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f you want an overpriced, crappy product with the worst support imagineable, Liquidweb is for you.

If you like FTP transfer speeds of 6k per second, Liquidweb is for you.

If you to be treated like you are an *******, year after year, Liquidweb is for you.

If you want to be blamed for everything and get actual help with nothing, Liquidweb is for you.

If you have a problem with your server, and you like to be blamed for not being an IT professional, Liquidweb is for you.

Need help putting up a new website? If you need "" AND "" to BOTH work, don't expect Liquidweb to do it right.

If you need to run server software, such as the .NET Framework, that is less than ten years old, don't expect Liquidweb to do it right.

If the longer you are with the company the worse you like to be treated, if you want to enjoy none of the benefits that new clients receive, Liquidweb is for you.

Want to be insulted every day by someone you pay for services? Liquidweb is for you.

This is how Liquidweb operates. Year after year. It is their way of business. I was with them, sadly, stupidly, for YEARS before I got wise and got out into the sunlight. I have three generations of "managers" come through and they are all the same, they're horrible obnoxious people and are obviously trained to be that way.

Do yourself a favor. Shop around and DO NOT USE THESE ********. Everything they offer is inferior and at prices that will cost your four times what you can get anywhere else from people who are actually nice to deal with.

OK for Hosting

When I joined LW over 4 years ago, I thought they were the best. Fast servers, support was amazing.

Move forward to now and the server speed is just OK. They brought a new router online in Chicago and it dropped my ping time to 84ms as opposed to the a softlayer server I run what has a 34ms ping.

I've found that the support you get TOTALLY depends on the person your talking to. Some provide great service and really help you out. Other times you might get someone who is not really that experienced or they can come off as being really pompous.

Overall, they are not better or worse than any others but their prices are a bit higher.

Biggest Pro: 24/7 Phone Support
Biggest Con: Slow ping times

Drops in connectivity

Good response from server. However, connectivity would go away nearly daily for http and ftp. With server reboot it would regain connectivity until next time. Liquid Web could not fix issue even after we provided nearly a complete roadmap to the problem. As result of their inability to solve the hardware issue we walked.

Best in the industry for a serious business site.

We moved our e-commerce site to Liquid Web under duress several years ago, when our previous web host collapsed (Our previous host is still in business, but now specializes in cheap hosting with off-shore, totally worthless, support). Liquid Web is the fifth hosting firm we have used since 1995.

Our business is highly seasonal, so any downtime during our peak time of year can seriously affect our bottom line. We also must have our site conform to PCI standards, plus our own even-more-stringent security standards. So when we shopped for a host, we looked at the host's network, host's proximity to Internet hubs, physically secure server farm with its own backup power, and on-site 24/7/365 expert technical support. To confirm our analysis, we even paid a third party to monitor site response from various locations around the country.

Liquid Web has consistently met or exceeded our requirements. The always-accessible technical staff is always extremely knowledgeable and highly capable, no matter whether you need them during normal business hours or at 2:00 AM. You can actually talk to a live person, and they follow through until your question is fully answered and/or your problem is solved: they always take your site's performance and security seriously. We have found them to be the best we have ever encountered in the industry.

We found that PCI scanning can be a "racket": we used our bankcard gateway-recommended firm for this service until we discovered that you could get different results from them by immediately running successive scans, and it was taking lots of our time to deal with this. So we paid extra to have Liquid Web manage the technical details of PCI security and switched scanning to their subcontractor: problem solved - we now can count on REAL, always-up-to-date site security all the time: not just the week before the required scan.

So is Liquid Web worth their premium price? Our answer is H___ YES!!! You get a vastly superior, reliable, serious hosting service which saves YOU many, many hours of your time, and still costs less than a basic business phone bill.

Biggest Pro: Knowledgeable and capable tech support 24/7/365
Biggest Con: Pricey (but its well worth it)


We have been with Liquid Web since apprxomimately September 2010 and have experienced serious downtime on a monthly basis. The only thing worse that experiencing as much downtime as we have is the BULL@#$T that the customer service department and tech-support department feeds us every time we call to find out what is going on!!

I do not know how this company has obtained such a high rating on this site, other than to assume that they have paid an SEO firm or their own employees to go on here anonymously and place positive feedback. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE!

They cost close to 3 times the amount for hosting and with that boast superior service. It is all a lie. We had better service when we were with Go-Daddy on their cheapest account at $6.00/month (versus $17/month at Liquid Web).

At Thrice the price and monthly downtime, I can only conclude that we are the idiots for staying with this company as long as we did!! We should have made a move 3 months or less into this relationship as it has cost us plenty in lost business.

Food for thought people - this is no joke.

Biggest Con: constand downtime

The best hosting in the business, bar none.

Liquid Web is the best host out there, they are miles ahead of any "budget" host in every way. I currently have one VPS with them, before that I had a shared account. While a little pricey, they will live up to everything they promise. You can use every bit of bandwidth the say you can, you wont get banned. Their support is amazing, server admins can respond to more technical tickets within half an hour during peak times. You get what you pay for, Liquid Web is no exception. I recommend them to anyone who is serious about their needs.

Good host, but support times are slipping.

I have over 50 domains hosted with them now, and the reason I choose to write this is because within the past six months, their response time has been dropping.

I used to call their support number and get things fixed while I was still on the phone, now the support attendants usually refer you to email and the response from this means of communication is taking over 24 hours to reach resolution.

I've begun to investigate migrating my client domains off of LW onto another provider in order to reduce support times. One cannot lose site and email for more than 24 hours and not have it effect business. This is especially the case with news and media clients who really do rely on the 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Biggest Pro: Normally reliable servers
Biggest Con: Getting a timely response from the support ticketing system when something goes wrong

Awesome #1 in Support

Liquid Web rocks! Their customer support cannot be matched by any other company that I've worked with. I've owned a web design company for 12 years and have worked with many hosting providers. I recently moved my clients to a new managed dedicated server with them and they have not disappointed me in any way.

Highly recommend them.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

LiquidWeb has been an amazing host to me. My company moved over to them because needed a service that was going to be reliable and stable. I have been nothing but happy with LiquidWeb. Sure, they have their bit of issues, but so does every other company in the world. No company is perfect. But for what you get for you buck, LiquidWeb has come as close as I've ever seen to being perfect.

I strongly recommend LiquidWeb.

Great so far, especially after my last nightmarish experience.

Well after my experience with a previous hosting company, just about anything that I write would probably sound very good.

I've only been with Liquid Web for about 1 month, but the difference in customer service already shows. I haven't had any problems to date, so it's hard to say much.

Overall my experience has been excellent, and I am glad that I made the switch.

In August I plan to move to a dedicated box, so maybe I will update my review then.

Again, I just want to say that based on the service alone, I am impressed.

A great host, but possibly more pricey than others. At least they don't oversell though.

definitely recommended.

Biggest Pro: As they say: "Heroic Support!" and that is no lie!
Biggest Con: A bit pricier than other shared plans

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