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slow tools, unreliable host

I really don't like justhost anymore. At first it was really an affordable option, ($102 for the first 3 years). For whatever reason I didn't make the connection that it would go up to $200 for 3 years. The pricing is probably the only decent to good thing. I didn't like their customer service, tech support might be helpful but not very customer oriented.

In the past 3 years I've had consistent problems where my website would just go down for a couple minutes and then magically reappear. phpmyadmin loads very slowly, sometimes not at all. Sometimes queries would just fail due to no response from the server.

I'm in the process of switching everything to web hosting hub I should be switched over within a couple of months. If you don't plan on doing much with it or it's more of an experimental site this may be for you because of the price element. If you plan on using a database I'd discourage using this host.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: everything else...

Not worth it.

I signed up with Justhost for a year since their prices were hard to beat and their gimmicks were convincing. I've had worse, but not by too much. their system was very slow, to the point where webmail would take minutes to load. many other times email would be just as slow with IMAP from a smartphone. Even worse was the spam filtering. I must have started getting 40-60 spam a day while I was with them, even with the settings maxed out.

Lastly they do not have DNS (zone DNS records) control from the control panel like most hosting services. I had to call them and explain what I wanted each time I wanted to make a change to a domain or A Record.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Very Slow, bad spam filtering, no DNS controls

Very unprofessional

Very unprofessional.
My site was disactivated without any notice.
Apparently they say somebody has submitted a copiright issue, but they don't give you details, they don't investigate, they don't contact you beforeahead.
They just fire you site.
After 4 days, nobody has still been able to give me any details, apart from the subject 'fakeoakleysunglasses' while we sell holiday rental apartments and have no third party add on site. This says it all.

They still keep passing the issue from one operator to the other, keeping my site down.
After 4 days a new operator askes me for the account passoword to validate I'm the owner of the site when I already provided this in the firts reaply.
If you are running a business site keep away.

Get prepared for serious DOWNTIME...

I've been hosting my web site ( on JustHost for 2 years. My site is tiny, only ~20MB of static content.

For these 2 years it's been working decently, except for:
- Their outgoing mail server that has certificate problems and won't support gray listing properly.
- A couple suspensions for "excessive CPU usage", even though everything on my site is static. It happens without warning (usually while you're on vacation) and they push you hard into switching to their dedicated hosting.

After the first 2 years, my website got unreachable just a day before my scheduled payment was due. I contacted them (through chat) and it turns out they set up my recurring Paypal payment incorrectly. Of course I got no apologies and no fix. Therefore I cancelled their recurring payment and I did the payment manually with them. Then they confirmed that everything was fine.

The very next day, they suspended my hosting account altogether! Needless to say, I moved everything to a different hosting and I opened a Paypal claim to get my money back.

Don't get fooled by their quick chat support: the poor guys can't do anything with your account. They're only there to advise you. If you need anything important you need to e-mail the bastards, who won't address the points in your e-mail. You'll just receive a generic answer from a different person each time. Don't bother asking to speak to supervisors or anything: they'll just ignore your request.

Biggest Pro: Chat does work, but these persons have *zero* access to the system.
Biggest Con: They don't give a damn about your website being down.

Stay away at all cost!!

When I repeatedly had problems with my e-mail, I changed companies because JustHost was unable or unwilling to provide support. They refused to cancel my account and then continued to bill for it despite numerous calls to them and their corporate parent. They put up a negative sign holder instead of my web site - "account is suspended" when I cancelled. I reported them to the BBB. They are crooked, do not subscribe to generally accepted business practices, are not really US owned and are dishonest. Whatever you do, stay away from them.

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Dishonest, unbusiness like, no customer service, they steal from their customers


For over 2 years my website has been down almost every month with new errors every time. Customer service will or cannot fix issues unless you spend hours getting transferred to many divisions and finally they tell you to just email. The most recent issue was that files could not be written to the server and all access to my site had been lost. I have now lost my $10000 site completely because they cant even gain access to the files hosted on there own servers. I will be filing a lawsuit shortly and highly recommend to stay away from this company.


It is amazing when I go to my website, and it is totally down, and then once I log into cpannel the site magically works.

Its like... "ah this guy is coming to check his website, we better make sure it is up since he's checking"

Honestly... wtf

Biggest Con: Website Down

The Worst hosting Ever

The worst hosting ever. They said Unlimited GB's of Space and unlimited bandwidth but it's absolutely not true. They have deactivated my account suddenly without contact me before causing me a lot of problem. I've lost a lot of customer after this. Move to another hosting as fast as you can

I DO NOT recommend Just Host

My site is down every other month. It is currently down and had been so for over 24 hours. Call customer service and, although I do get thru promptly and they are courteous, they never have a sufficient answer as to why the site is always down. Definitely switching hosts.

Biggest Con: Site is constantly down

I am happy

Hi All,
I am with JustHost for more than 2 years now. Recently they upgraded my server and I was really frustrated because of the customercare guy I spoke to and the way he treated my chat. I immediately came here and posted a negative review about JustHost. But after around 6/7 hours of upgrade(I was told it will take 2 hrs) my sites are up now and rarely facing any issue after that. I have hosted many websites and 3 of them are loaded, still I never found any issue till date. Hope this will continue for another 3 year till my subscription of hosting expires :)

All is well as far as current situation is concerned and I am happy.


Biggest Pro: Best, affordable and quite fast. you can check my sites mentioned. All are hosted on shared single account
Biggest Con: When your servers will be down for some reason(though it happens rarely) just sit finger crossed.

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Moved my second website to JustHost

Hi all,

Recently I moved one of my forums to JustHost. This is my second site in JustHost.It was a smooth movement from my previous webhost without any problem. Now this forum is up and running in JustHost.

I didn't ask for any help from support team for this, as I believe that webhost are there just to provide us a good quality, up and running server and basic setup for webhosting. Rest of the things can be taken care by webmasters like us.

I just contacted them to cleanup my hosting directory as I was unable to install phpbb in the root directory. As promised they responded to my ticket within 1 hour with the solution.

Two days back, while working on my website, i suddenly lost connectivity to my website(http as well as ftp) but with in few minutes again it became up and running.

Till date everything seems fine and acceptable top me. I will continue to write here, once i will get any bitter/better experience.


By Susant on February 24th, 2010 at 21:40 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Just a start, but it seems a good start.

Recently I bought a shared account in for my website. The first feeling about justHost is excellent for me. I have just started moving my websites to justhost account. My account got activated in around 3 hours. The instant activation claim is though wrong, all the verifications including phone verification may take some time. So as per me 3 hours activation time period is quite acceptable.

FTP speed is lightening fast. My site loading speed has also increased incredibly. Though my current site( is very small I am planning to move one of my bigger site soon.

As of now I am quite happy with JustHost. I will continue to post here once I get good/bitter experience with just host

If everything will continue like now, I may not expect better for little price like few dollars for 2 year hosting. I am quite happy till now and wish the same in future too.


By Susant on February 14th, 2010 at 01:25 EST
URL: Customer for Less than 1 month
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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