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I first began to use in February 2006. I had three sites that a friend had graciously been hosting for free on 1and1, and was using his registrar account with them as well. With no notice, his account was closing. I was in a tight spot because I was going to be overseas for at least another year. I remembered meeting the owners of Las personally, so I asked them if they could transfer everything over for me so that I wouldn't lose my sites and domains over the problem.

The deal we came up with was to pay $250 for one year of hosting for 3 sites. It's more than what most places were charging at the time (could have got it for $180), but I thought it was worth paying extra to have them deal with it since I was overseas. Boy, was I wrong.

The problems started right away. They never got my sites transferred. This was February when I paid them. I keep constantly asking them about, and kept being told they were taking care of it, but they weren't. Eventually two months had passed and my sites still weren't moved over, and I was losing customers left and right because my sites were down all of this time. I finally had to threaten legal action, and then magically they were able to transfer them right away, well, mostly.

I say mostly because only two of my sites were able to get moved over. A third site,, which was my biggest earner and a very valuable site to me, was lost forever because of their neglect. I still swear to this day that I should sue them over that. That site is gone forever and I'll never have that domain again, and to make it worse, Marty Mendelson (owner of Las never even apologized, he just put all the blame onto 1and1.

So now, after two months of nothing, and after paying for a year for 3 sites (overpaying at that), I finally have two of my sites back so that I can try to salvage something out of the mess. That wasn't easy because at the rate he charged, he gave less storage and less bandwidth than even the most bargain basement web host online, yet he charged far more. The guy still tries to charge $30/year for domain renewals for crying out loud. It was also impossible for me to use email because his servers were listed in every spam index imaginable, so I could never email anyone without it being flagged as spam.

Eventually I decided to cut my losses. One of my sites had suffered so much as a result of this host that it was basically worthless, so I decided to let it slide. I found a buyer for the other site, but guess what, not only can they not transfer domains in, but they apparently can't transfer them out either. I tried for 3 months to get the site transferred to the registrar account of the new owners. I had emailed everyone at at some point. Again, I had to threaten legal action, and then Marty steps in and says he'll get it done. A month later he finally gets it set up, but by then the domain had apparently expired. Not only did I have to refund all the money on the sale, but I don't even have the domain any more.

So then it rolls around to June 2007. All three of the domains are gone forever at this point, due entirely to them. I had cancelled my agreement with them since I obviously had no more sites hosted with them. The period I had prepaid had been over for months. Out of the blue, I get a call from someone at to inform me that my account was over due and I owed $200 for each site. Right! I sent a nasty email to Marty and he did take care of it right away, but after everything else, I dont see how they should get any credit for that.

Fast forward again to October 2007. Now it has been a really long time since I've had an account with them. Out of the blue, I start getting an hourly email to inform me that a cron operation can not be performed on one of my domains (that I no longer own or have hosted). It keeps telling me to go to my control panel (for my old, invalid account) to fix the cron (which I never set up in the first place). Imagine that, day after day after day, getting one of these messages per hour, 24 hours a day. Then imagine every day you contact them and ask them to straighten it out, only to be ignored I can't count how many times I asked them to take care of things. Eventually I had to cc Marty on an email threatening legal action, and then it was taken care of same day, complete with an excuse (as always).

This is the single worst host in the history of the internet. Never, and I repeat, NEVER, use for anything.

Biggest Pro: There is not one good thing I can say about them.
Biggest Con: Everything!!

Response by marty mizrahi, who is the owner of LasVegas Net:

This customer didn't pay his bill so we shut him off. He still owes us money. The only reason he hates us is because he wanted everything for free or very little money and we did $1000's of work for him for free and then he stiffed us to even pay for the hosting. He also came to us because he stiffed his previous host and they shut him off. This guy can't even spell my name correctly. This guy is a scam artist that never pays his bills. He is lying about any e-mails to Marty (Me) thretening legal action.

Posted on February 20th, 2010 at 15:40 EST

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