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STUCK with them :(

I tried them after reading good reviews online because I needed windows server.

2 months later I had alot of webmail problems, alot of frustration in setting things up and not getting support because the support hours are work hours, not 24/7 and tried to switch to another hosting company i was already really happy with (who had 24/7 support).

Unfortunately I was Stuck or out 180$ because I'd already had 2 accounts with them for 60 days...and they DON'T refund after 30 days even pro-rated.

Every good hosting company refunds pro-rated. -Sadly stuck :(

Biggest Con: No Refunds

very unhappy with lunarpages

I was a customer with them for over 5 years and was happy. Late in 2008 they decided to move their servers, which took many more hours than was planned for. This totally wiped out my email for those hours, which was during regular business hours. When I asked why they did this during the day, I was told it was because those hours were down-time for their Euro customers. They didn't really seem to care that they were totally inconveniencing their US customers. Today was the final blow. I called to cancel my account with them and was told I couldn't receive a refund for 4 months of non-service because I was outside their 30-day satisfaction period of my renewal. Basically, they're stealing my money for a service they're not providing. When I complained I was told this was their policy and yet, in all the paperwork I still have from 2003, nowhere does it state that you cannot receive a refund for cancellations outside of the 30-days. Totally unhappy and am SO glad that I moved my site! One more reason not to do business with Lunarpages!

Biggest Pro: decent tech support
Biggest Con: mislead advertising and stealing money

Feels like their infrastructure is crumbling

I signed up with Lunarpages based on many years of good reviews that they had accumulated.

Turns out a company really can fall apart in a matter of months.

Overloaded servers, oversold servers, and more. Increasing downtime on all hosted sites which has now culminated in over a week of sites going up and down several times a day.

Read the reviews about their support desk - they are completely accurate. Front line workers know less about site hosting than I do, and only spout the same thing with every support request.

"Please send your log files."
"I've already sent my log files."

"I can put in a support ticket for you."
"My support tickets are never responded to."

"I don't know what to tell you...."
"Well, at least you're being honest now."

The real clincher - they can't even keep their own servers up. Their main customer support email server has been bouncing emails for 2 days now. They seemed unaware of this problem when I mentioned it to them.

If your hosting company can't even keep themselves online, it's time to look for another, which is what I am doing.

It's too bad. It seems like this was a great company at one time. But they certainly aren't anymore.

Biggest Pro: Price bundling
Biggest Con: Downtime

It would be better to move along in your search for webhosting

These people are either very un-reliable, don't know what they are doing, or are simply sadistic. My site would go down once a week with some bonehead problem. It always would happen on a day that the head techs weren't in so no one could look at the site for a few days. Meanwhile I can't do anything. I felt that they purposely sabotaged my site but have since thought that maybe they are incompetent.

I wouldn't be fooled by the unlimited bandwidth, from my experience you can only get about 300GB max per month from a shared server. I feel that if you use too much bandwidth your site seems to go down a lot. Till you give up and find some other hosting company.

I would seriously find someone else to host your website.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: bandwidth

Lunarpages Has Gotten Awful -- Avoid Them If You Possibly Can

Lunarpages used to have great uptime and good tech support. However, in the past 2 months, I have had MORE DOWNTIME THAN IN THE LAST 12 YEARS put together, and that includes being hosted on a rinky dink college server in 1996. As for their tech support, first you'll be on the phone 10+ minutes. Finally you get someone, and he's a drooling idiot who knows less about web hosting and servers than your grandmother. They put you on hold several times and finally, after 45+ minutes, they'll tell you they've opened a support ticket for a real admin to take a look at. Then, it'll be hours until someone gets back to you. At no time do they call you back. My site was down for over a week and I got no assistance and nothing resembling an apology from Lunarpages. I lost hundreds in ad revenue and who knows how much traffic. Two years ago, Lunarpages was "the bomb" -- nowadays, they're just bombing. Avoid them.

Biggest Con: Horrible Tech Support and unforgivable amount of DOWNTIME

A host you wouldn't want to change

I have been hosting with lunarpages for about 3 years now. Sure, there has been some down time but support spares no efforts in clearing everything up.

FTPing is fast and you can open up more than 1 FTP at a time to the same account. (found this very helpful and not all hosts allow you to do this)

My site is going ok with no major stoppage. The value I got was what I paid for and more. I recommend lunarpages to all.

Biggest Pro: value

Great service - great prices!

I had a nightmare switching to a horrible provider. Then I found LunarPages, they helped me get away from the other provider and have been working excellent. I plan on staying with them for the long haul as they have provided me with outstanding service!

Biggest Pro: Free Software, Uptime, Quick Customer Service
Biggest Con: None

Frequent outages & server issues

In the 3+ years I've been with Lunarpages I have frequent outages & server issues. Site outages are common as are fatal MySQL errors. They overload the LAMP stack to the point it can't do anything other then render static pages.

My site hasn't run right since the last server crash and Lunarpages couldn't fix what they broke.

I'm looking for another hosting company...Avoid Lunarpages at all costs!! They are a joke!!

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Frequent outages & server issues

Extremely happy

I signed up with Lunarpages several years ago, following a long nightmare period with another host, and immediately saw that I had made the right choice.

Very little downtime, and if there is, I always get an e-mail explaining why. I even get E-mails warning me that downtime is expected, in cases where they do know in advance.

I very rarely need to contact customer support, but every time I do, the response is quick, very friendly, and helpful.

The difference from my last host is like night and day, I cannot praise Lunarpages enough. In fact, my entire family has switched, 4 of us altogether.

Biggest Con: Always being notified of what is going on

Reliability and Value

We have signed up for another web site "" and chose lunarpages since we have had a good experience with our other site "" which we manage for our church. "" will be for our own use. We have found lunarpages to be reliable, easy to use and a great bargain.

Art Hayes

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