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M2Host = cheaters

Conventional cheaters:
- 4 years ago I used WebStarter.
- Every year my website was inaccessible up to two weeks, at the time of renewal of the domain, without explanation.
- at least once a month email accounts have been out of service for one to seven days! without explanation.

- My account and website are completely suspended 2.5 months before the expiration! without explanation.

These are ordinary fraudsters and thieves.

Never order this hosting

I have ordered their hosting services as they offer plesk control panel. After few hours I decided to cancel my account as it was not what I expected to have. They do not respond any of my requests to cancel account and refund. I have been forced to open paypal dispute. Do NOT use them.

they took my money too crashed two of my websites...their tech support can never fix anything...submitting tickets to them is useless... we are going to sue them......for our money back. they are a useless hosting company. you will have problems with them for sure...

Biggest Pro: they have no Pro's
Biggest Con: reliability and service... what else is there, at a hosting co. ????

I think M2host is the worst host ever in the hosting industry.

This type of company should closed and stop offering hosting services.

I ran into many issues with them from daily downtime.

Server loads very high.

Email stop working on a daily basis.

unable to make full account backup. Always differents kind of errors.

live chat support always have unqualified people who repeat the same things to you.

Please avoid this company. Don't host your clients site there or you will loose your clients.

Brutal and Scam

this is by far the worst host i have ever encounted in my whole life as a web designer

1. Uptime & Reliability: Their website is down for the most part of the day. I have installed a monitor to monitor the account inactivity and it reports at least 5 hour per day of downtime which is pretty bad. M2Host is advertising 99.9 uptime guaranteed which is not true and they are doing it to lure you in to sign up with them

2. Server & Connection speed: Bad. Their servers are bad.

3. Technical support and knowledge: I guess they are ok on that area. They know most part of what you request to them.

4. Customer service & billing: The worst out of all. a. they dont have a phone number support line and the toll free they list in their website does not work! it forwards to a voicemail than nobody answers or call you back. As far as their policy go, as soon as they will generate your invoice they will suspend your account the same day without sending you a deadline to pay your bill. My last invoice was generated on 3/15/2012 and the same day they suspended my account. It took me 2 days to unsuspend the account, i had my clients calling and complaining, overall, they treat you like ship and crap with no respect. Bad customer service and ethics. All of their employees are not US Based and they are rude. In another incident i was waiting on the chat room and the guy hanged up on me while i was with them in the chat. So rude and disrespectful. Then he went offline and never came back until the next day!

5. Price value for money - i guess you get what you pay for. Cheap value for cheap service and bad customer support

If i recommend this host? hell no! save your money and time by signing with a reputable server provider. You may pay a little bit more but on the long run its worth the investment

Stay the Hell Away

This is simply the worst service I have ever known. I have managed to wring a year out of it but have suffered constant issues. I am now being told that my site is causing abnormal server load and it has been banned from their servers.

They will not help me to solve the issue and also have not produced any logs so I can find out what is going on.

Now they have banned my site I cant even get access to it to even make a backup and take my business somewhere else.

Needless to say I am here to tell people to stay away from these guys.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Absolute rubbish


M2Host have completely ripped me off and are the worst crooks I have dealt with online.

I purchased hosting with them last December. Within 4 days my site had major problems (nothing worked on wordpress). This I could deal with, they were cheap, and I thought I would have to put up with it.

Stupidly before of these problems I purchased a second domain. I then waited 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 days, and they had not registered it due to "technical" issues. SOMEONE ELSE then purchased the domain. I asked for my money back and was informed that they "do not refund domain purchases". Me informing them that I had NOT BEEN GIVEN what I purchased did nothing to help.

I then opted for the 30 day money back GUARANTEE they offer on the website. They REFUSED. Point blank refused. I then filed with Paypal, they again refused and suspended my account. Now it looks like I will lose my money, and what I paid for.

I tried to save money and have paid a heavy price. Using these very cheap Indian companies is a big mistake. Of my 4 hosts I have used, I would suggest Bluehost and then Powweb as being great choices. Servsea(another Indian Company) are pretty mediocre, but at least honest. M2HOst are crooks.

I have kept EVERY correspondence done with m2host, and will gladly share it with anyone that has questions about this company. My e-mail is I have also noticed on some forums m2host even post nice things about themselves.

Biggest Pro: NOTHING
Biggest Con: CRIMINALS

M2Host Rippoff .com

OMG what a rip off company i purchased domain name and hosting and only got part hosting, they never registered my domain name and despite several email and live chats i got no joy, the excuse i got was they were having problems with their registration company (Code for we havent paid our bill ) i think, they advised they had to regisster it manually (code for use a staff members credit card) but despite these false promises and several requests for a refund i got no where at all, i finally took someones advice on here and emailed 2co the company that handle the credit card transactions and they arranged a refund as clearly M2Host did not want to refund me for a service i had paid for at all.


Biggest Pro: Price?
Biggest Con: don't deliver what they promise at all

M2Host is the worst webhosting service ever

I just got conned by these people. Thought I'd be making a black friday deal. Chat service is not polite and I have nowhere to complain. They deleted my account even though I paid and received a confirmation email from the checkout service that takes care of their payments. But they won't listen to any of that. I sent them the mail I got. I gave them the order and payment number so they can verify my payment. I checked my bank account online and verified that my credit card was indeed charged. I submitted about six mails for support so far. Only one got answered and it was a nonsense, said the same thing the chat said, that they didn't receive my payment. And when later they wanted to see if I submitted a question to them, they asked in the chat if I had the support ticket number, I said no because they deleted my account and so there was no way I could retrieve the nonsense reply I got from them. So they close the chat session repeatedly without providing any answers. And now finally they banned me from the chat. LOL

So I go and check with the company that proceeds their payments and they say I'm going to be refunded. Hope so otherwise I'm calling them again.

Biggest Pro: None.
Biggest Con: My worst mistake and a waste of time and money! Please abstain - hope you read this before you sign up like I did.

M2Host is Scam - Beware don't go with them

M2Host is totally Scam and Cheater. M2Host is offering UNLIMITED DOWNTIME feature in other features. M2Host only states Moneyback Guarantee but actually they are not refunding single penny.

My site found down for more than 48 hours in 10 days of hosting. After raising ticket, I always got reply after 7-8 hours. All reply of ticket are non-responsible and wrong. Support team reply on ticket for only change status of ticket "REPLIED". Nothing else.

After cancelling my account within moneyback period, They didn't reply me single time about refund. Phone number on website of M2Host is also fake.

Beware of this Scam - M2Host. Otherwise you could loose your website and popularity of website as well as money.

Biggest Con: Unlimited downtime, hopless support, no moneyback, scam and cheater

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