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Web hosting service cannot be any better than this!

The 'Support and Assistance' staff and 'System Administrator Team' always kindly provide perfect levels of support in a timely manner with thorough knowledge mastering even way beyond the limits of server/hosting area, including ability to address and pinpoint where exactly else, other than on the server hosting side, unusually occurring problems lie, which is a difficult matter to address. There cannot be any better service for hosting customers than this level of support as it can be found nowhere else, not only in the web hosting industry but throughout the entire world. I felt a little fretful when I suddenly had an unusual problem recently after many years of using Lunarpages hosting service, but in the end it really became a delightful experience with such perfect support.

I have continuously been using web and server hosting services in the States since 1994 when only a few people knew about the Internet. The company Lunarpages is the best, perfect, and the most professional so far, and I think it is impossible to be any better than what Lunarpages provides in 'ALL' aspects including price value, customer/technical support and knowledge, server, connection speed, uptime!!

Thank you very much Lunarpages!!

Biggest Con: None!! Can you believe this? None, because Lunarpages is just prefect above everything..

Lunar Pages Sucks

After hundreds of times getting lackluster support with multiple days waiting time while my site was down, super slow bandwidth, an paying more then a dedicated at many other hosting company I could not take this abuse anymore. This company is horrible and the VPS solution was slower then my shared hosting accounts and the bandwidth was slower then my DSL at home where I host other sites. I would never recommend this company due to the poorest support ever and long waiting times to get the site back up.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: support sucks

They are driving me away claiming high cpu utilization

I've been with Lunarpages for at least 5 years and rarely had problems when I was just running an html site. I added a WordPress blog in 2006 and it ran without problems until May of this year. Out of the blue, they shut down my blog claiming high cpu utilization of 12%. I got them to re-activate it after 24 hours and for the last two months, I've been doing anything and everything to bring utiliation down without any success. My support ticket is no 109 messages long. I have literally brought my blog down to the default theme with no plugins installed and they are still saying it's too high. I have also replace all the WordPress files and all plugins. Nothing works. At one point, they were claiming a site which had one visitor total was causing too much cpu load. To their credit, they have allowed me to keep my site online as long as I was trying new fixes. However, they would occasionally tell me I need a dedicated server in which I would respond by saying a site with 600 visitors/2,000 page views should not need a dedicated server. I am now convinced their stats are wrong or they have oversold capacity. Luckily, I only have 2 months left on my contract so I'm looking for another host. I hate changing host but they leave me no choice.

My site stats:

Disk space: 13 gb
Bandwidth used: Jun-36 gb, May-52 gb, Apr-55 gb
3 domains, 4 sql database, no emails as they are hosted on Google Apps.

I asked them to move me to another server as a test and they replied my server was powerful enough claiming 175 days uptime. Pingdom shows they were down 10 times in the last 30 days for a total of 55 min.

No problems with billing issues. In 2008, they advertised a $3.50/month offer for new sign ups. I asked for the same deal to renew. They said it was only for new customers so I said if they don't give it to me, I'll leave. I know how expensive it is to get new customers. I am an affiliate and they pay $50 for new sign ups. They relented and gave me the offer.

As for technical support, I guess they are as good or as bad as any others. They often don't answer questions and reply with stock answers.

Response time on my blog is quite good at average 1 second to render a php page.

Overall, I give them very high ratings despite the problems I had with cpu utilization. If they stop hassling me about that, I would renew. I would recommend this host for most personal sites but if you expect decent traffic on a WordPress blog, you may have to look elsewhere.

Going Downhill

I've been with Lunarpages for a few years now; it was great starting out, but not so good these days. Speed seems to be slower all the time, quite a few down periods and really slow response for support issues. Worst of all is Lunarpages raising prices on everything once you sign up for a multi-year deal. Domain registration fees are ridiculous after the "introductory offer" and my dedicated IP fee has more than doubled in the past year.
I'm looking for a new host even though there is a year left on my Lunarpages hosting contract; the additional fees are more than moving my website to another host.
Pretty weak.

Biggest Pro: Website on line most of the time
Biggest Con: Underhanded billing, poor support

You're on your own

Just as previous reviews have said, Lunarpages used to be good, which is why I have hosted with them for more than 3 years. But I noticed that since end of last year (2009), performance has gone down, together with customer service. If you submit a support ticket, they will give you a copy-and-paste reply that, when summarized, means it's your problem and you need to go find the solution yourself, and they can't possibly be responsible for every single website hosted with them.

