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JustHost - AVOID!!!!!!!!

JustHost have to be the worst company I've ever had to deal with. They have totally cocked up the renewal of my account both times that it has come around for renewal. They then fail to contact you to advise that there is a problem and then suspend your account and take your site off line????
Once, I can forgive, but it has just happened again this year! Customer 'service' is a joke, I've been waiting over 2 weeks now for an answer to why this has happened yet again. They have now also added insult to injury by taking twice as much from my paypal account, I've now given up in ever getting any decent service or sensible answers from them, so I will open a dispute with PayPal and have moved my account to another provider. Please avoid if you want to maintain your sanity!

Biggest Pro: Comparatively cheap
Biggest Con: Absolutely no customer service, billing dept a joke!

Cancel before your contract renews automattically!

JustHosts relatively cheap monthly prices are tempting. After 2 years of hosting with justhost I had no issues at all. I have been telling people that I didnt want to change, it was simple and easy 24 hour support and good uptime.
Then my contract was renewed automatically without me knowing. I would have normally been fine with that, but what you dont know is that at the end of everyones contract the nice introductory offer is binned and your charged a premium rate of over 2.5 times as much. What started as a nice £35 a year is now £90 a year!
In their terms of service they state that they have the right to cancel ant promotional offers when they like occuring to live support. Upon reading the terms of service it also said that I should recieve an email at least 24 hours before the payment was due to come out of my account, but because email notifications is disabled by default I was not aware of this.
If your already with just host, turn off auto renewal, set up email notifications, ask to expire your account and download all your files before you regret it.

Biggest Pro: Having someone to rage at 24 hours a day
Biggest Con: Displayed cost is only introductory!

I've had enough of JustHost!

Do NOT use this company - They will shut down your website without notice. I've tried phoning them and they say I need to speak to the billing department (they will open in 4 hours time!). It's now 12:30 and I can't work until I can get my e-mails.

I'm sick of them. They seemed pretty good when I first moved over to them about 4 years ago. Luckily I've found someone who seems competent (but that would be anyone apart from JustHost).

Biggest Pro: Good CPanel
Biggest Con: Terrible support, they will shut you down without notice.

Justhost are dishonest!!

Automatically billed me 15 days before the renewal date for a service that I did not require. They did not even give me advance notice. When I requested a cancellation of the amout, £62, they refused. They appear cheap on face value, but once they have your credit card, thaey will smash and grab your money. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!

Biggest Con: Dishonest company.

Took down my domain during a migration and double billed me

Unreliable and poor customer service. During a server migration they took down my domain which turned off my website and email services for a whole day. There was no notification that this was going to happen. I had to discover it on my own to my surprise. I wasted four hours with their customer support trying to figure out what was going on. The tech spent the whole time trying to explain to me how it was a problem on my end. He kept on saying the migration should not be effecting my service. This also caused a billing error on their end which showed my domain as expired.

So the next day they told me that the reason it was down was because I had let the domain expire. I told them I had paid them the annual renewal package which included the domain registration. They said it didn't. So I ended up paying for the domain registration again. Then everything started working again.

I called back after reviewing the second domain bill because it looked exactly the same as my renewal. This time they said that I had renewed my domain successfully but during the migration the billing made it look like it was expired. They would not refund the second domain registration charge even though they had misrepresented my account status to me.

Once my domain registration expires with them, I am leaving as fast as possible. In the meantime I am moving all my other hosting and mail services elsewhere. The customer service was confused and took forever, and I lost a days worth of inbound email and web hosting.

As soon as I transfer everything off of their servers, I am leaving them.

Just can't trust JustHost

After more than two years into a four year service contract, they decided to unassign/shutdown our domain name, due to a technical billing error last year - changed domain name. We paid $19.95 at time of the name change, with an email confirming it. But, JustHost service team did not deactivate the old domain name, this keeping both assigned, and only the new one active. Not being aware of this, they decided to start charging an addition $14.95 per year to keep the second domain name assigned. I thought, his was simple misunderstanding, and could be easily cleared up with a phone call to their billing team.

After over one hour on the phone, explaining their mistake to three different service mangers, they still expected me to pay for their mistake. Customer service mgr would perfer to loose business than correct the billing error.

Not customer focused! Don't sign up for JustHost! They are looking for every opportunity to get more $ out of their clients.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Customer Service

Account deleted

They have deleted account of my company website in 10 minutes, account has not been back up by service provider. I have copy of conversation with technical staff.
news went out that my company is busted.
Loss in income plus future loss in big$.
We have employed 2 staff members and low firm to take on justhost
case will go on to international court on 4/6/2012.


Bad customer support, do not back up servers.

Biggest Con: Bad customer support, asking to reinstall websites, do not back up servers.

Worst service ever.

Simply ther are not the best host ever. Their customer sevice is so horrible. I asked to install SSL certificate and it took them 2 weeks to do that and I couldnt get approval from payment processing company to process payments on my website. ( they reuire SSL to be installed. Also, they turned off my website in middle of night just because there was a one time incident just a little bit of high memory usage and then they asked me to upgrade my account to dedicated server for like $119/month. They should've not turned off my website like that. They should've gave me a chance to make correction on my the code and troubleshoot to fix performance issue. For everything little thing they I asked for they want me buy something. Seems like they just dont care about their customers at all.

Slow Server and incompetent Support

JustHost is a crappy hoster! I’m a reseller of JustHost and they have always speed problems. And they have often problem with their billing system. If you pay the invoice they will not see it and they might still suspend your account. This happened twice to me!

Biggest Con: Billing System

This is the best host ever

Only go with them if you are a masochist. Anything other than static pages runs slow, and sometimes times out. My guess is that they cram thousands of customers per shared server to increase their profits. Many times I was unable to access my site. Prepare for plenty of downtime.

My main issue was signing up for an account using a domain (that I already had beforehand) and then letting the domain expire. All of the sudden my control panel was inaccessible and many services along with that since they were all tied to the expired domain. I requested my account login to be changed to another one of my active domains hosted with them.. they said sure but first more $$

I decided to simply let it die and move on. As many I fell for the 3-year discount deal way back then. Big mistake.

Biggest Pro: Is cheap
Biggest Con: Suspiciously cheap

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