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Justhost Email Servers Blacklisted Problem SMTP email servers continue to get blacklisted. As a result, our emails continue to be rejected with 554 errors. The tech support staff told me that if I purchased a dedicated IP address that this problem would go away. I did purchase a dedicated IP address, but I continue to get emails rejecting. The support staff seems to be powerless to fix this issue. I had this problem last year and after weeks of fighting with support, they moved me to a SMTP server with a neutral reputation. They have made no effort to do that now, despite my request. Now a support rep told me that a a dedicated IP address is only for incoming mail and that they made a mistake. After 2 1/2 hours in a chat session I was promised a refund for the Dedicated IP Address, but they still had no solution for the email failures. I would not recommend

Biggest Pro: Low cost
Biggest Con: SMTP email servers


I am cancelling my account due to the incompetence of the technical support staff, the almost weekly issue with problems, and the sheer lack of knowledge on your product. In 30 years of business i have never come across such a disorganized company, you are absolutely hopeless at getting anyhting resolved, everything just lingers on and gets worse daily. I do not think you have actually achieved in sorting one single issue with my problems.

i have had the worst experience of dealing with justhost that anyone could possibly want, My new hosting company is far superior to yourselves and i only wish i had found them first before your company. For a really far superior company to junkhost try WEBHOSTINGUK. what a difference.

I feel it is now my duty to inform as many people as i possibly can what a shower of unprofessional people you are and try to save as many people as i can from the nightmare service that justhost supplies, Your servers are slow even though i paid for a faster server, the dedicated ip address was banned from just about every company that i ever sent email to for over 3 years along with visa, bbc tv, hotmail, and a whole host of others. The live chat may as well be live chat because it sure as hell aint no good as technical support. The unanswered support tickets that just do not get responded to after the auto reply is amazing and the sheer gall to actually state that the reply time is a MINIMUM of 24 hours beggars belief, it would be more beneficial if you tried to respond in a maximum time frame. The technical support that do reply to the tickets have not got a clue what they are doing the English understanding is almost non existent you and put all the responsibility on me to know how to be technical with a hosting server, i.e. changing spf records, domain keys, htaccess files, and many more items that i know nothing about and should not have to know about, you are my hosting company and should take care of such things, i should just be able to upload my site via ftp and that's it, if something is wrong that's what you get paid for sorting it out, if i wanted to do my own technical support i would run my own hosting company.

The new company is far superior and have great product knowledge of the cpanel server system and have answered all my questions and cleared all my problems in live chat, i have not had to submit one ticket. i never got one single problem resolved in justhost live chat and only ever got the answer to send a support ticket.

I can honestly say with my hand on my heart i am glad to see the back of justhost and you are the worse company i have ever come across. You are really the difference between surviving in business and being forced out of it, god you nearly took me out a few times, you have bad downtime, blocklisted ip address, useless staff, non existent support, expensive compared to oithers, and slow servers to say the least, this is very obvious now in just uploading my site to the other company's servers via ftp, i would say it is at least 25% faster if not more.

I am surprised you have not been investigated by some governing body, and closed down for bad workmanship.

I will make sure i review your company honestly and truthfully and i will make sure i try to advise as many people as possible to run a mile before getting involved with such a bad outlaw company,

I would like to say regards or many thanks at the end of this email but nothing personal on any individuals but god i hate justhost.




i paid for a whole year of hosting with justhost, after my site was shut down twice without prior notice i decided to cancel my account and ask for a refund for the remainin 8 months i had and i only got 3.39USD as refund for that many months. Rip off!!!

Report Just Host to the FBI for Electronic Fraud

After JH shutting down my account stating over use of the CPU and then offering me a Dedicated hosting plan, I demanded that they produce proper evidence of CPU usage by day etc.

This they could not do.

My account was only email and it was for a family based domain with 10 email accounts. How on earth we clock up excessive CPU usage is unfathomable.

I took the matter up with my company Attorneys who suggested that they draft a letter to the FBI re Electronic Fraud. I notifed JH of my intentions.

Within 5 days they refunded the full amount of my money.

Just Hosts has demonstrated time and time again that they are a group of low integrity and no business ethics.

However cheap they may be, it simply not worth dealing with them.

Biggest Pro: Got my money back when I said I would complain to the FBI
Biggest Con: Nearly everything they advertise is a CON

Previous reviews by ginza guy

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Never use Justhost totally unreliable

Justhost is not to be trusted EVER.

They offer unlimited bandwidth but will suspend your account without notice when they feel you are using too much.

And. Now this is the tricky bit, they then offer you a dedicated server at a huge rate.

Go anywhere but don't go to Justhost. They really are low down.

By imtiaz on January 30th, 2012 at 19:05 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [email protected]

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Just Host is really bad news

This mob runs a business that is left to computers.

I have cancelled my account with them about 2 months ago.

To this day, EVERY DAY, I get the same stupid email telling me to pay up or else they will cancel my Domain and hosting.

