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At the beginning it all seemed fine, with an affordable plan and a simple way to manage my sites. About one year ago my websites starting to be down every day, sometimes several times a day. When I contacted them, the answer was the same, that the servers was experiencing problems and that they were doing their best to fix it. But, every day????? I have lost a lot of viewers because of their unreliability and their customer service, when there are problems, is not good. They send us the same copied reply and they never, ever, ever offer any type of compensation even if your website has been down for a whole day thanks to their unreliable server. Unfortunately I paid for a bi-annual plan and I am not stuck with them for another year. I have been so frustrated with them that I have now got a stomach ulcer! I have lost so much money because of them, and pretty much all credibility. Please, please, stay away from justhost. I am counting the months to sign up with a better host company, and I do hope you stay away from justhost. Don't make the mistake to sign up with them just to save a few dollars. It will ruin your websites in the long run.

Biggest Pro: They seemed to be cheap at first but...
Biggest Con: Their servers are faulty and never work well

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The only thing they 're good at is being con artists.

They suck you in with false promises and a great price (but did you know that this 'great' price in fact will only mean you are at the bottom of their list, since you need to pay premium for any customer service or any service at all?)

Their servers are 'down' all the time and you end up losing your online customers. When your site is down, you have to tell them all the time since they never do anything pro-actively. So you are forced to check your websites constantly to make sure they're up. I have 6 and it's become a real problem.

It is clear that once you're 'sucked' in, your service will degenerate after a few weeks or months of relatively plain sailing. This has been the experience of everybody I have talked to.

Their customer service is non-existent and I doubt they even know what they're doing.

Greedy and awful at customer service.

Please do not make my mistake, don't sing up because they APPEAR to offer a great price! You will pay with so many problems that you will wish, like me, you had never ever ever signed up with these cons.

By jules on November 8th, 2011 at 20:19 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Justhost is pretty good so far

I seen so many bad reviews for this company that I am surprised and I was so skeptical at first if I should join them. I been with them for 2 years and I have not really had problems. Yes, my site gets from 20-60 visitors daily, so I am not taking a lot of bandwidth, but I am hosting 3 different sites right now with them and its incredible that I can host as many as I can with them. If I ever go over the 10% allowance for a user, I will definitely go dedicated with them.

I had problems this week with the server being slow and the website taking a while to load. I sent an email to them and i got a response right away. I find that this is good customer service. I guess if something ever goes wrong, I'll come back and post, but so far so good. I really recommend them, highly recommend them.

All OK, until something goes wrong

They are cheep to start, and Reliable until something goes wrong. God forbid if you want support, because they fail to respond, dont communicate or give feedback and make you very frustrated. Everything is always your fault, until you prove otherwise

THey failed to transfer my domain, and the first I found out about it was when Nominet expired it. My site and email were down for a week until I paid Nominet to renew it!. I am now in the process of transfering my domain and website away from just host.

Biggest Con: Everything

Justhost overloaded (and overated)

Ok, I've been with them for a year now. During the past 4 months, some palestinian guys hacked three of my sites not because of me. When I contacted support, they told me may be I was using some illegal script... and ask me to "scan" my website with an antivirus... Finally they found code inside the server, not my account, and "fix it".

That was the beginning of the end. After that, all may reselled email accounts where marked as spam because some evil script was sending emails from my IP. So, any of my accounts can reach google, hotmail, yahoo nor other webmail based services. Also some private servers where aware too.

Then, the last thing I had to deal with is that FTP accounts where unusable. I cannot upload/download a 1.7 mb file from any of my accounts. I reached support again and they told me to: fix my internet connection, change my ftp port to 21, disable my firewall (this never has to be done, right?), etc, etc. I've been in the business for 10yrs+ now, obviously I know about that things!!! I'm not an idiot, nor a newbie!!! so, after writing a hundred support emails, they solved... nothing!

Ah! because you have to know that by chat they cannot solve anything, you will always have to write a damn email to and it will take several hours (24-78) to receive something like: have you tried to reset your modem?? then, you'll have to wait again the same time to get some other stupid answer.

Of course, I planed to move to another service... I have been moving my site for almost 4 days now because justhost support service is "overloaded". I've even tried to reach them by phone... (of course, with that kind of problems I can imagine how support guys are working!). I cannot even change my dns for the primary domain because they are not resolving to answer support emails.

I hope this will end soon.

My advice, stay away from them. Go to HostGator for resellers and with HostMonster for individual accounts. They are the bests!

Biggest Pro: cheap features
Biggest Con: bad support, hacked sites, spamed email

Thieves!!! Stay away from this!!


