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Layered Tech - Customer Service & Tech Support a JOKE

I was a long-term major customer of for many years and host many active domains. Since Layered Tech took over, I just want people to know they should NOT entrust their business with this company. They do not care at all about their customers. Do not expect tickets to be addressed. Do not expect anyone to answer the phone. Do not expect anyone in the entire building to help you, or to be even reasonable. Do not expect the attitude to change if you attempt to escalate. Instead of actually helping you with simple billing or technical support issues, they are astoundingly rude for no reason. They must treat their employees awful or something over there. Several of my domains were jacked by phishing sites and I cannot even login to their worthless ticketing system. Its been a nightmare. They are sending me multiple erroneous invoices and my last payment wasn't even credited. They almost shut off my servers this morning due to their own incompetence. Just today I sent about a dozen emails and left 6 voice mails. As frustrating as this timewaste has been for months now, I have remained professional while trying to resolve these simple problems. They have done literally NOTHING but threaten to shut off my servers. If you need help, their main objective is to get you off the phone. Do NOT NOT NOT host your domains on Now I get to spend the next few weeks moving dozens of databases to a new hosting company just to protect my businesses. And no, they aren't questionable businesses by any stretch and I have never been late with a payment for over 5 years. Insane treatment by Layered Technologies. **INSANE**.

Biggest Con: Tech support and customer service a JOKE

LT aka Snails

First let me start off at the beginning!

I ordered a so called 'Rapid Deployment' Server which should deploy within 30 minutes -- I ordered, no email 24 hours the next morning i receive an email they want my Drivers License and CC scanner for verification - ok i done that

another 24 hours later i called and said what is going on they said that 'The Ticketing System sometimes gives trouble' that is why apperently they did not receive my documents.. i resend it, someone let others know my server was apparently deployed... No login details or so came in...

I contacted sales again over phone he said "I will try my best to find someone to resolve this" -- 5 hours later still nothing, they are currently 'Closed' as i type so as you can see 4 days for a So caled 'RAPID Deployment' Server haha

last time i am with LT cant wait to find a better provider!

A+++ Support and Uptime for 2-3 years

I have been a customer of Layered Tech now for well over 2 years and have had such a wonderful experience with them. After bouncing around and moving all of my sites from host to host, I have finally found a home with Layered Tech and their top notch support which answers tickets in under an hour (but usually even faster during business hours ~20 min).

When I had contacted their staff in regards to problems I have caused, they are super fast and friendly and detailed with their replies to walk me through everything to get me back online ASAP.

Server upgrades are done at the time I select and downtime from upgrades is almost none which is great for me and my business.

They also have great features like auto reboot from the website so you do not even need to contact support to put your server back online if you should ever need.

I now own two dedicated servers with them and plan to purchase more in the future.

I would recommend any friend and or webmaster to checkout Layered Tech and give them a trial run, I think they will find a home for their sites also.

Biggest Pro: Support Response
Biggest Con: None off Hand as of yet

layeredtech problems

Well I wasn't even with them for a month, than they said my site violated there TOS so they took it off line, I said I would remove it from the network, turned it back on, .. disconnected again, now another one of my sites violate there TOS, and they reconnected it once again, changed my root password wasn't able to login because they never told me they changed it, disconnected it than said they refused to reconnect it until a abuse manager sees this, so they finally reconnect it once again, I download everything from the server I needed, and haven't logged in since. There entire staff was rude and could careless about a customer, there support was terrible awaiting more than 15hours into tickets or more, I would never EVER recommend them to anyone in my life, I will do nothing but stop anyone from getting anything from this company.. refuse to issue a refund if I terminated it early, oh well here comes the chargeback.

what that all boils down too is I suggest no one ever go to layeredtech I even read some bad comments about them and decided to try them anyways but I guess it's all right, oh well after there customers are all gone they will get the picture.


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