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Great Web Hosting

I have been with for a long time and it was a very Luxurous web hosting (I was hosting with friends). Yes, in the name it was, but in the core it's the worst and it's Very Expensive.

I then needed to move, my business was small at that point, so I choose Lacehost because it's cheap and reviewed on DP to be a good host; It also does support moneybookers, paypal, Alert pay.

It's a good host, speed is good, uptime is good; however I experienced some difficulties in Uptime, the site is up in US or UK but not in Tunisia, which should be the mistake of my ISP or the ARPA or whatever. I also had some problems, when the server overload and memory is full.

The technical support is invaluable, the guy @ lacehost seems not to sleep and will answer your question in matter of minutes. It's also online and very helpful (i had some biz with him and he's trustworthy).

It's cheap, bad looking but GOOD especially for the money you give

Biggest Pro: Technical Support, No down time, VERY cheap
Biggest Con: some down times and memory issues but it's ok

Excellent Web Host

Ive been through a lot of Webhost including scam hosting and cheap hosting but there is nothing compared to the customer service that i get from LACEHOST.COM i wont write this review if i am not happy or satisfied but believe me i am very well satisfied. I've been there customer since january 17, 2009 with those months i have never had any issues with them unlike on my 2 other host esp. that gives me real pain LACEHOST simply rocks even though at first i have doubt with them cause of the look of their site but yeah it really proves me wrong and believed on the saying "DONT judge the book buy its cover". Keep it up lacehost im staying with you forever.

Biggest Pro: guaranteed less than an hour ticket reply
Biggest Con: jsut the look of their website but its really nothing compare to the service they offer Good and Cheap

I have about 6 reseller accounts including ones at Hostgator, Hostforweb, Crucial, and CoastInc. I opened a shared account with Lace Host because I needed a cheap account to host a number of small sites and did not need another reseller account. Having the other sites as "add-ons" has made them a little easier to manage, and many of them share a couple of data directories which has been nice.

The cost for the hosting has been very, very low and so I did not expect much. But the account, uptime, and customer service have been at least as good as any of my reseller accounts, and in many ways better since I often can communicate questions and concerns with the company owner. About a month ago I paid for a second shared account for a new project involving a cluster of sites and I expect to continue to have the same positive experience. They just finished moving us all back to the server where I have the second account after they took it off-line to make it more secure by re-installing the OS and everything else. I am also considering opening at least one reseller account with them as well.

I have no connection with Lace Host, but they are providing other, non-hosting services for us. And Webhostingreviews is paying people for their reviews, but I will not be asking for or accepting any money for this review.

Biggest Pro: Low cost, yet good features and customer service.
Biggest Con: They don't "look" as polished and professional as larger providers, which may make people nervious

Response by Ishan Talathi, who is the owner of LaceHost:

Hello Chris,
Thank you for your excellent review.

The biggest Con that you have mentioned is now overcome. Please have a look at the new design & let us know how it looks :)


Posted on January 4th, 2009 at 13:54 EST

A Cheap and Reliable Web Host

I purchased Web hosting from Lacehost owner Ishan after I saw his thread at Digital Point Forums in January 2007. At that point of time, I had never owned a domain or own website in my life, but was looking forward to getting one. I had little knowledge about Cpanel, fanatstico, mysql and php scripts. I simply wanted a wordpress hosted on my own domain. When I saw that Ishan was offering hosting through his company "lacehost" from $1 per month and with excellent specifications (1 GB webspace, 10 GB bandwidth, Cpanel, fanatstico, unlimited mysql databses), I decided to go for it.

Well I think that decision was one of the best decisions I've taken as a webmaster. Conveniently I moved from blogspot blogs to owning my first ever website - On Ishan's suggestion, I installed wordpress not on the main domain but on the subdirectory, and now I've come to realize what a valuable suggestion it had been.

The customer support of the webhost is excellent. Instead of submittng a ticket request and waiting for a reply, I simply talk to him on gtalk where he he online almost the whole day. As far as hosting goes, it has been excellent. The server speed is great, and I can only recall a couple of rare instances when there was a downtime.

Biggest Pro: live customer support, extrememly cheap hosting plans
Biggest Con: The website of the host is yet to be fully developed, but that's hardly an issue.

Response by Ishan Talathi, who is the owner of LaceHost:

Hello Saarthak,
Thank you for your review.
Again, the biggest Con that you have mentioned is now overcome. Please have a look at the new design & let us know how it looks :)
(there seems to be a problem with line breaks, as everything I type comes in the same line)

Posted on January 4th, 2009 at 13:58 EST

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