I am Eduard and I have been the victim for more than two years. After I have canceled my free trial subscription in the right way and at the right way they continue to bill me. After I had received my confirmation form them that my account was canceled (in writing adn by the phone) they had continue to bill me. After many attempts to make them stop biling me they assured me again that everything was fixed. However, I just received another bill from them of $45.00.

I am sure that this is not an accident. These people are thieves and somebody need to stop them.


Subject: Re: [#2230043] Cancelation

"I can confirm that your account has now been fully cancelled."

Justhosts are a firm of con merchants

Please, whatever you do, avoid this company like the plague.

I got some cheap web space from them just over a year ago. Since then they have done the following "crooked" tricks.

1 - Increased the cost on renewal to ten times what I originally paid.
2 - They send out a reminder invoice FOUR days before a renewal is due but take the payment SEVEN days before
3 - It took them THREE weeks to transfer a domain name to a new trustworthy host.
4 - They have now taken payment for the renewal of a domain name even though I clearly told them I didn't want any web space, domain names or renewals from them as I thought they were crooks.
5 - They have refused to refund the payment.

You have been warned. If you go with Justhosts you WILL get ripped off.

Biggest Con: They are liars, cheats and care nothing for customers

They lost my domain name!

An irresponsible, unprofessional hosting company.
I have transferred my domain name to this hosting company, the control panel also showing all the details of the transfer, but then the control panel was showing the wrong information. the transfer in fact didn't go through and no notification, no indication. I didn't find out until my domain name was expired and was taken away by someone else.
I contacted them and they just said they can't do anything! Not even give me the full refund.
I own a web page design company for over 15 years and Just host is the worst hosting company that i have ever seen. ><

Stay away from Just Host - WORST HOSTING SERVICE EVER

My sites were down for THREE WHOLE DAYS earlier this month; and have been going in and out intermittently ever since; today they were down for three hours this morning and they are down again as I write ... what a hasssle, what a pain, what a royal embarrassment ... I also use and have never had any problems with their service - the only reason I tried was because BlueHost did not offer reseller packages; but I am done with Just HOst

Biggest Con: downtime totally unacceptable

Just Host will Mess Up Your Site Sooner or Later

My company has an account with justhost for about a year now.

We had a major issue a while back with server downtime and they kept telling me they were trying to resolve the issue. Then after some time without any change, I demanded they move me to a better server or cancel my account. So we got on a better server and things have been working well since.

BUT!!!!!! This Friday, to my horror, I discovered that justhost was running an old backup of my site exactly the way it appeared in May 2011 (as we provide up-to-date news and market intelligence, this is a serious problem.

So I wrote justhost and guess what? They told me to clear my browsers cache. This has nothing to do with the issue at all. So I decided to buy priority support for $20 to get better and faster service. Then they get back to me and tell me that the server I was on had gone bad so they moved my site to a different server. They had used an old backup of my site and put it on a different server without even telling me!!!!!!!!! I'm furious. But it doesn't stop here. I can't access either the online control panel nor can I get FTP access to the server to update my site with the newest data. I wrote justhost and complained about this to their priority support and I got an answer (not 30 minutes as promised but an hour but still ok with me). They just gave me a standard reply saying they had forwarded my mail to the "appropriate" department. And that department is not getting back to me. I wrote priority support and complained and they give me exactly the same standard reply as before saying they have forwarded my request to the "appropriate" department. So I pay extra money for better service and they feed me with standard replies at a time when I desperately need to resolve the problems we have with our site. We have just sold advertising (banners etc.) for our site and desperately need to get the site up and running and then we have this hosting provider not doing anything about it and sending us standard email replies. We are now going to move our site to another hosting provider. This is just completely unacceptable.

Because of my experience, I recommend you stay far far away from justhost.

Biggest Pro: Technical features
Biggest Con: Awful customer service

Just Host, Just a Scam!

I have always liked Just Host. They performed well enough and I've never had any technical issues EXCEPT when I ordered a recent product.

When you get to the order page for a domain + hosting you obviously make sure to unclick all of the things you do not want. Then you click "order now" and they pop up a "But wait! Look at this offer!" kind of thing, you say "no thanks" and go to click "order now" again.

Hold on! They have re-selected everything you DID NOT WANT while you were side tracked by that banner. Didn't notice in time? Kiss that money goodbye - for good!

If you try to contact billing to sort it out by phone you are never sent to the proper department. If you email, a hundred different people will respond to your request and you get the same response from Erin, Andrew and Bob. If you ever finally get a conversation going they tell you they have a no-refund policy.

I was outraged. I have been a frequent customer & I went through the better business bureau to get my $14 refund!

Biggest Pro: Easy to use
Biggest Con: Scam you out of money. tech support is shabby!

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