The domain was never with them and the hosting was moved.

Sent them several emails telling them to stop bugging me, but no one is reading these emails, just the same old crap every day.

Totally unbelievable that anyone can run a business that is so impersonal and unprofessional.

Just Host are Just right for the rubbish can.

By ginza guy on October 19th, 2010 at 08:38 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Just Host: Terrible servers 80% slower than industry standard

I am hosted with just host and I must say they are the worst host I have ever used. The servers they use are terrible and after running serveral speed test which show that 80% of servers tested are quicker then the onemy site is currently hosted on.
After contacting support and informing them of this they responded saying that the server speed was satisfactory for them...

So what this means is that they know they have terrible servers and are quite happy in offering an inferior service.

Unless you don`t care about your SEO and rankings then I would STAY AWAY from just host.

I hope this review save some people from wasting their money. There are far better hosting companies out there.

Be Warned.

Biggest Pro: I am Moving hosts
Biggest Con: Terrible servers, Terrible support

Accused of phishing scams , and then they changed it to excessive

my hosting account was locked, and i was accused of phishing scams, and then after live chat for 10 mins it turns out i was accused of excessive use ( my site gets around 15 visitors per day at moment ). so i have said i want to cancel and i want a full refund. This is just a scam for me to go dedicated. i would rather loose all my work i have put into my site than have a gun held to my head by these pirates. this is the trick, wait for your website to get established, then hold you to ransom.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: unlimited services. its a scam

Moving from Just Host

I've been with them for a while now. Every so many days my server goes down for hours. The speed of the site was slow, so I 'upgraded' to the faster server. What a joke, it's even slower most of the time.

They were my first hosting company and I had no clue what a decent shared host was. I have tried another with the same ecommerce software. It runs 600% faster on the other server, even though Just Host support insists it is my program that I am running.

I am now in the process of moving from them. Actually can't seem to do it at the moment, my site is down yet again.

Biggest Pro: Really cheap the first year til they double the price.
Biggest Con: Cant keep their servers running which costs me money in lost sales.

They treat you like garbage

I hosted with JustHost for two years. It was all fun and games before, suddenly, two suspicious files appeared in my account. I was the one who discovered it and promptly asked them to delete the files. They said they couldn't do it, I accepted the answer and got home quickly to do it myself.

Three days later they take my account down because of the files I already deleted. I lost a client and couldn't sell any of my products for two days. I sent dozens of emails before they realize the mess they made.

Now, 3 months after asking for the cancellation, they didn't send a single dollar from the refund they promise on their homepage.


Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Support

Damn thieves

Unlimited my ***... you have a unlimited disk space - but a limited number of files !?!?!?!?

Ive got a basic hosting plan and renewed it for 2 years... now it comes the third in 5 days and they raise the renewal annual fee 100% from 41.88 to 91.40 ... i own another 4 basic plan and have referred lots of friends to justhost but now im moving all away from them and telling it to every one... u cant just raise the fee 100% and tell the client a couple of days before it expires... its just not ethic ... its a plain trick !!!

Stay awayyyyy please....

Biggest Con: Unethic thieves


At the beginning it all seemed fine, with an affordable plan and a simple way to manage my sites. About one year ago my websites starting to be down every day, sometimes several times a day. When I contacted them, the answer was the same, that the servers was experiencing problems and that they were doing their best to fix it. But, every day????? I have lost a lot of viewers because of their unreliability and their customer service, when there are problems, is not good. They send us the same copied reply and they never, ever, ever offer any type of compensation even if your website has been down for a whole day thanks to their unreliable server. Unfortunately I paid for a bi-annual plan and I am not stuck with them for another year. I have been so frustrated with them that I have now got a stomach ulcer! I have lost so much money because of them, and pretty much all credibility. Please, please, stay away from justhost. I am counting the months to sign up with a better host company, and I do hope you stay away from justhost. Don't make the mistake to sign up with them just to save a few dollars. It will ruin your websites in the long run.

Biggest Pro: They seemed to be cheap at first but...
Biggest Con: Their servers are faulty and never work well

Previous reviews by andrew & julia

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The only thing they 're good at is being con artists.

They suck you in with false promises and a great price (but did you know that this 'great' price in fact will only mean you are at the bottom of their list, since you need to pay premium for any customer service or any service at all?)

Their servers are 'down' all the time and you end up losing your online customers. When your site is down, you have to tell them all the time since they never do anything pro-actively. So you are forced to check your websites constantly to make sure they're up. I have 6 and it's become a real problem.

It is clear that once you're 'sucked' in, your service will degenerate after a few weeks or months of relatively plain sailing. This has been the experience of everybody I have talked to.

Their customer service is non-existent and I doubt they even know what they're doing.

Greedy and awful at customer service.

Please do not make my mistake, don't sing up because they APPEAR to offer a great price! You will pay with so many problems that you will wish, like me, you had never ever ever signed up with these cons.

By jules on November 8th, 2011 at 20:19 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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