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JUST HOST are the worst service providers in history.

Where do I start? Are Justhost trying to kill their company? I will list a whole bunch of issues. Their online chat takes close to 20 minutes to engage, and when it does, their consultants deal with many customers at a time, frequently requiring you to wait for 15 minutes for a response to a question ... so try having a conversation!!! In January 2012, their servers went down for more than 48 hours, and their responses were a) it will only take 4 hours (every 12 hours), b) we did not promise we would be reliable (conversation with a consultant). They promised unlimited space, yet, they allow you to install nothing!! but basic driving software for your site to work. The servers very frequently go down, at least once a day. They automatically charge your credit card without warming you, and their excuse?? That we did it to make payment convenient. They promise moodle and other software, but getting it operational is almost impossible in some cases. They claim to be in the US but their consultants have terrible syntax, and hence surely not native ENglish speakers, thus lying in that respect as well.
Consultants also had very little to no interest in leading me through resolving problems, except for one, who was incredibly helpful, and interestingly, she was the only woman I dealt with at Justhost.

I welcome anyone to email me and ask me about this. I do not work for another host, and can thus verify this with personal contact. Run when you see this company.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: False representation - Horrible service

Does unlimitted really means unlimitted?

I bought Justhost hosting service in April 2011. However, as my website has been very successful with not leass than 1000 unique visitors every day, justhost start showing their lie. When I purchased it I was offered unlimited bandwidth and storage space with a cheap price. A few months later my website has been suspended quite often for exceeding bandwidth limit and space. What the F! does mean unlimited? Then, I realized Justhost had deceived me. Does unlimited really mean unlimited. I wish web hosting sellers be more honest.

Extremely dissapointed

I hosted with these for a while and then all of a sudden they suspended my account costing me sever £1000s in lost business.

I received no prior notice and no alternative was offered. It was then difficult to transfer my files as their support was difficult and at times obstructive.

They did agree to refund the outstanding balance once i transferred my files to another host, however when i tried to claim this they constantly transferred me from one advisor to another until i got fed up and gave up.

dont bother with them, cheap is clearly not good.

unlimited is only unlimited if you dont exceed their limits?????

Biggest Con: customer service is rubbish

Worst provider EVER

My site was hacked 3x in 2mos which I had to totally rebuild each time. Then, they decided to change my template eliminating all my specialized code, without my consent AND didn't have a backup to replace it with! Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. They are really horrible!

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: unreliable, inexperienced, tech support hassles the customers

Nothing but problems, switching hosting companies


Hey everyone, well I wish that I found this website before I decided to go with JustHost.Com.
It would have saved me nearly three (3) months of trouble.

First off the reason I chose JustHost.Com for my domains and websites was because of .
I figured it looked like a good review place, but then now I realize it is all ad based, they aren't real reviews! I was duped.

About Me:
I am a web developer, I have been a web developer since the internet boom in 1997.
I have a college education, and several certifications under my belt, so as to prove I know what I'm doing.
I work freelance and I have two kids so money is extremely important to me, especially where it ends up going.

About JustHost.Com
The only good thing about JustHost.Com that I can say is that, they were actually answering the chat when I went on.
Other than that, there is nothing good about this company.

When I first transferred my site to them from HostGator (an awesome host by the way) I noticed my FTP was timing out.
This happened the first day, and withing about 5 hours of me purchasing 6 months of hosting, I was on the chat asking for help.

After that, it was continuous lag, 500 errors, TimeOuts, drop outs, and disconnects.
I have asked their technical support staff for help nearly every day in the last month.

The only reason I haven't left yet is because I want to give them another chance.
Also, I have 6 big websites hosted with them, and I can't afford to spend the day or two re-configuring everything.
I need to work and make money, not waste my time because I need to switch hosts.

Look at what I'm doing at the moment, I am taking a half hour just writing this.
At least I'm not using swear words because I feel like throwing a brick.

Anyways, I guess I'm going back to HostGator...

Biggest Pro: Good at telling you there's a server issue.
Biggest Con: Bad at averything else.

My website hacked 3 times in a year

My website hacked 3 times in a year, and its a person site with all static page, just host team says, please update your database password a solution, but my website is static its shows clearly that server is not secured.


Biggest Pro: Your website will be down by hacking

One of the Worst Hosting Providers!

Made the mistake of signing for a membership approximately a month ago. Almost from the onset, experienced numerous performance related problems. Despite submission of more than half a dozen trouble tickets, never received any tangible resolution. Problems included connectivity to backend database, inability to access WordPress admin panel, etc. Without notification, Just Host suspended my account for utilization in excess of 10% of system resources, which is doubtful. Without attempting to determine if a Denial of Service (DoS) or other cause was to blame, they promptly suspended my account and posted a large banner stating such on both of my websites. While the technical support number is 24/7, quite often the actual access to the system occurs from persons in the Ukraine! To those considering, strongly recommend looking elsewhere for a hosting provider.

Biggest Con: Lack of service reliability, customer service and technical support

F*cking Terrible.

I hosted with JustHost for six months. When the six months was up, I informed them that I no longer wish to continue my service with them. So they suspended my account.
I contacted billing to resolve the issue and they bounced me back to support, who promptly bounced me back to billing when they finally responded. The wait time for each response was DAYS rather than the "18 minutes" they boast on their site. Bullsh*t.
They locked my domain so I can't even transfer it out to another host, and trying to communicate with these people is like pulling the teeth out of a fully conscious wolverine. When I asked for my domain to be unlocked, they needed my username and password for verification purposes. Sounded very fishy to me, but I reluctantly gave it to them. A couple days later when they decided to pull their heads out of their *sses and respond, they told me they emailed the solution to the registered email address -- which was through the domain I had with them! One would figure that since I've already given my username and password for verification they could just send the "solution" to the email address with which I'm using to communicate with them presently, not an email address through the domain which they have suspended. Der der der.
STAY AWAY FROM JUSTHOST or you WILL regret doing business with them.
I promise.

Biggest Pro: None.
Biggest Con: They exist.

They dont want to fix your issue.

This has to be the single worst Host in the 15+years I have been a developer. I picture a bunch of Fat Kids running a re-seller hosting accounts playing world of war craft all day while eating Doritos's,drinking Mr. Pib and hitting the bong.

The aptitude and attitude of the customer service was terrible. Thomas, you are a Fuckin moron... sorry dude... go back to flipping burgers.
The guy Jeff on the phone, it seemed that you had half the expertise needed to see where my problem was... but you fell short of actually solving the issue. I'm sorry but CMS's require temporary folder access that does not get interference by draconian server permissions. Wake up you stoners and get to work.

I will make public at every event i speak at, that your company is a disgrace. I feel sorry for this client as I will be moving their account today and letting them know you are worthless.

Biggest Pro: none, wasting human flesh and precious energy
Biggest Con: their existence.

HORRENDOUS C/S. Locked out of transfering my OWNED Domain

I received a VERY TERSE and RUDE 2 notice of renewal, a few days ago, advising that my account would be locked in 7 days after my renewal date, 2 days later. Advised them I was moving my services. Suddenly I was locked out of my account within 1 hour of complaining. They have refused to respond to all communications since.

I have advised them that I am undergoing a type of Chemo and many differing medical aspects are tied to my domain e-mails, amongst other serious matters. Still, no response. Offered to pay for 1 months additional service and/or just unlock my owned domain, which I have owned since its inception in the 90's and paid by myself through and incl 2013. NO RESPONSE.

Contacted multipled Dept.s, to no avail.

Biggest Pro: None

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