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So far, very satisfied

It's only been just over a month since switching from HG to KnownHost, but the support I required was more than I anticipated. This experience and the help I got from KnownHost inspired me to leave a review now. I was nervous about switching my VPS from HG to KH, simply because they were not a "known host" to me. I have to say that I am very impressed with the assistance I've received so far. Their support team responds quickly, and go out of their way to not only help, but to also give a thorough explanation of what they are recommending. I ping my sites every 10 minutes, and have yet to have any of my sites go down. In summary, I'm very pleased with KnownHost to-date.

Biggest Pro: Great support, more resources for less $$ than the competition
Biggest Con: Non yet

Fast, powerful and very professional.

Performing an exhaustive search in specialized forums, I found this supplier. Previously, I had chosen a different hosting provider, by pure feeling, and suffered the consequences of not doing prior research. With KnownHost my expectations were fulfilled. This manifested itself in the low support requirements need I had to do. The few requirements were, I confess, for my ignorance and not for service failures. I always was satisfied with the answers. Moreover, the service is fast powerful and very professional.

Biggest Pro: Quality

Still a Happy KnownHost

Like many I have sifted through many hosting companies prior to finding KnownHost. I am pleased to say that they have been more then outstanding from the start over 2 years ago and have only improved. As long as they maintain their current level of hosting and support I will most definitely be a content and happy customer. Their support is lightening quick and spot on to correct any problems or offer advice and solutions. In my opinion you can't do better then KnownHost.

A very satisfied customer
Wayne R. Mercier

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Very Happy KnownHost Customer

From day one all the nightmares of previous host wen away. I had no idea that reliability could be so good. On the rare occasion that I need assistance they are there in record time. As long as service stays this good I'm a loyal customer for life.

By Wayne R Mercier on October 14th, 2012 at 08:44 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Virtual Private Servers | Platform: Unix | Email: [Logged]

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Second Review of KnownHost, A+

I've been using KnownHost now for over three years to host my WordPress blog. They've been very responsive to my service inquiries, several of which were my own mistakes. The staff is friendly, and I get responses in a very acceptable time frame. I'm continuously shopping around, but haven't had the courage to switch anywhere else, since on several online forums I'm seeing that lower price doesn't always mean better service. I'm considering expanding my services with them in 2013. I tend to go for less hassle, so I recommend trying KnownHost before you try any other provider. I haven't noticed any notable downtime, but I'm also not tracking that as closely as I should.

Biggest Pro: Professional and responsive service at a competitive price.

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KnownHost is Great

KnownHost provides hosting for my WordPress blog for my small business. I've had solid experiences with their customer service, and in particular Paul has been relentless in helping me with any issues. KnownHost is a bit more higher-priced than some of the other providers, however I'm finding that you get what you pay for. I've also noticed that some of their up-time figures have come into question recently, but they're honest about them and they continue to be one of the top-ranked providers, if not the actual #1 provider, for up-time in the entire industry, as ranked by official media outlets. I recommend trying KnownHost first, before you try any other provider.

By Scott on April 13th, 2012 at 08:40 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Virtual Private Servers | Platform: Linux | Email:

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KnownHost is great

I have 7 servers with KnownHost and about 2,500 websites on those servers, including a Rails system and a full eCommerce site that had 2.4 million visitors and 40 million hits last year ( I have websites for myself and for clients and have been with KnownHost since 2008. Our Rails system works great on their servers, by the way, and KnownHost is much cheaper than the other "Rails" servers we looked at, even though KnownHost doesn't advertise their servers as "Rails Servers". These guys are great. I have always gotten great service. The only time my servers were down for very long was when there was a major meltdown at the server farm. That wasn't Knownhost's fault and it was a one in a million freak accident - I know because I looked it up on the internet and lots of people were affected by it. I recommend KnownHost and sleep better because of them - I simply don't worry about my servers - if there is a problem, I call them and they fix it. If I have a question or a problem, I just email them and they get right back to me, 24/7. My bills are always correct, I can go to my account and print my payment history, and if I have a question about anything they are fast to respond and fix it. Based on my experience, if anyone writes a negative review about KnownHost, they are either working for a competitor or they are unrealistic in their expectations.

known host and rocket vps nightmare!

