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Good suppory but sales nightmare

I been with KVCHOSTING over a year and everything went very well till recently we need to upgrade from unlimited to their ssd enterprise vps, we spoke with sales name wilson he does not seems to know what their own product. Been told I'm getting 10gb ram but their website showing 8gb and when i asked he said there is a mistake and it's suppose to be 8gb only but since he said 10gb and he should honor it. But he said can't and after back and forth they finally giving me 20% off instead of 10gb. Their sales should have know what they offering before talk to customer. In the end still getting good deal but just wasting my time. Next time if wilson is the one who handle your sales ask for someone else

Their support is really fantastic and uptime is good but sales is nightmare.

Biggest Pro: Their support fast and uptime is good
Biggest Con: Sales rep are bad

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:

We are very sorry to hear it.

We will forward this complaint to our management to rectify it.

Posted on August 17th, 2016 at 10:37 EST

Confused long-term customer

KVC webhost is my first hosting company, and I have trusted them for many years. I have been confident that I've made the right choice, because of their excellent 24/7 support (the guys put loads of effort) that goes far in order to fix your issue, even if you have totally messed up!

But I will agree with others that their major problem remains security. I have hosted 3 websites with them over two accounts (business and personal). My personal websites have been hacked quite many times and their support mainly focused on upgrading my plan rather than improving the security of their servers. At the moment, one of my two accounts remains suspended "over excessive use of resources". The thing is, that the website associated with it is ALMOST EMPTY, with an unlimited hosting plan. Their suggestion is upgrading to vps hosting, for $49 dollars per month (discounted price) plus the domain registration fees, of course.

I am very confused about what to do, because as an old costumer I have had good experiences, but, on the other hand, I am concerned about the lack of focus on security and their encouragement to upgrade your plan (thus paying them more than you need) instead of upgrading their own security standards. I don't know what advice I can give you, as the feedback on this host has been excellent for years, and I'm surprised at the moment by the negative feedback they have received recently.

Honestly, I would advise new potential customers to wait until the feedback changes. At the same time, what I will do is to wait for a few days to see what they can do about this important deficiency. The rating I provide is approximate and is based on the whole experience I have had with them.

Biggest Pro: Prompt response to issues
Biggest Con: Not enough attention to security, thus websites are vulnerable to attacks

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:


We do apologize if you have any issues with us.

Can you please give us your domain name with us to investigate your issues ?

For upgrade we normally ask only when clients need additional resources or modules which are not available in basic packages

For security issues we do take security on priority on any day as that is one of the important aspect .Normal hacking issues are in wordpress when plugin are used from unauthentic sources
Which is in most cases due to third party plugins installed which have loopholes.

The server from our end is regularly patched up for any such new bug or loopholes and security is analysed very often to make sure security is in place to avoid intrusion

if you can give us domain name or ticket number we can check your issue

Posted on February 15th, 2016 at 00:20 EST


My First 7 months hosting with kvchost was very okay, and we never had any issue, but after then. the troubles have become unbearable.
My account was hacked twice with KVCHost, and I was surprised to see another site instead of mine. I complained and they said that it is because of a malware. Now how did that malware get into my account? Is it not because of their insecurity?

Several months later, my account keeps getting suspended because of the malware they always complain about which is not my fault but due to their insecurity, and they will never admit that the fault is from them. I have changed my password several times thinking that, the issue is with my password, but to no avail because I kept on having the same issue with them. When i looked critically into my Cpanel on several occasions when the account is being suspended, I will realise that, there are so many files in my Cpanel which I haven't hosted, but those files are being hosted there by an unknown person, and I am being suspended because of such illegal files. I now became convinced that, I am not safe and secured to continue with this host. So one day, I decided to move one of my site to,(Please Note that, on both hosting providers i.e kvshost and hostgator, my sites are all on a shared server). I did this so that I can compare their services and see if kvchost was telling the truth or not. The site I moved from kvchost to hostgator is, be sincere with you all, I never had any headache with the site I moved, so while my other site with kvchost keeps getting suspended, the other site with hostgator has been very stable without any issue. Kvchost has made me to loose many jobs, because when people want to visit my site to see my works, they see the site being suspended and inaccessible, and they get disappointed. I always tell kvchost through mails that, they dont have adequate security, but they always say that, I am the only client among all their clients having this issue, but I never believed them. So when I saw this website, I became relieved, because I now realised that all their clients are suffering, and I also became encouraged to voice out my experience. I wish screen shots can be attached here, I would have attached all the screenshot of all my mails with them so that It will serve as an evidence.
I will never encourage anyone to host with kvchost because you might die young because of hypertension

Beware of this provider!

beware of this hosting provider. the first time i trusted the good reviews and took a "C Hosting" account. i paid for 3 years in advanced. the first year was without any problems but in the second year they always suspend my websites and asking them why they send me some logs of other websites telling me that i would use malware. i told them that this are not my domains... but each week the same game. beware is god this super bad hosting provider - take another provider!

