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JustHost Doesn't Care About You or Your Business - Steer Clear

Stay away from this company at all costs. They are constantly down. They don't care about your business and income. They don't care if you have PPC going while they're doing for hours at a time. They don't inform you of downtime. They apologize a lot, but they don't change or offer recompense. Their tech support is a joke. They can almost NEVER solve the problem over the phone or chat and instead tell you that you have to submit a ticket. They won't do it for you. These people haven't the slightest understanding of what the word "customer service" is.

They allowed our website to get infected with viruses and blamed us, even though other sites on their servers were also hacked.

This is a cheap hosting solution, which means you get cheap service and cheap product and cheap quality. You get what you pay for.

Take my advice and stay far away from this company.

Biggest Pro: The best part is that I'm quitting their hosting.
Biggest Con: Everything about them is cheap and cheap doesn't mean "good".

Worst Host Ever - Clear Host is owned by them too

Just go ahead and try to setup an SSL certificate with these people, I DARE you! After a week of back and forward emails from, support@ upgrade@ and billing@ (both and which are the same company). Nobody could get an SSL installed from Network Solutions - they wanted the RSA from NS - So, almost giving up I said whatever and lets buy HostClear's SSL. 3 days later I have yet to be billed for it, much less have it installed. Going through the trouble of moving all my clients to yet another host. Cya!

Biggest Pro: None - price can be matched by better hosts
Biggest Con: Support doesnt even read the emails, they reply with canned messages with no answers

JustHost are Thieves - Cancel account and they keep billing!!

I canceled my subscription with Justhost and emailed them TWICE 1-2 months before the automatic payment renewal date to confirm. Their email replies were that yes my account will NOT be renewed or billed at the expiration date.

Well, expiration date comes around and I AM BILLED FOR THE FULL AMOUNT via paypal.

So Justhost are thieves.

As yet I have not got an email reply. I have filed a Paypal dispute but we know how long that can take.

Do not use these thieving scam artists unless you like having your money stolen!

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Cancel account and they keep billing

Terrible Service. Site down daily

Site is down daily. We have been experiencing terrible issues with justhost and are really un-happy with their service. Their are currently hosting my site until the end of this month when I move the site to a different hosting company because justhost is unable to keep the site up and running. Right now is Nov and I have been dealing with the site issues since July. They are still have not fix my problems. Really bad service, please stay away

Biggest Pro: Cheap...but not even because the site is never up
Biggest Con: too many to list but the most is down daily


We are web developers and have decided to bundle our service with website hosting since it would be easier for us to manage all of our client's websites from one single hosting provider each having their own cpanel -we picked on hostclear, a justhost company. We signed up and paid for the service, and waited for their confirmation, but what came to us is a plan which we don't intend to have -a basic hosting plan, We contacted their tech support and billing asking them to change the plan to a reseller but they told us it is on a different server and we must cancel the account first so they could refund the money to us and be able to sign up to the reseller plan. Sad to say that the promised refund in 7 days for the money did not came, to note that they have a 30 day money back guarantee. When we contacted them they reasoned that they could not locate the transaction ID.We just don't understand why they can't locate a transaction which is an active ticket on their system and they have issued an invoice? We have provided them all the details of the transaction and still they try to spin us around pointing us to billing, refunds and cancel departments a never ending pass-it-on tactic to delay (i wonder how long this would take). We are really disappointed with this kind of service and have decided to pull out all of our client's websites from justhost. To sum it up, Justhost and Hostclear are a greedy company who's only concern is get your money and have no after sales support.

Our friendly reminder to all, Don't bring your sites to Justhost or Hostclear because you won't get anything back.

Biggest Pro: Fast payment.
Biggest Con: Totally no refund.

Real scam, not a host

I were here less than 1 month until I realised that all 'good reviews' are just a lie.

During this time I had my sites down, very slow speed, FTP could not even upload my files. I tried to speak with useless 'Support'.
It was a stupid way to spend my time.

After that 'less than 1 month' I tried to use their 'Money back', but it was a lie, again: their site claims two different things about 'full refund at any time' and 'refund only within 1 month'.

Ok. I desided to move away and tried to download my current sites (~1Gb) for 3 days! I even did not stopped for nights. The speed was awful.

The last thing: there is NO refund. The most noble thing they offer is that they will not charge money (from your card/PayPal) for the next years.

Up to date, there is more than 1 month I have been trying to refund my money for their useless staff. They claim that 'they sent a notification to their refund team'.

I wasted my time, Google rating, money, left 8 opened tickets about their host.

Just Host is... Just bad

When i started they were great.... then i had a problem, they put a virus on my sites, and blamed me... THe mail went down. I thought they said it was unlimited everything, beware, it is limited. Flase advertising. They even suggested to host else where... bunch of tools... and I look at people scoring just host... they all say they are very bad... yet their customer rating his high... they are fraud company, do not go near

Biggest Pro: price they are cheap
Biggest Con: the host is always having problems and it is the users fault

Stay away! Just Host don't care about their customers!

I have been with Just Host for over a year. Their customer service is garbage and they could care less about their customers. I guess most hosting companies have a limit on how much CPU you can use. I don't have a problem with that. But what I do have a problem with is not getting any kind of warning to let me know I went over. Just Host just suspended my website without warning. They did not give me a chance to correct the issue so I would not affect my business. When I called to address the issue, the rep was argumentative and acted is they did not need my business. I took by business elsewhere and I would never recommend this company to anyone.


JustHost was fine when I signed up, but EVERYTHING (except the billing dept.) has gone downhill, fast.

Oh, and don't try to leave...they won't make it easy. How bad is it? They offered me a year of free hosting, plus a ton of other stuff, and I still said no.

Kicker? One of their tech support folks regarding domain transfers: "Domain transfer is an automatical process". "Automatical"? Seriously?

Biggest Pro: Billing department is awesome!
Biggest Con: Tech support sucks.

Customer Service Stinks

Everything fine for 2 years. Then my email went down, and their server would not recognize my damian name or password. Tried to contact CS, and it was a waste of time. First CS (on-line chat, no direct options here) responded for a few minutes and then left saying he had to go, someone else would assist me.
Too frustrated to contin ue on this course here. I will be switching over to Network Solutions. Used them with another business and was very happy. Hear good things from others on NS also.

Biggest Pro: Easy to setup
Biggest Con: Customer service is inept!

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