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Never had major issues, satisfied customer for years

I've been with them for ages. I'd have to admit I never really had any issues with them at all like some of the people here. I did all my customer support through their ticketing system and they've always responded within a day or so and they always managed to fix any issues I had.

Ok so there were times my websites were down but it was a pretty rare occurrence. It'll happen like maybe once or twice in a year which isn't too bad. I'm sure every host has their down times as well.

One of my pet peeves I learnt recently was that new people who joined Lunarpages got their special discounted rate for the next three years while anyone who's been with them longer have to pay a little more. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Early on I registered several domains with them at $19. Little did I know you can easily register the same domain at Godaddy for $7! Doh! Lesson learned.

These are minor gripes and not too much of an issue. However I have decided earlier this year to move onto a different host. I didn't leave because of a bad experience. Just time to try something new.

Biggest Pro: Websites loaded fine, customer support was fast
Biggest Con: $19 to register a domain, email a pain to access

Good service, as long as you never need tech support

I've been with Lunarpages for years. I've finally had enough and am looking for a new hosting provider. Hosting with them has been fine, except anytime I've needed tech support. I haven't had service this bad sonce the old phone company monopoly was broken up. They take forever to respond to tickets, and either have no clue or don't care, possibly both. The only response I've ever gotten from support is "thank you for your feedback" - with no further information about the problem I opened the ticket on.

As of today, my site has been down 5 days (since New Year's day). They posted a message to their forum saying that my server was being moved. On the 2nd they posted that it had crashed and needed to be restored, and that "some sites will be up within the hour". Today, the 5th, after business hours, my site is still down. Today, after several people posted complaints to their forum, they finally posted some information about their progress - 5 days too late in my opinion. I'm still waiting for my site, my email, and my service to be restored, and given up on getting any real response from Lunarpages.

Terrible customer service

I got suckered into purchasing a plan through Lunarpages by their email capturing system. If you partially fill out the application and quit they send you a coupon for like half off your total so i went for it. I only needed the site for a year so when it came time to cancel I submitted the proper info, and the customer "sales" service rep did not cancel my account. They would only respond with questions, or generic pre-form emails that didnt relate to me. Then, after a month of this type of exchange, they billed my credit card anyway and refuse to refund my money. All they really had to say is "hope you understand" yeah I understand I will steer clear of this company. Seriously take your money elsewhere unless you like having your credit card hijacked

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Customer Support/Business Practices

If you want to go to get terrible hosting, go to Lunarpages

If you want to go to get terrible hosting, go to Lunarpages.

If you phone call toTech support, you can ejoy the automated some forever while you are waiting...

If you try to email support, your response always almost same message which seems like the responder just copy and paste... not specified answer...

In holiday season,.... the Lunapages support will shot down... there is nothing you can do....

When you tald them not to automated renew.... but they automated renew... and you have to get hard time to get refund of it....

Lunarpages... go to hell !!!!!!!!!!!!

CPU, Memory and MYSQL usage is 1%!! Dont Buy man..

This is the first hosting that I saw 1% of cpu, memory and mysql usage. Other hosting has around 10% or more.

If you want your site to get big, say no to this site.

Technical support will take around 2 to 3 days until it is been answered.

there is more than 10 times server downtime in my 1 years of with them..

Save your money and go for a better host..

They were good, now they are not.. Choose smth else!

I have an account with for 3 years. Then I decided to create another one, and wanted to sign up for a new domain thru them.. and the signing up took 4 days, I was asked a lot of questions (like copy of passport, copy of credit card, etc.) even if I was the existing customer, and provided the same information as for my first domain.

So, when I was signing up, I expected to have the same services for the second domain, and I was wrong.. When I asked about Fantastico, their support said that I have to have cpanel, that will cost me $2/month... I asked again, then I had an advice to use smth (I forgot) insted of Fantastico..

Then I faced another problem.. I had to work thru port 20081.. but I am able to work on my first domain thru port 80 - no problems... so, the software for the second domain was different and couldn't be configured to allow me not use port 20081...

My second site was noticeably slower..

And finally, my second site was oftern down, while my first was up.

Support really slow... it takes more than 12 hours to have an answer from them.

I dont; recomend to use their services now, but for existring customers it ciuld be ok.. as it is now for me... Therefore, I decided to leave my first domain with them, but for the second one to have hosting with other company. That's why, my ratings are 5 out of 10... 10 for the first one, and 0 for the second!

Going Downhill

I used to recommend them to my clients, but recently they have had servers down for hours on end without explanation and really shoddy customer service. There is no excuse for having your servers down so frequently, and they left a really bad taste in my mouth when one of their servers got hacked with a malicious javascript code that propagated itself over the sites on that server, and they wouldn't apologize for it or even own up to it. It was really insulting. I no longer recommend Lunarpages.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Inexcusable downtime of servers

LunarPages is getting worst.

Their support is really slow. A years a go lunarpages still good hosting.

Don't be fooled by the price they put on their website. The real cost is $8.9. If you see Lunar pages cost is about $4.95, this is only if you hosting with lunarpages for 5 years and you have to pay in advance.

when I first hosting with lunarpages, I only pay for about $7. So the price in increase not decrease.

With $8.9 hosting and low quality support, I believed lunar page is the worst hosting.

I also have problem with billing process. they said they have auto billing to charge a website automatically, but unfortunately, my website is offline because their auto billing is failed. in the end I need 1 week to solve this problem since I have to talk to different department. As they said reply from billing department and technical department need to wait 1 day long to get 1 response.

Biggest Con: Slow customer support, they need 1 weeks to solve the problem.

Great Host

Been with them for a couple years, couldn't be happier. At one time I considered changing hosts, due to pricing but i'm glad I stayed.

Uptime is great, I had a period where I was moved from one server to another, and it wasn't that good. I requested a move to a different server, and its been 100% uptime since.

The features you get are great, except they don't fully support subdomains on add-on domains. This is due to them using cPanel X theme, instead of X3. They state X3 hasn't been intergrated into their account panel, yet.

I contacted billing awhile back, and received a reply in just a few moments. It was a simple request[take my account off of auto-renew], they did it with no problems. I later renewed[manually], and it cleared within 5minutes. I emailed the billing department to confirm it, and they said it all went through with no problems.

Being a member on their forums, I read alot about people having problems with their 1% CPU usage. I've never had a problem with this, and the people that normally do are heavy php users, sites that are getting hit with 5,000-10,000 visitors a day, or exploits. Exploits is what happens the most, from people that don't understand you MUST keep your scripts up to date.

The server i'm on is running with 8CPUs, and is always quick when downloading or uploading.

Overall a great host, and I would recommend them[actually already have] to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Support, Forums, Space, Server Uptime,
Biggest Con: None

Lunarpages - The king is losing his crown

I've been with Lunarpages for around 5 years now. I could tell you boring irrelevant stories, but who reads these anyways, so i just come to my final conclusion.

Lunarpages are still cheap and "quite reliable". I have not measured our uptime of the site, but in the last few years i only had one moment were the site was really unreachable for about an hour. However i DO speak with other users and there have been less lucky users.

However in this price range (5$ a month for virtually everything you can imagine minus root access) their availability is still very well in average. their customer support like all "5 buck range" hosts is terrible.

However - i have seen so much ranting here and these people just havent gone through MUCH WORSE hosting like me i assume. After all for 5 bucks a month you get quite reliable webhosting and loads of features. I would not recommend this for a business critical website, like the website you earn your money for a living with. As a testing/private/info website i would still recommend them though.

Biggest Pro: Cheap, cheaper, lunarpages
Biggest Con: Not reliable enough (any more) for really business critical hosting

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