Biggest Pro: Price, nothing more
Biggest Con: Support, technical knowledge

KVC Hosting - BAD experience, loosed 6 months for nothing..

I have been client for half a year for P1 SSD VPS (49.99$) Starting January 2014. First month was almost fine, with some simple support tickets (components and php modules installed for my site's need) solved fast and ok. Server was also fine with fast response and fast load. I thought I found the best hosting for a very short time. Then trouble starts..and keep coming. Next 2 months I experienced ~15 tickets and re-opens, very bad load time like 4-5 seconds for a naked Wordpress and 12 seconds for an active one. Initial first byte response time was often 1.000-1.700 ms, that is really bad. I rise a lot of tickets, they "optimized", "changed node" "solved the issue", without too much improvement. Than they start to point to my sites. "I can show you which of your sites cause the issues" they said. I had around 15-17 wordpress sites hosted there, with only 4-5 having some small traffic (200-300/day). They indicated as root cause, than I suspended totally that account, they indicated the next one Then I suddenly realized that only sites with no traffic remains :) A VPS machine with 4gb ram, ssd, 4 cores cannot handle such low traffic? Server started to have DNS,SQL,APACHE service errors, restarting itself "auto-magically" each 1-2 days. After a lot of poor replies from their support, somewhere in March-April,while I still continued to discuss with them for a solution and still paying the service, I took different host and started to move my sites from them. On a different host every single site of mine was really fast, including the ones with "issues" !! My problem with the new host was that they didn't had cpanel but interworx that sucks. One day I tried to access my VPS at and I was amazed to discover the server was completely down, even if I continued to pay for it!!! Final solution to my rage tickets was to offer me 8 gb ram for life. Have to say I used the interworx based host a while in parallel (1-2 months), paying in the meantime also to have a backup server just in case. Then in June 2014 I missed really Cpanel (in Interworx panel hosting all my DB/sites were mixed together, only one single big backup file was possible). I noticed I didn't received that promised extra 4 gb ram, so I rised another ticket for this at KVC. Well, I received a brand new VPS 8gb ram and 8 cores on a new machine, I was happy few days hopping issues are finally solved. Started to setup all back, moved some sites. And...again issues occured. Bad load times. Timeouts. TIckets. Nerves. Directly they pointed my sites, even if they worked perfectly on another host. That was TOO MUCH for me.. Asked for cancelation, and refund for the new just payed month (was exactly 1st of the month). No refund received, no cancelation occured. On their page it say 24h or 48h to be processed. As answer for my ticket they said will last 2-3 weeks ( probaby to consume the new payed month). After 4 more weeks of waiting to be sure, I asked again yesterday for refund. The answer was "as you read on our TOS will last 2-3 weeks" Really? hit today: my ACCOUNT WAS DELETED, no access to interface, "Login Details Incorrect. Please try again". Tried to recover (change) my password nothing happens, no mail. So finally LOT OF NERVES no refund, months of doing nothing but debugging and responding to tickets,bad service!...STAY AWAY!!

Biggest Pro: price..
Biggest Con: Poor service

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:


Your vps was going down not due to network or server issue but due to your own accounts using all available cpu and memory

The account name and the logs for the same were sent to you which was causing this issue

We are not responsible for the code which you have for your account this needs to be handled by your webdeveloper

If you check the below process list in your vps you will know why the vps was going down consistently

root@server1 [/home/home1/public_html]# ps aux | grep home1
home1 28797 32.1 3.0 151660 123824 ? R 14:27 1:42 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 28868 29.9 3.0 151564 123464 ? R 14:28 1:32 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 29077 29.3 3.0 151756 123912 ? R 14:28 1:17 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 29156 27.4 3.0 151500 123660 ? R 14:29 1:08 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30288 5.1 0.5 48628 20964 ? S 14:32 0:01 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30361 17.7 0.5 50420 22888 ? S 14:33 0:01 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30370 21.7 0.5 50164 22612 ? R 14:33 0:01 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30377 22.4 0.5 50108 22836 ? S 14:33 0:01 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30381 24.0 0.5 49908 22304 ? R 14:33 0:01 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30386 22.5 0.5 49924 22056 ? R 14:33 0:01 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30390 26.2 0.5 49908 22548 ? R 14:33 0:01 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30397 24.5 0.4 47908 20088 ? R 14:33 0:00 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30402 30.0 0.3 41228 12496 ? R 14:33 0:00 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30404 18.0 0.2 38092 8204 ? R 14:33 0:00 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/wp-admin/load-scripts.php
home1 30405 12.0 0.2 39528 10704 ? R 14:33 0:00 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/index.php
home1 30406 17.0 0.2 38356 8700 ? R 14:33 0:00 /usr/bin/php /home/home1/public_html/wp-admin/load-scripts.php

