the recurring billing weeks ago... but the account is NOW being terminated?

i'm also locked out of retrieving any site data or files.

i would give these idiots negative ratings if i could.

Biggest Pro: NONE, there are far better and CHEAPER services out there
Biggest Con: Their Existance

I want my money back!

Worsth customer support I ever had.
Took several hours to setup the account, they said that the system did not received the payment information.
Cancelled the hosting packge on 17/12/2011 due to their plesk panel not working for 2 days.
They still did not refunded my money.

Biggest Con: Support response

Avoid frustration, and stay clear from M6.Net

We have had a few side projects that I started hosting with M6.Net that were originally placed on their system over five years ago.

At the beginning, it seamed like a good deal, as our projects were just in development, however...

On a consistent basis, they continue to make changes to their system in which, every single time, connectivity is broken to our databases, and our sites are down for weeks.

Back and forth the emails go, where I list the exact issue. One tech even replied with their own internal link to the exact page where I was having the issue. I listed the issue, in their reply they only pointed to the issue. YES? AND? No attempt was given in how they would fix it.

Their trouble-shooting is NON-EXISTENT. In one issue starting October 20, 2010, they recreated all of our domains, moved everything and broke db connectivity AGAIN!

I informed them that our code has not been touched in YEARS, nor have we made changes to our databases, so whatever changes they made, should be reverted.

The only reply I got was that they do not touch code without permission... that was it. No further explanation, etc.

Upon just a little bit of digging, I found that our ODBC entry was still intact, but our databases were GONE!!!!

Still trying to resolve this, but over-all, it has been a horrible experience.

Once I have the cycles to move everything off of their systems, this will be done.

Biggest Con: Technical support staff is not very savvy, and unable to resolve critical issues in a timely manner.


Steer clear of this one. I was sucked in because they push themselves as for "developers" .. that's me.

They lied about having sharepoint.. their control software is the slowest, most agonizing thing to try to use.. I gave up .. I used to have 5 nice active domains .. now since it takes HOURS just to make a simple change on any of my sites, they have all grown stale.

I can't wait until my pre-paid year is over and I can move on to something mundane but functional like godaddy.

sheez .. makes me think all web hosting is nothing but crooks, liers and thieves.

Biggest Pro: bigest liers
Biggest Con: slowest management and control system ever

Terrible support, control panel never works, 30 days to refund $

Stay away from this hosting company! I tried signing up for their service and paid $119 for "instant access" to my accounts. This instant access took several hours to be enacted. After logging into my control panel (they call it COPANEL), I was unable to do anything... after I clicked on certain buttons like Settings, the COPANEL stopped responding - it simply said "Please Wait. Updating..." and stayed there for 45 minutes. This happens continually. Their LIVE chat support is awful. No one answers the LIVE chat requests. It took me over an hour today to get someone to LIVE chat with me from M6 for technical support. Yesterday, their LIVE chat service was simply not working, which I was informed of today (I was never informed that LIVE chat was down, I just kept trying to use it for several hours while no one responded to the requests). When someone DOES actually chat with you, they ask for a "ticket" number, and if you don't have one, they refuse to assist you, instead telling you that you need to go to their "support site" and start a ticket. I tried to access their support site, but I keep getting the message "Incorrect username or password," so I chose to "reset" my password, and their support site sent me a new password to my yahoo email account which never arrived. So, I can't login to their support site to start a new ticket, and their LIVE chat support won't help me without a ticket. I got so frustrated that I demanded that the live chat person issue me a refund, based on their 30-day money back guarantee, or I would refuse the credit card transaction from The LIVE chat person repeatedly ignored my refund requests and instead promised that they would resolve my issues. They insisted my COPANEL was working fine, even as I watched it in another browser window and it still said "Please Wait. Updating..." I demanded a refund again and again, and I was told that a refund request would take 30 days. That was the end of my relationship with I called my credit card company and refused the $119 charge to them. They are terrible. Their customer service is AWFUL, they don't care if you're happy with your service. It takes them 24 hours to respond to support tickets, their Control panel never works, they won't help you unless you have a support ticket, you can't login to their support site NOR can you "reset" your password for it and they refuse to issue a refund on their 30 day money-back guarantee for 30 days. Their LIVE support chat feature RARELY works and the people who answer your live chats refuse to help without a support ticket number, then they just disconnect from your chat session without warning. Avoid like the plague.

Biggest Pro: Large company, many hosting options, affordable plans
Biggest Con: NO support, control panel locks-up, no live chat, refuses to issue refund


Normally I dont write reviews period however this COMPANY is so BAD I felt obligated to do so..... This is the WORSE webhosting company I have ever dealt with. I have used GO daddy and edthosting before for my clients ...

M6 use bait and switch pricing tatics. The charge you one price then say you didn't pay for the complete service and want to charge you an additional fee. They have NO incoming for phone lines for their billing department and refuse to honor their 30 day money back gaurantee. When you email them about it they just jerk you around .


YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED STAY AWAY FROM www.m6,net .... They are the worse in the industry !


Bad tech support / questionable business ethic

This company is bad new. After endless technical problems I moved my account/site/domains to anther provide 6 months ago. They just billed my CC for another year and will not refund.


I hosted with for a few months, every third day I had to submit support tickets that the server is down. Very very very bad uptime, unreliable. I definitely lost a lot of visitors while hosting at this horrible company
Although their support response is relatively good, I did receive reply within 30 minutes but It gave me a such a hard time, not worth a penny.

I am now switching to Go Daddy and its even less expensive. using a script tool to transfer database.

An angry customer.

Biggest Con: Server 99.9% downtime

Good Price, Great Options & good Techs

After 2 tries to find a host to move my sites too after the Easy CGI debacle I gave M6 a try. I picked their 200 gig/ 10 domain plan. At $93 bucks a year it can't be much but I'm tired of looking.

Big surprise! It is all they advertise. The Plesk control panel works great and there are many options. Servers are moderate to fast. Not bad for a shared environment. Tech service is good. You get E-mail replies and they seem to always fix the problem with little hassle. Best of all I haven't needed much tech support.

Be sure to ask for the Smarter Mail option. It is a great e-mail configuration. The mail list service is worth the price of the hosting fee by itself and it is a no cost option.

M6 is working great for my 10 non-profit sites at a unbelievable low price. They probably would not be fore a reseller with a ton of sites but they sure fill a niche for a small reseller or a gent that just host several sites in the 1-2 Gig range.

Biggest Pro: Low Price & good service
Biggest Con: Not found one yet

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