i recently ran into a big problem for myself with rocket vps and known host.. if you don't already know, rocketvps is known hosts unmanaged service company (known host is managed).. i started off with rocket vps and had a few vulnerability issues on my behalf so since I liked the services rocketvps was offering me i figured id grab another box off of known host to have the managed services.. i then sent in a request for migrating both accounts, for some odd reason their attempts failed and were not successfully able to migrate the accounts over so I told them not to worry and that I will do them migrations alone as I needed a few domains to still be hosted on my rocketvps box.. so a few weeks go by and everything is fine and running great besides a email issue yesterday .. until today.. woke up this morning to voicemails from a client of mine saying her web page was unaccessible.. (be cause of a open cart plugin to generate ebay products is somehow messing up) .. so i go to login to cpanel via ip address, to find out the vps was completely inaccessible so I went to sign into their client control panel to see what was going on, and then i was also unable to do that.. i then replied to a 3rd late notice for not paying (which i was going to pay today) to see what was going on, they informed me that i didn't have to pay the invoice that everything has been switched to known host.. which i never requested that to happen and i wanted to keep both vps's.. and now i am having issues with 1 of my sites and their are no backups since everything was actually deleted off the vps on rocketvps.. and the only support (that i actually pay for through known host) is telling me to basically pay the developer to fix my problems because they can not figure out the mess they screwed up!!

Biggest Pro: uptime
Biggest Con: their ability to offer paid management services and aren't actually able to fix things!!!


I switched for KnownHost VPS from Wiredtree(that's another horrible story) on 09/21/2009 and I thought I could finally get a reliable web hosting. However, I was wrong.

There are many times that I have to refresh several times before I can access my site webpage or the ftp. The site was very unstable that it down for a minute, then up, then down for a minute.

I really need to admit that they have very fast response time for the tickets. Their support told me that everything was normal, memory use, http service is up, but I keep receiving site down notifications from my both site monitor services.

A couple of days ago, I had the same problem again. After several support tickets, Knownhost are still telling that everything is fine, but I still kept receiving pingdom site monitor notifications. I had a total of 21 down alerts and 21 up again alerts.

Then after a couple of hours, they told me that my VPS server was under a DOS attack! So I had no choice but moving to another VPS company.

Now I paste the uptime stats of my Knownhost VPS from

Year Month Outages Uptime Downtime
2011 October 8 97.774% 2.226%
2011 September 7 98.959% 1.041%
2011 August 4 99.494% 0.506%
2011 July 6 98.683% 1.317%
2011 June 10 98.939% 1.061%
2011 May 4 99.207% 0.793%
2011 April 2 99.034% 0.966%

Year Outages Uptime
2011 41 98.845%

As you can see, far from the "highest uptime in the industry" as they stated on their website.

Because the check interval of is 30 minutes, so the real outages could be even more.

Biggest Pro: Fast Response Time
Biggest Con: Very unreliable uptime

A good VPS service provider

I have been with KnownHost for less than 1 month, and so far have been very pleased with them.

This is my first VPS hosting account, and I came from a share host environment. Therefore, I had lots of questions with regards to the set-ups. I have submitted many srevice tickets, and in general, I got the answers or assistance within 15-20 minute time frame.

If this is the service level that I will be getting, I will be with KnownHost for a long time.

Biggest Pro: value for money, timely support ticket responses
Biggest Con: none

Great host

Knownhost: They do what they say, and they tell when there's a problem. Every time I contact them for support, they get back to me very quickly, and they get it taken care of. I'm just shared reseller, so I don't have all the features I would have with a full VPS or dedicated server, but I"m very happy with KnownHost.

They don't offer either shared or reseller hosting anymore, unfortunately.

Customer service is great

I have been using knownhost for a couple of years now and they have been great.

My sites run a VPS through their Texas link, not the California one.

The customer service has been great since i had issues at first running a vps and needed a managed system to get me going.

They moved my sites over, sent a few good follow up emails to see how i felt with them, and performed over the first year when i had a few issues.

One of the sites i run is a free image host which I think has been made better due to them.

They let me know within an hour more or less sometimes when issues are happening with the site to my mobile.

Some people may not like a company that lets them know when there is a problem with spam , but I love it and they have worked with me a few times to resolve some matters that my past hosts let slide till i ended up having to work all night to get the server back on track with.

Overall great customer service that lets you know OFTEN when there is a problem.

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