You have to check the plugins installed which was causing this issue

The vps has its own limitation for the amount of cpu and memory alloted as per hosting plan

If it exceeds the allocated resource utilization the vps is bound to go down whether with us or someone else.

You can check below ticket number for same which was clearly mentioned on why vps is going down


So we would request you not to write misguiding reviews in forums

Posted on February 13th, 2015 at 09:11 EST

A great deal for the money.

I'm seeing all these awful reviews on this website about my host. I don't know how many of them are true, but I would like to say that I have had an overall good experience with them. Here's a list of pros and cons that I've experienced with them.

1. Customer service is incredible. The response time is insanely fast. I've been with three other hosts before, and I always had to wait at least a few hours (usually a day or two) before any real progress was made. These guys are on it almost right away. I have had problems, but they have been minimized because of the fast response time. Usually, the problem is resolved in 30 minutes or less.
2. The price is exceptional. I have looked around for a long time for a good deal on hosting, and as someone who hosts multiple websites for clients, this is the best value for the money I could find.

1. There can be some downtime. In the past week, I have been doing extensive work on the websites and I've noticed a few times when my websites were down. One time, I was notified ahead of time that they were doing maintenance. Another time was in the middle of the day. As soon as I notified them, it was back up though. And it was down for about 5 minutes again around 4 in the morning.
2. Having problems with newsletter services with their servers. Emails sent from the server are marked as spam. I'm not able to connect to SMTP services such as gmail, but I haven't been in contact with them about this issue, so maybe that's all I need to do.
3. My cPanel was hacked twice about a year ago. They suspended my websites suspecting suspicious activity. When I got in contact with them, they put them back up, and gave me a new password. I will admit that my password wasn't the strongest, so that was probably the issue. Since I changed it to a stronger password, I haven't had any problems.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with KVC Hosting. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good value for their money. Unless, you're willing to put a lot of money down, I doubt you can find a better host.

Biggest Pro: Timely Customer Service
Biggest Con: Minimal Downtime

kvc hosting is very bad...

I have a issue with my email server, and I support tiket about 1 day ago.
And at this moment I dont have any solution, Is impossible to send email to
a vast list of host..
And a person of tecnical support say me that I have to change my plam to emails work fine..
Very bad...

domain that email not working

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:


We see your IP was blocked for sending excessive spam emails from server
We do not promote bulk emailing from our servers.
If you want to send more emails you need to opt for a better plan which has higher email limit.

Posted on February 17th, 2014 at 22:59 EST

very bad - wished I

this is a follow up on the review I posted earlier and as a reply to the comment made by kvc staff member. I have copies of chat messages and copies of emails. I did not use bad language - however, when you are being told that Swedish IP is a UK IP, or your websites are down for a few days, out of which one day was unnecessary as kvc made a mistake with nameservers and asked you to change it after one day (to which they admitted), then you get frustrated.
I did not send excessive emails, in fact, for months we have been using an external company, for which we may a monthly fee of over £20, to send our emails. This is because kvc services are so unreliable and emails did not get to customers.

Previous reviews by CHRISTOPHER CELEGRAT

The information below is no longer valid because the user has posted a follow-up review above.

Read other entries by this user:

