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Not good Hosting Service compare to other Hosting company

Day before yesterday my account terminated including all data of site even expiry date of my account is in 2014. When I asked to support then they realized something happened wrongly. But they didn't able to survive my data and content. I lost 6 months data and due to this issue I worked 38 hours constantly to make my site up without getting sleep.

My site already affected 2-3 times from malwares and badly impacting with server slowness even I am not able to add single plugin to my site. I found extremely slowness of servers. I purchased 3 years hosting plan and they are not providing any single penny as refund if I would leave their hosting (this is another lost). Due these all reasons, I assumed that Kvchosting is trying cheat me to terminate my account abnormally and deleting my all data, they tried to kick off before my hosting plan expire date. This is really horrible scenario. How can anyone put trust of this hosting in this scenario.

Beware of this hosting. It is absolutely un-trustable and not providing any stability which they are mentioning in every advertisements. I don't suggest Kvchosting for long term stay and for good hosting server with speed and stability.

Biggest Con: Untrustable, NON-reliable and Un-stability

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:

Posted on January 28th, 2013 at 13:33 EST; Last edited on January 28th, 2013 at 22:44 EST

Worst hosting service I have ever used

I cannot understand how hosting service this bad can even exist.

Their servers are so slow that it makes no difference if the server is up or down. When I try to work on my websites it takes me forever to make a signle change because pages almost always timeout. Sometimes it works without problem, but rarely. I would say uptime is about 50 percent.

When contacting their support they respond within a few minutes saying that my websites are working fine. As if it is an automated response... I doubt they even check if sites are working.


Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: everything

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:


Can you let us know the domain name that you host with us ?

Posted on October 31st, 2012 at 22:57 EST

Bad slow server,75% server uptime

Ive been with kvchosting for 2 months,,In this 2 months my website has been down every day at least 20 minutes,,Now my website is totally down (deleted),visit,
I ask for a refund two weeks ago, and Im still waiting for refund....
I send support ticket 3 weeks ago saying I want to transfer my domain and they send me an email saying that their servers had a router failure and I should stay with them.....???
Dont use kvchosting,slow server,charge without confirmation even with automatic payment disabled.....
I dont know why there are so many good reviews,,well I know kvchosting creates good reviews on this kind of forums specially forums with high Traffic and high google page ranks websites...Also they give incentives to people giving good reviews about their website,,,
Now makes sense why are hundreds of good reviews,,,
You are warned!

Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: slow server,automatic charge even when disabled,no refunds,

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:

Johann, i apologize for the issue you have. You said you been with KVCHOSTING 2 months and "BEEN DOWN EVERY DAY AT LEAST 20 mins" - we have proof in what you said is totally untrue. #####1##### You said you have 20 mins downtime(everday) x 60 days = 1200 mins (it means during 2 months you have close to 20hrs downtime. The screenshot proof that we have only 2 Hours downtime during 3 months period (This 2 hours for the maintenance on the server + maintenance on the network from our Datacenter)
PROOF:, (for the record, showing your site is hosted on our host103 server) #####2##### You said our server slow (we use tools from it shows that your site loads only 2.24sec and even Yahoo take 2.79sec (proof that your site is fast and what you said is totally untrue) PROOF: #####3##### You said the site is totally down
PROOF: (at the time you post this review,we check your site right away and it showing the site is up)- you can verify this from (this is proxy website) if this works then you will have to send us the tracert ###4### All the reviews is posted out there is outside of our control, we do have many satisfied clients. We been providing excellent service and we intend to keep it that way. We never faked the review by posting them ourself that is very unethical. Just because you not happy with our service does not mean you think the rest of the reviews our there are FAKED! - if this happen we will not in this business any longer *************************************************************** IF YOU SEE ALL THE REVIEWS POSTED BAD IN THIS SITE BECAUSE THIS WEBSITE VERY UNETHICAL AND BIAS BY NOT LETTING OUR USERS POST GOOD REVIEW. TO PROOF THAT WE HAVE RAISE $500 FOR ANYONE WHO ABLE TO POST GOOD REVIEW ON THIS SITE FOR 24 HOURS THEN YOU CAN REMOVE IT - JUST TO SHOW THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED GOOD REVIEW ONLY BAD ONE. THIS SITE IS BELONG TO HOST GATOR AND OF COURSE THEY ARE NOT ALLOW GOOD COMPANY TO HAVE BETTER REVIEW****************************************

Posted on May 2nd, 2012 at 12:58 EST; Last edited on May 2nd, 2012 at 13:40 EST

Extortion for Dbase Backup

They advertise that they perform backups. Well they do perform backup, but you must pay $20 if you need a database backup. Nice way to earn customer loyalty? I dont think so.

