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Thumbs down, way down.

If I could give a zero star overall rating I would, I have (Soon to be HAD) a dedicated server service. I was told by the sales people that dedicated users get top technical support, amongst other promises. Worked ok for awhile, but then they wanted me to move to their cloud, more money, quite a lot more. So they installed some software that took up about 90% of my disk space, which they would NOT remove (My thinking was I would need more space and thus move to the cloud). So I removed the software myself and my space usage dropped back down to about 10-25% usage, thanks for the great service. Then because the bank card I was charging their service on had less than 2 months before it expired, they canceled the site and it was down for 2 days until I changed the account billing, this was WITHOUT any prior notice, again, an attempt to get me to go to their cloud, an increase of about $20-$30 month. Since my site is non profit, I can't afford that. The above nightmares are just 2 of the examples of the poor account handling and technical support I've received over the last year. I would NOT recommend Lunarpages to ANYONE, you have been warned. I hate venting like this, if they just would have kept their promises to me, I would not post this kind of review about their services and support.

Biggest Pro: Can't even think of one.
Biggest Con: Far too many to count, they are THAT bad.

Lunarpages web hosting service is unacceptable

After years and years of using Lunarpages for numerous web hosting accounts, I must say this is a company to stay away from or dump their service. It is nearly impossible to get customer service when your hosting service is down. Expect to get a chain of idiotic responses for three days before you can get any problem solved. Also expect a chain of idiotic requests every time you try to access your control panel. That means instead of 30 seconds to do something a simple as deleting an email account, expect to spend three days of idiotic responses or no responses from this company. Lunarpages used to be good ten years ago, but they suck now.

Was good, now incompetent

Customer for 13 years. Dropped them after they kept dropping traffic from my home IP. Turns out they had some automatic process that kept blocking it—they wouldn't tell me why. The first time, they said they whitelisted my IP to keep it from happening again. But it kept happening, and they kept blaming me. It turned out that they were adding the whitelist rule AFTER the block rule; the block rule got processed first, so the whitelist rule was never seen. This took two days to get resolved, during which time I couldn't get to my e-mail from home.

It takes between four and 24 hours to get a response to a tech-support query.

The prices are above industry average.

My site was getting slower and slower; obviously, the server was underpowered.

Biggest Pro: None, really, at this point
Biggest Con: Utterly unreliable due to automatic blocking

stay away

I'm a webmaster and I can say that today this is a very bad service.

I was not opening new accounts for my clients with them since 2011 but the situation nowadays to manage hosting is just unreliable.

I was a customer of them since 2008 but the service today is so bad that I was forced to move move out more then 10 websites wasting my time and money.

As soon as you have few people visiting the websites hosted with them they say that you are over usage the shared hosting, starting to push you to buy a unjustifiable and expensive dedicated server.

I definitely encourage all of you to skip this hosting provider and look for something better.

I solved all my issue here in Italy with just 40 euro per year!

If you run a serious business, STAY AWAY from Lunarpages

Ok... I was quite happy as a BASIC lunarpages customer.
As my business grew, I upgraded to Business host.
This is where my nightmare started.

I thought if I pay more, I'd get better services and uptime from Lunarpages... WRONG
My websites started going down every now and then, until one day it was down for 24 hours straight.
Lunarpages excuse: Upgrading things...
Real reason: Hardware failure

How did I find out?

I upgraded again to VPS - their premium service... again I thought.. pay more and get better service right? WRONG AGAIN.

Their sales manager told me that the hardware is failing in the business host, and that this will never happen in their scalable VPS cloud plan.

Nightmare continued.
After paying USD1300 and moving to the VPS, I started noticing a sharp drop in my traffic.
Turns out Lunarpages is INCOMPATIBLE with a major Australian ISP, namely Bigpond.
I lost at least HALF of my PAID traffic.
Lunarpages (surprise surprise) blamed the ISP.
I had to talk to the ISP network support team, and relayed every single one of their message to Lunarpages, before finally Lunarpages decided to move me to a new data center where it is finally compatible. (after 2 weeks of hell, 150 messages back and forth)

I thought.. this is the end of the nightmare.. I can finally breath normally and spend my time on something that is actually productive... WRONG AGAIN !!!!
My uptime alert from pingdom alerted me to a continuous DOWNTIME in my VPS server.
Lunarpages promised 99.95% uptime.
Real result: 97% at best.

On top of all these server issues, the support team in Lunarpages NEVER admits that there is something wrong with the server.
You have to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and POINT THEM in the right direction before they are willing to do anything about it.

Not only that. Some of Lunarpages (I won't say all because some are actually decent) are smart *** tech who are working remotely somewhere out of the country.
Not only do they not know what's going on, they intimidate you if you try to ask for a refund. They'll delete your web site with the excuse of 'protecting other customers' or 'you can cancel but you wont get your money back'.
They'll also give you 2 days max to literally find a new host before they delete your site.
Update: They gave me less than 24 hours before they deleted my website ever since I asked for the refund.

Verdict: If you are serious about your website, you seriously need to get AWAY from Lunarpages.

Biggest Pro: nothing....
Biggest Con: lots of downtime, rude customer support, and deletes ur website when asking for a refund

Lunarpages used to be good but not anymore

Lunar saying that my site has been Hacked/ Compromised

Right now Lunarpages proves to be a completely waste of my time and money.