Host with them only if you are looking for a cheap place to put up a simple html website and are not expecting to require any technical assistance. But if you are not a computing expert like me, stay away, because you are not going to get any help from them.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Zero technical assistance,


They used to be pretty good, helpful, reliable. Now they suck!!! My incoming email is bouncing and I can't log on to webmail. They refuse to read my service tickets to see that I've already provided the information they claim is required, and ask me for the same information over and over! Close the ticket when they decide, even though the issue is not resolved and find every possible reason to blame me, someone else, god - anything but take responsibility.
I'm outta there ASAP!!!
I'm really sorry for all the folks that get auto-renewed without authorization. Thankfully, my credit card expired and was recently replaced by a newly issued one. Think they'll be getting the new info? HELL NO!!!!


used to be good but not anymore

When I signed up with lunarpages about 5 years I was totally impressed with the tech support then a about a year + ago I don't know what happened to them. Now it's impossible to get a hold of them on the phone and the email support is slow and half of the time they don't even read the question so you end up with a lot of useless information. The last straw was when they discontinued the email server and now my php forms don't work -- they didn't even tell me and they acted like it was my problem -- just plain rude.

Biggest Con: bad ech support

Latest Lunarpages Jokes

These are the latest jokes about Lunarpages webhosting company:

1.Is your website still running ?

A webmaster once siad to me : “It’s very hard to create a website, but it’s so easy to shut it down”.
It is so easy for Lunarpages to shut down your website. No matter how many years you spent, money you paid, hard work you did, they just can.
Mr Vladimer said : “Oh! We noticed that your website runs on our servers”, so he decided to shut it down.

2.The greatest of all times

Their great plans, their competetive prices, their quick responce and support…Lunarpages is the greatest of all times. When enciant egyptians built Pyramids, Lunar representatives was there offering a Pyramid plan. Lunar soldiers faught against the Natzies in the 2nd world war using the antinatzy plan. Lunar space plan helped landing on the moon during the sixties.

3.It’s not up to you !

It’s not up to you to chose what hosting plan is best to you.
Mr Vladimir himself once said : “We are sorry for the inconvinience”, and then he shut down a website. The website owner can’t afford a dedicated server.”You have to buy it !” said Mr Vladimer. Lunarpages does not care for the poor.

4.How Lunarpages Faces Attacks !

They face attacks by shutting down websites
Mr Vladimir Putin himself - as it turns out that he works for Lunarpages - said : “Hey ! We have to shut down your website because,,, maby,,, someone is trying to attack it !”

5.Renamed to Jesuspages !

We Lunarpages have decided to rename our company into Jesuspages !
No more adult content ! Halalooooya

6.They collect garbages too !

Lunarpages system administrators like to sneack on our websites ! from time to time they login secretely into your website like night theives, sneack on your files, sniff your database, collect sesitive data then sneack out !
They enjoy doing that.
Mr Vladimer said : “We have a copy of every email sent by your website on file !”. They collect garbages too !

7.Advice to avoid server loads

The shared hosting offered by Lunarpages is realy a blast !
If you are a former Lunarpages client, you might have noticed that their servers are always loaded. Nerly 99% offline time is garateed by Lunarpages due to server loads. Please keep your files to the minimum. You need to be careful not to upload JPG images, instead you are adviced to convert to GIF !

Lunarpages Client

Great host for the money

Having read the other reviews here, I wonder if we're talking about the same Lunarpages. I rate the uptime at more than 99%. Mine is a vanity site ... if you're trying to start an ecommerce outlet, go to a professional provider.

Email: great.
Web hosting/MySQL/PHP support: no sweat.
Multiple domains and subdomains: easy.

I've had a few tickets over the years for some simple stuff (like when cPanel stopped working one day). I've always gotten same-day response, and usually same-day resolution. I wouldn't hesitate to refer a friend.

Biggest Pro: Drupal works great
Biggest Con: Bandwidth

They tried...but just not in the right way

I have been hosting my domain for about 2 years. My renewal is up in about a month and I've decided not to renew. The sole reason is that my server IP address has been blacklisted by Yahoo as a spammer. While I understand this kind of thing happens with shared hosting servers, I am not a spammer. The problems started in August of 2009. It's now almost April 2010 and the problem still persists. In trying to get this sorted, I was told that Yahoo is difficult to deal with and they have done all they can. Unfortunately, all they can isn't enough to get the server's IP address off their blacklist. While a company may be difficult to deal with, that is what the most-likely hundreds of people on that server are paying them for. In the beginning I was getting email bounce-back messages saying emails to weren't going through because the IP address was a spammer. After a couple months of complaining, I stopped receiving the messages and thought for a few days the problem was solved--that was until I found out my emails just weren't going through and I wasn't being told. It was as if they turned off the error messages so we'd think everything was OK. In order to get emails through to addresses (or any of the hosted domains) I had to change my SMTP server to my ISP...which doesn't work well if I'm not at home or the office. On the plus side, they did send me a "renewal survey" and I filled it out. After filling it out and explaining all this to them on the survey and why I won't be renewing, the company had a man named Clay call me to try to keep my business. While the call was appreciated, it was still the same message: we did all we can, we can't do any more. Well...if you can't do any more, then I have to take my business elsewhere. I know Yahoo is not an easy company to deal with, but they're not impossible. A few days of trying could get problems solved if you're trying hard enough.

Biggest Pro: Uptime for incoming email and web pages was great.
Biggest Con: Support not willing to follow-through when problems arise and get them solved.

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