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Reliable and Knowledgeable Staff

This is my first time hosting a website. After searching through several “number one hosting” websites, I decided to seek counsel from a friend who has been in the web industry for a while.

He recommended Kenya Website Experts because he had experience hosting with them and found the service satisfactory. I also decided to join the league. I really did not understand the value of Kenya Website Experts until a day came when I was in dire need of their customer support team.

I had an issue with my website where it wasn't functioning properly and it was experiencing some timeouts. I asked the friend who had referred me earlier to assist me but since he was held up, he recommended I seek the support of the customer service team.

I loved the customer support experience. I think Kenya Website Experts live up to the reality of their name "Website Experts" by investing in a responsive and knowledgeable staff who actively responds to customer inquiries.

Based on my experience above, I recommend Kenya Website Experts.

If you are looking for a host with a support team you can bank on, Kenya Website Experts should be on your list. However, you need to articulate your concern with accuracy.

Biggest Pro: Responsive customer support team.
Biggest Con: Team work from their end needs improvement.

Kenya Web Experts

Compared to my two previous web hosting companies, I have had little or no issues. I moved from my 1st hosting company due to issues with their technical support. It took a very long time to have my issues resolved after raising a ticket. It would take up to 48 hours to get a response. I had a lot of downtimes most of the time and their Cpanel also had limited functionality and I ended up moving.

My Second hosting company had more modules on their Cpanel and their technical support responded quickly. However, they had issues with knowledge on their various modules. In one case their documentation had a manual for setting up an SSH connection. After trying to set up the connection for days, I was forced to seek support. Their team had very little knowledge of the issue and the end result was them acknowledging that they had recently acquired their new system and were still in training and could not allow access to some modules due to security reasons.

In the last few months, I moved to Kenya Web Experts. Propagating my domain was very quick and seamless. Setting up the hosting was also very easy. I chose my plan and within hours, my hosting was setup. They even took care of setting up my SSL certificate which took very little time compared to the other hosting. Their technical support is also very responsive and they really know their stuff.
Kenya Web Experts' supports quick install for some of the common platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, and WHMCS. It also supports configuration for modules such as PHP, Perl, Ruby, Cron jobs, Apache and so much more.

So far, I have not felt the need to move since all my requirements have been met for my shared hosting. As a developer who has to have both a testing and production environment, I feel that Kenya Web Experts has been able to meet my need and I would definitely recommend them.

Biggest Pro: Price value for your money.

Reliable Web Host

There is no doubt about the fact that everyone with a website is looking for a web host that can provide reliable web hosting services.

Indeed, many who offer such services claim to be the best in the industry. Not all of them are however able to deliver what they claim to supply their customers with.

After going through reviews of some of the web hosts, I resolved to go for a web host that is in my country, Kenya. A web host whose offices I can visit if my call or email is not responded to, and seek solutions regarding my website.

This however does not mean that they do not respond to phone calls or to email queries when I need them. They are always available.

There is not a single time that my site,, experienced downtime or low speed.
It is due to this fact that I courageously recommend my web host, Kenyawebexperts, to anyone looking for a web host.

They have been hosting my website for close to 2 years now, and I can assure you that they supply top-notch web hosting services at pocket friendly rates.

They are certainly never disappointing. Whenever I need assistance from them, I can reach them via mail, or by simply calling, and all my web hosting problems are resolved.

All their plans come with free SSL and free backups, together with free features which include DNS management, spam filtering, email virus scanning, auto responders, MySQL databases and more

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