There are too may Lunarpages customers complaining that Lunarpages told them that their site has been hacked/ compromised. Is this a gimmick for Lunarpages to make more money or is it that their database became corrupted? Who should I really believe? I honestly don't believe that so many customers of Lunarpages alone has malicious visitors. Lunarpages should give ppl their data without any charge. I am not going to pay $75. to retrieve my data because they only keep it for 3 to 5 days, so there's no point retrieving garbage. This is a serious problem and Lunarpages are acting like they don't care about the customers because frankly they don't. Its all about making the money and that's why they would lose more trying to make more.

Biggest Con: Lunar saying that my site has been Hacked/ Compromised

You have me for life!

I have had a dedicated server through lunar pages for a number of years now. I realized at the start that my knowledge of servers was limited.
I have hosting intense support program that is worth every penny spent for it.

The support has been amazing always. No matter what the problem was it was always dealt with promptly and professionally by your dedicated support crew. Support has went way beyond what other providers do, especially when one of my clients websites go down (usually by their own or my own meddling) and you guys fix them for me. At no extra charge! What other hosting providers would do that?
Who else would help you get your website working?

Ask Terri Carver about how much help I have required. In the past years we have had many hours together on the phone together and to this day I bet she would recognize my voice as soon as I said hello.
I have also been helped by many others (too many to list) as well and I have always been taken care of regardless of what the issue was. Some calls lasted hours. All calls returned and all emails answered. Many times.

Always satisfied, always taken care of, Always Impressed and continually thankful.
As long as I have need of a server it will always be Lunar pages. Your support Rocks!
Thanks for making my experience with servers worry free. I love you guys :)

Extreme Excellent Customer Service at NO extra charge!!!

To whom it may concern,

I've been doing Web design for the last 18 years and still counting, The first time I heard of Lunarpages, was way back in 2003.

Lunarpages offers not only have improved over the years, but the Customer Service, be it by email or phone call HAS ABSOLUTELY BLEW ME AWAY and still does after so many years.

I can send 30 emails back and forward and I always get a friendly reply, if not from sales, I get it from support, if not from support, I get it from the server admin.......... the point is, the replies are almost instantaneous or less than 24 Hours and they don't go in circles, straight to the point. There were times, I honestly felt that I had a personal admin helping me in real time as the emails replies were almost instantaneous.

Another time I was testing 10+ blog CM Systems to fit my own work. The server admin, was tirelessly helping me with my server settings, unlike some other companies who will simply brush you off. The best doesn't end yet, if the problem is not sorted, they go deep and investigate in order to come up with a solution to my problem. Now............. THAT IS JUST BRILLIANT!

Bravo to EVERYONE at Lunarpages. It really shows a great team work and love / patience they all have for what they do. I love that.

And by the way, I'm not even paying high premium to get all these attention, I'm only on Basic plan!!! You got to try to believe it, I highly recommend it. This is not a sale speech, but from an extremely happy Customer who Lunarpages helped for so many years.

I'm currently rebuilding my website by the way.

Mark my words, Lunarpages truly means Excellent Customer Service!

Miguel Rosa Duque
Senior Web Designer

Biggest Pro: Extreme Excellent Customer Service at NO extra charge!!!
Biggest Con: none

Bad expreiance

Well, Lunarpages did ok when I wap paying them. When I decided I wanted to move to another web host I could not cancel my payments. After searching for a long time I sent them e-mail to cancel the account, so they did. It is annoying that they make it so hard for you to cancel the account.

Lunarpages send a lot of spam posts to my inbox but they didn,t bother to send me the date when my account would be closed. Instead they put the date where I will probably not see it. They closed my account so I could not access my files. Then I had to pay 85$ to get my web page back.

I really felt disappointed and betrayed.

Their dedicated hosting has been excellent for me

Initially I ordered a small VPS with Lunarpages, but the little linux VPS with 512MB of RAM allocated to it crashed pretty hard during the first real traffic spike. I then ordered a real dedicated linux box, the lowest tier they have - Dedicated I (dual core, 2GB RAM, 2x80GB HDD). I have been VERY SATISFIED with this server.

Their customer service has been EXCELLENT for me. Everyone seems very eager to help, polite, and friendly.

My advice to other consumers would only be this:

1. Don't fool with the VPS servers unless you just need a box with root access to develop a site on. In the end, you actually seem to get less resources than most cheapo shared servers offer. Go Dedicated if you want a reliable web server.
2. To all those who order the insanely cheap Shared Hosting, then except customer service to bend over backwards for $5 a month, or for the site to handle large loads -- forget about it. Sure, their advertising, like everyone's, claims unlimited or near-unlimited resources for shared server accounts. However, you can't take this seriously, which is the case at ALL shared hosts. The entire industry over-promises on these. Think about it, my *dedicated* server that I pay $200 a month for has a transfer cap, but shared servers that cost $5 a month don't ... Use common sense ;). The bottom line: You get what you pay for. This is true ANYWHERE. It all started with the first host to over-promise on its shared hosting accounts. Since then, it seems every web host must do the same to get business. I wish the industry would change in this regard.

All in all, I think they are a VERY GOOD web host and I am very satisfied.

Biggest Pro: Great customer support, eager to help and friendly
Biggest Con: Like ALL hosts, shared servers are over-promised, leading to complaints

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