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Out of Time

Since yesterday (30.09.2012) Leadhoster is completely down. Since more than 24 hours the servers are not available. There is no information on the Internet, no mails to the customers. My experience with stuff members in the sales department is also rather bad. In 2012 a hosting service should be organized in another way. They are doing no serious business, it's rather a joke.

Ads invasion.

This host used to be very good. But now i'm going to change to another host service because I was very upset to open my website one day and see those ugly and giant ads in all my pages. They should have, at least, warned the customers about it. It's ok to require something like a link back to their website, but not this banners invasion. I'm going to wait for a few more days, and if they don't take away the forced ads that completely destroyed my page's layout, i'm going to move to another host.

Biggest Con: Ugly and giant forced banners/ads.

Used to be very good until they added the ads

Very reliable service until they added the new banner. I will switch the server in USA without doubts. I wouldn't mind if the banner would be thinner and not so ugly. I will wait a few days and if they don't do anything I will transfer the website. Good customer service for a free service.

Biggest Pro: Good customer service
Biggest Con: Extremely ugly banner added today 22.10.2008

Suddenly has ads

It was fine until that ads showed up. So much for a great 'no ads' hosting! Such a great free hosting site until they had to put ads onto the headers of every single page. What's even more strange is that I have a friend who's being free hosted by them and she doesn't have any ads on her site. How is that? Why put ads on some and not all?

Biggest Pro: CuteNews capable
Biggest Con: Now has ads...

Quite reasonable

It is a very good solution for free. I can tell you that it could be the best. Sometimes cannot be reached but it's OK. Server reliability should be higher. No ads. The control panel is quite user friendly and easy-to-use. It is also easy to use domain and subdomain settings. The storage size is (now) enough but sooner or later it should be bigger. I can use it for WordPress blogging using Msyql database easily. Many other features it has should I try in the near future.

Biggest Pro: Value for money

Best free hosting I've found

It's just amazing what free hostings can offer nowadays and even without annoying ads all over around. 10/10 to this great service Leadhoster offers.

Technical support answered my ticket right away with a quick solution to my problem, surprising in a free service at least for me. Uptime and connection are just great, I repeat that I never thought I could find a hosting of this characteristics for free... Please keep it this way, you are going great! I completely recommend this to all those who don't want to waste time/money anymore, LEADHOSTER is the solution

Thanks a lot

Juan, from Argentina

Biggest Pro: Ads free, speed and reliable... too much for a free service
Biggest Con: Nothing yet!

A must.

I was looking for a free reliable host service to test some scripts.

After trying many others (although some of them were not bad at all, they always lacked something I really needed) I finally came in acquaintance with .

Well, they really got it all.

Now, with those scripts finally working 100% the next obvious step was to buy one hosting account.

Guess where!

What was great turned even better (In my case almost unlimited resources and plenty of great easy to install scripts).

I really recommend leadhoster. You've got nothing to loose.

ahh... by the way: after purchasing my account I received a phone call to inform that my account was already activated. I'm from Portugal and I am an usual e-buyer (objects, domains, host services and so on), I can tell that this was the first time that someone has ever called after buying something. That's what I call "Customer service".


Biggest Pro: Fast, reliable, lots of extras and friendly support.

LeadHoster -- Free Hosting For the Masses

I discovered LeadHoster while I was crawling the web for a free web hosting solution that provided all the functionality that I was looking for. LeadHoster offered me PHP, MySQL and more than enough space and bandwidth I need to run my site. While I realize that it may not be for everyone, they have been more than enough to meet my needs, and I have since moved by other site there as well. Drawbacks include the fact that you can only host two domain names per account; but you are not paying for this service at all! LeadHoster doesn't even post ads on your site, and you are allowed to run your own ads as well. In my 4 months of using LeadHoster, I have only seen my site go down once for about 10 minutes, not bad for free hosting, and their connection speed as been pretty good, though nothing spectacular.

Biggest Pro: Absolutely free, no ads.
Biggest Con: Only allowed to host two domain names per account.

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