When they demanded $20 I asked them to waive it because for 2 months in Jan and Feb 2012, my pages required 30 seconds to load. I didnt realize until March after checking Google webmaster tools. I lost a lot of business due to slow page load. They did move me to a different server after I submitted a ticket. It was good for a while but now server load time is rising again.

Tech support people are rude and not customer friendly. I have had many arguments with tech support, in particular Strony.

Biggest Pro: Nothing above the competition
Biggest Con: Rude Tech support.

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:

Restoration of any backup due to hosts fault is done free of cost.
Restoration of backup which is due to clients fault is chargeable since making backup of all data everyday does cost us bandwidth and additional hardware and man power.
It would not be fair to expect all services free of cost.

Posted on April 27th, 2012 at 00:13 EST

worst worst worst

whenever you reply to ur customer's reviews you seems very defensive and based on my personal experience KVC webhosting is the worst.
1. Bad english.
2. Cannot accept feedback.
3. terminate and pull down ppl's website for no reason.
4. Bad servicing. Bad staff.Bad Mouth.
5.Force PPL to upgrade when customer need it. If they refuse KVC will pull down their website.

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:

The review seems to be fake without domain name and email address
We suspended site only which create overloading or eat out excessive memory to protect our other clients
We do give 99.9% uptime and we suspended sites only which are against our TOS
if abusive accounts are not got down they will impact other account in server .

Posted on February 14th, 2012 at 22:53 EST

Worst Website Hosting

They offer a free Web design software "RV Site Builder" which is a JUNK - the software is so outdated created so long ago and templates are for blogger type, not for small business like mine. Problem is that you cannot modify the template the way you want to as the option is so small and if you change something it does not show correctly. Worse when you return to modify the content, and you go thru the requited process only to find the screen is TOTALLY BLANK!!! You see only the code version for the template frame which is of no use because you want to modify your content. Design view shows totally blank and there is no way you can modify. After complaints to the customer service, we were blamed for our browser setting. We tried both IE and Firefox but the same problem persists. So far each modification had to be requested for KVC to do it because we have no access to our own Website neither via code view or design view to modify. It's so inconvenient and frustrating. It's regrettable to sign up. Be aware they make you sign up so easily. Once you did, you may regret.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Poorly Made Free Software "RV SiteBuilder" Offered and Poor Accessibility to Own Web Site

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:

RVISITEBUILDER is not own by KVCHOSTING and we provided to our client to use. If the issue you have still persist please contact our SUPPORT@KVCHOSTING.COM. Many hosting company offering RVSITEBUILDER not only KVCHOSTING. We only offer what you see on the website - we apologize if you face the issue with RVSITEBUILDER (as far as the template goes, that is something we could not modify only RVSITEBUILDER able to give extra templates). We do have offer 3000 templates on our site which you can use for your business.

Posted on October 19th, 2011 at 14:02 EST

The biggest cheater in Hosting business


KVC hosting is the worst thing, when you want web hosting ! I used thier "seo web hosting" and unlimited web hosting sh***t. They stole my money, at first time i bought the c unlimited hosting, there are many problems at upptime, they cant set up my new account in 3 days.... :))) the uptime is under 25%, and the support response time is around 2-3 days.... i think this is a joke. They said, there is a server issues but they will fix it in 24-48h. But when i go to bigger plan i get more resources from thier servers... ect. Ok i bought a seo plan with 10dedicated ip. There is when my IT business started going down - (thanks to kvc scam hosting). The uptime is more worst thant the other plan there is only 1-2 day online in a WEEK ! The customer support dont reply me only once a week ! And when my sites are online there is irreal ping around 2500 - 3000 ms ! I told him i want money back, but they cant reply me only once a week to like this game:
2.week: "are you sure want cancelll your account and refound ?" -me: yes
3.week: "why you want to cancel your account ? -me: because your services dont meet our company req...ect
4.week: "we will transfer you to our other server ok ?" me:-no i want my money back
5.week: "sorry we cant refound you because only in 30 day able our money back"

Haha so its the biggest cheat what i ever heard in this business, and when i said them i response my money back request in 30days, they said: "ok give us a ticket number, and we see around when it created" - i told him the ticket id and then:


So boys if you want gift your money and customers and seo ranking away, "KVC HOSTING IS A RIGHT FOR YOU !



Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:


1) If this is real review, please provide us your domain name?
2) We have search in our history does not indicate that he have even register with us
3) We can proof by checking previous Nameserver if this user claim hosted with KVCHOSTING.COM

===== SECOND UPDATE =======

It appears whoever write this review totally fake and no bother to respond to our request here.
We have tried to contact - also the same this website does not even seems to care to resolve this matter. If this is true what this customer complain we will not writing this issue here.

Posted on January 25th, 2011 at 01:18 EST; Last edited on June 1st, 2011 at 14:49 EST

KVChosting, Careing Host ever seen!!!

Hello Webmaster's

Getting a Good, Reliable Host is very much difficult to find out in this industry as we all know there are TON's of them And after the economic Crises which has hit this Industry Badly,A Caring Host is Hard to get. BUT at last after my search of reliable and professional Host, I came up to KVC. I have been a KVC member for past 9 months. I do have a Cheap Unlimited C hosting Package for my domain name "". I'm thinking to get a Reseller From Them now as I do have got enough experience from KVC and have no doubt in there Reliability(99.99% UPTIME GUARANTEED).

When I ordered the package, It was activated within a short time frame. And there support is Excellent TOO. There will be no host in this world who can provide a Service without any issues EVER. But it depends on how each host react to the issues that comes up !!!! To Be frank, I am very much happy to say, How KVC resolves all the issues in very much ease. They have a good team of technical support staffs around the globe who are online 24/7 to resolve there customer's issue with much patience. So once any issue arise, I contact them directly and tell them the issues through Live Chat System, rather than waiting for emails. I had got resolved all the issues and I never has to face any yet now. However I'm also surprised to see there response time is less than 30 minutes. After all what more you can ask from a HOST.

I would recommend all my friends and those who is reading this post to go ahead with KVC as they are ONE OF THE BEST in this industry found NOW.

Cheer's KVC and KEEP THIS WORK GOING....Thumbs UP For The Service that You are providing.

Thank you



Kvchosting gives satisfactory services

I've been with kvc from last 4 months. I have adopted for the plan C unlimited hosting, but had begun with k hosting for cheap hosting section.

My experience with the technical support, customer care and other functions have been good. I really do not know that how somone has acclaimed a bad hosting rate for them, cozz they are really good. I never get any problems relating to downtime or customer support. Believe me, whenever I contact them to ask something, they reply within 20 minutes and give very useful replies. The technical team is very strong and has immense of knowledge about the Linux platform (on which I work). The customer service and billing issues are also fine. There are no problems with this host and I strongly recommend kvchosting for your website hosting needs.

Biggest Pro: Uptime and customer care

Bad News

Kvc hosting, is not a reliable hosting Company. I signed up C unlimited hosting account for 24 months but their support didn't work. In the first 3 days I had so many issues with setting up an account with them. I asked them to cancel the hosting account as they have 90 days money back guarantee. It was then that their games began. They said they will deduct $10 and the amount of days the account was running and refund me the balance. A day later, they sent me an email saying that my hosting has been terminated and that I won't be billed any further. They never said anything about refunding me. I waited for 2 days, and I contacted them for the refund, but the billing dept. told me that my paypal account wouldn't accept refunds from them as I paid them with paypal. I contacted paypal and explained the matter to them but paypal said that they don't deal with such items, even though they sent my money to Kvchosting. But paypal told me that my account is working fine as I have just received funds in my paypal account. May be the seller kvchosting doesn't want to refund me. I contacted kvc and they now began a story by sending me a video screen shot of when they tried to refund me the money, which eventually didn't go through. I said, that's not true. I asked them to forward me the email notification from paypal confirming that the refund couldn't go through but they said I must beleive them with the video screen shot. I gave them my 2checkout account,moneygram, western Union and my banking details for Tt transfer to refund my money but they are ignoring.

Could anyone please tell me which authority to report this scam to?

Thank you for assistance. "

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:

This feedback respond to the review posted by ISAAC GODFREY, his domain name is This person is BUNCH OF BULL, we have proof that we could not send money back to him and he started to threaten like he is somekind of BIG SHOT with all FOUL Language. We have a proof for this case please refer to the link we paste below.
when we send him money back to him PAYPAL SAID " Currently PayPal accounts in South Africa are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds. "

He never give us his 2checkout, moneygram and westernunion as he claim, we have all the proof that we can provide if anyone want to see.

Check this link for the proof:

Beware of ISAAC for those hosting company want to accept his as your client, he will give you bunch of bull, headache and all kind of nonsense.

Posted on November 18th, 2009 at 19:16 EST

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