very bad - wished I

I've been customer of KVCHosting for over a year now (unlimited hosting). I've constantly had problems with deliverability of our company emails as they were bouncing back. The volume of emails was very small - a few hundred emails per week. KVC was quick with replying and changing ip of the server. after being frustrated with so constant problems and having lost number of clients, I started asking questions. apparently the problems were cause by spammers, who were using their servers (??). Therefore, as sort of compensation, I asked to be moved to a different server - in the UK with UK IP (as majority of our clients are from the UK). Everything has been agreed in emails (with dedicated IP, rdns set for the account and UK IP and UK server). Unfortunately, the move was not smooth. After changing nameservers as they suggested, our domain names were down. then, they asked to change nameservers again (after over 17hrs) which added to the total amount of the domains being unavailable. then, they confirmed that everything was ok, but it wasn't. they failed to install ssl certificate on the new server. they blamed me that I didn't ask them to do it, but I clearly asked them what I would have to do when moving servers and they didn't inform me about ssl. We were only informed by customers who couldn't purchase products on our website.
Then, after continuous problems, I discovered that the IP we were given is Swedish (where there are over 5 times more spamming accounts than the UK). They contradict themselves in the replies and do not comment when I sent them emails, in which their senior admins agreed to assign a UK IP. They keep replying that if I am not happy with the current server, they can move me back to the US server (!!) . I can also add, that they don't pick up the phone (I tried 4 times, leaving message twice). On the online chat they promise a call back (I clearly stated my UK number) but they've never called back and when confronted, they say that they don't call abroad. Clearly not what I was told on the phone (conversations were recorded, I also have copies of chat, in which they blocked me a few times without replies). I would clearly avoid - KVC offers hosting with many features which is relatively cheap for a reason. if you want a reliable service and need your emails to be delivered to the recipients, then I would look elsewhere. If anybody needs evidence of KVC failures, please call the number from website and ask for chris or use the email from the website. I've sent over a hundred emails to them over the last 2 weeks and the issues are not resolved yet. We are planning to take legal action against KVC to seek compensation for the lost time, money and damages to our business.

By chris on December 1st, 2013 at 11:17 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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KVC - cheap, but service and reliability are horrible

In January, 2013, KVC installed some new billing software on one of their computers. The install went badly and over 200 accounts that were paid up were accidently marked as being delinquent. KVC then deleted the 200 accounts, including the web sites, the data bases, the email mailboxes, all the settings... everything. KVC brags that they have an offsite backup, but it turns out that they don't. Their "backup" consists of a RAID arrangement to protect against failed hard drives. So all the domain data was deleted and there were no offsite or onsite backups to use for a recovery.

The disaster cost us over $2000 USD to recover and our Internet presence was down for over a week, but KVC refuses to refund or credit us anything for their mistake.

The company must host a lot of spammers, because our outgoing emails were constantly being blocked. We'd get emails saying our outgoing mail couldn't be delivered because our business’s SMTP server was on a black list. We'd open a trouble ticket, KVC would shuffle around some IP addresses, after a few days the problem would be solved, then a few weeks later we'd be blacklisted again. We finally gave up on the KVC SMTP server and we now send outgoing email through our ISP.

Sometimes their POP server gets stuck and doesn't deliver incoming email for days. If several hours go by now and we don't receive any new email, we start running tests.

Their tech support in general is fairly unskilled. For example, while troubleshooting the incoming mail problem, the KVC tech suggested SENDING multiple emails to see if the problem had been resolved. While troubleshooting a separate password authentication problem, the technician suggested we reboot our modem. In many cases it seems like the technicians at KVC are merely guessing.

There is something shady about this company. They try to present the image that they are a large enterprise, but they get very defensive and coy if you start asking questions. I often think they rent the storage space and cpanel installation from another vendor, then sub-lease it to us. I don’t think they operate a data center and I don’t think their technical support people are actually onsite (or even in-country). I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that KVC exists in somebody’s spare bedroom or garage.

If you complain too much, criticize them, or otherwise "make them mad" (a direct quote), they try to get even with you. At times, with some of the staff, it’s like you’re talking with a 16-year old boy who demands respect because he’s grown now and almost a man.

I would stay far, far, away from this company. Our contract term is almost finished and we are searching for a replacement hosting company. Saving a few dollars a year by staying with KVC is just not worth the aggravation.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: unreliable and poor customer service

Response by kvchosting, who is an employee of KVC Hosting:

Can you let us know the domain name that was deleted ?
if your account was terminated I am not sure why you are writing after 1 year duration
We do have weekly and monthly backup systems at our end.
If you can give us ticket number which was not addressed correctly we can check and take action accordingly.

Posted on January 24th, 2014 at 11:28 EST


Something must have happened at KVC Hosting in late January. We lost our entire site content due to their mistake and they were not able given it back. They DELETED THE ENTIRE WEBSITE! They admit fault, they offered an additional year of service - but did not recover what they deleted. What kind of host deletes an entire website, and then doesn't have a backup to restore it? And then offer another year of hosting? Sure, I'd love to worry about whether the site will be there tomorrow.

Please note that KVC also refuses to refund money paid for this fiasco. Admittedly, we're not talking about a lot of money, but to delete a customer's account, admit fault, but NOT to restore the website and NOT to refund money is completely unacceptable.

Is your site worth the headache of a host that is unreliable? Maybe you should look elsewhere.

Biggest Pro: Was actually pretty fast until they deleted our ENTIRE WEBSITE!
Biggest Con: Deletes websites and doesn't have backups? What a fiasco!

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