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Lunar pages good for the money; support ok

Lunar pages is a great hosting company but sometimes their help desk can be frustrating. Server support is good but when you have issues you need to get to level 3 for competent answers!

Biggest Pro: Price, uptime, reliability
Biggest Con: Support staff


I had read mostly good reviews for LunarPages before I signed up so I knew what I was getting into. I have had some problems on my end that the tech support have helped me solve so it has been a great experience for me.

Always satisfied

I'm the webweaver for a weaving guild and have found Lunarpages to be everything I need in a web host. Uptime is great, the forums are a super spot for all kinds of help. I've had almost no need for tech support but have found them to be responsive. I have rudimentary knowledge of html and css and run a modest site with no fancy scripts, but reading the forums, I think Lunar can support far more complex sites as well. I'm a happy camper at Lunarpages.

Biggest Pro: Help in Forums

It just works

I've been with LP for a bit over 2 years- LP is the third web host I've used, and has been the best value and best service of any of them. In the past year, I've had near zero downtime (better than my local network ;))- always resolved within minutes.

The only dealing with support has been easy, quick and painless- though I've only needed some "housekeeping" chores performed- spf records and such- though I do think they need a new help desk system (tickets are answered in order, but if you add information before you get a reply it gets moved to the bottom of the queue).

I currently have 3 domains on one plan, have never had a problem with billing- I did have an expired card on file, but because I always make certain I have a valid email address not related to my domain, I was notified well in advance and could take care of it (for any host, I make sure I have a good email address and fairly current backups of the sites).

Every year I shop around for other hosts before "re-upping", but I just have not found any real reason to switch.

Better then last host but spam.

I moved to lunar pages because I run word press and my last host had slow mysql due to user overload (not my site.. ). So far so good after several months speed seems good to fast on wordpress rendering.

But lately I am getting spam from all over the world. The site has been up for at least 10 years and its like I have got more spam in the last month then my whole time elsewhere. It really makes me wonder if someone is not scanning the lunarpages mail servers or clients and harvesting the email addresses. I have had to learn regex mail filters and spam programs and so on just to keep things under control.

Biggest Pro: Uptime and price
Biggest Con: Spam

Good value hosting

I have a 5000 page business website and it is hosted by Lunarpages shared hosting. The main reasons picked Lunarpages because they have good value and up times. Secondly I liked that I could host my alternate domains as well. For my business I need a few domain names to direct people to my site. The last reason was cPanel, which I consider the best control panel on the market. I would not host with a company where I do not have a good set of tools to set up sub domains and such.

Biggest Pro: Multiple domain hosting on one package

Lunarpages - The Only Host I've Ever Had is a host I've been using for a little over a year now. I think of them as one of the cheapest hosts that still give thriving websites everything they need to succeed. I've had multiple frontpage articles on, and my website didn't go down even once. One article even had 50,000 views from the front page- and not even a slow down was experienced! The fact that I'm on a shared hosting plan compounds the impressive nature of this feat.

They also have support for a lot of extra features that many hosts don't- Ruby on Rails in particular. It's good to know that some webhosts can keep up with new frameworks and technologies as they come out. I was kind of sad to see that ASP and a few other features required extra money, but alas, it was only a couple of extra dollars per month.

The technical support is very nice. I usually get responses within 2-5 hours. I have only needed to use customer support a few times, however, since the service is so stable and well-kept. I believe my website was down once or twice in the total of a year- and the downtime was minimal.

Overall, the only thing you need to worry about is scrounging up enough money to pay for a year's worth of hosting. It wasn't a problem for me, but as some of the prices can make the year long price over $100, I can see how it would be a problem for some.

Great host, great service, great support. This is why I've only had one host, and have never switched. I don't know if everyone gets this kind of good service or if its just me- but I say go for it if you want a good host!

Biggest Pro: Reliability

Good hosting, bad prices

After being with LP for roughly 2 years I have found it to be very reliable and an overall good host. It has great customer support (answering my calls at one in the morning) and an easy to use C-Panel. It does, however, have some minor downfalls that I have experienced during my time with them. The speed of the servers is considerably slow compared to other hosts, The pricing is a bit much for what i needed ($7.95 when I could have been paying $4.95 for the same service). With an easy to use layout it I highly reccommend it for first time webmasters in need of the simple yet flexible host

Overall Lunarpages is a good reliable host that I would reccommend to anyone who needs good customer support for that little bit extra.

Biggest Pro: Customer Support and Flexibility
Biggest Con: Price of Service

Lunar Pages

I actually purchased this website and it was already located on Lunar Pages so I decided to try it out. I have had some complaints about the server respsonding slowly but besides that things have been pretty good. I have had no major problems and when I was having problems at first with the new site they tech support was fast to respond.

Biggest Pro: cost
Biggest Con: server is slow

You Get What You Pay For

At Lunarpages, you get what you pay for. Like many major hosts, the signup process is fine. You can pay via credit card, and they accept many other options through their partner Stratocash. They give you a bunch of freebies, such as Yahoo Search Marketing Coupons, and free site builders. The most attractive offer is of them giving away the CoffeeCup software suite for free. Some pieces of software in the Coffee Cup suite are very useful, especially for E-Commmerce or Entertainment sites.

The support is a bit slow. With the ticket system, you wait about 2 days for a response. Then, you have to provide your credit card info and verification data before they actually give you a respond. So, to solve an issue takes about 5 or 6 days. That’s quite a lot, especially when your site is completely down and you don’t know what the heck went wrong. However, when they know your problem, they know the solution. Be specific as possible when working with them.

If you are going to sign up with lunarpages, take a year at a time. Two years is too much to risk, but a year gives you substantial benefits. Also, get the appropriate coupon codes. You can save a tidy bit with their promotional offers.

If you can, join the affiliate program. They actually do pay, and you can use the payouts to offset your hosting costs or just as a regular income.

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