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On average, Just Host is not recommended by users on our web site.

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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 Very High
# of Reviews 335
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% that Recommend 8%
Very Low
Overall RatingFootnote 2 15.7%
Very Low
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do not use justhost


they promise inlimited when in fact you are limited rather severley.

simple answer i reiterate DO NOT USE

Biggest Pro: none

Appalling and fraudulent

I have dealt with a few annoying hosts in my time and justhost is by far the most unhelpful, misleading host I have ever had the misfortune to use.

After 24 hours I was so sick of the torrent of problems and appalling lack of tech support that I demanded a refund. i got one. apart from the fact after chargin me right away they didnt give me my money back and still havent.

then while my domain was propagating over to a new less infuriating host, they put a screen up on my domain saying "account suspended" for all my clients to see.

Don't go to just host they will con you in any way possible and kick you in the *** when you want you money back!

Biggest Pro: There isnt one
Biggest Con: Apart from appalling tech support and lack of professionalism, they take your money and call you a crook!

Just Host is just crap

I just set up a domain less than a week ago and have had nothing but trouble. The RVSiteBuilder has impressive tools when they work but the majority of the time the server is hung up. I can't even get the site build because I can't do anything. Tech support is annoying. I think there is only one guy working there. I called a few days, several times over a several hour period. I kept getting the same guy. Their ads say 24/7 tech support, LOL. I get some guy who says that I need to submit a ticket. Isn't that what you are supposed to be doing? DUH! They do not try to analyze any problems or ask any questions. They keep telling me I have a caching issue. I don't. I have emptied and re-booted every thing, many times. I finally found a status tool in the control panel and when I looked my server was overloaded and flashing red. After telling them this many times I sent a snapshot to them of the status and all of a sudden that tool disappeared from my control panel, funny! I was going to transfer over a web site I recently took over but I DON'T THINK SO NOW.

just host is a SCAM

I signed up for just host, and was immediately charged. The site said I would get confirmation within 24 hours. Three days later, I still had nothing. I was given the run around by the support guy, the tech guy, and the billing guy, all in one day, all who turned out to be the same person. I was asked for a second number for the billing person to call me back, and I gave it to them although I could not understand why they couldnt call me back on my main number. I was told several times that I would get a call back within two hours. Never got a call back. After waiting several hours after giving a second number, I checked my email and got an email back saying that they had the wrong number. Overall, it was a very third rate, bogus, and unpleasant way to spend three days. I felt like I was being scammed. I was being scammed. I have told several peopleabout this site and hopefully nobody has to go through what I did.

After starting this affair, I searched for other comments about justhost, and found at least two posts that said exactly the same thing that I did.

Biggest Con: no billing support. very third rate...

Just Host...OMG!

Just Host has only been in business since March 2008 and it shows. I signed up for an account, it says "Instant Set-up". It has been a day, I have not receive login credentials yet. I contact customer service, by both chat and phone. On the chat I game them my reference number, which I guess is meaningless to them. They asked for my email address that I ordered under...which I gave, which they asked me again. Ultimately after 10 minutes on chat, they told me to email billing.

I called, after 10 minutes of a noisy conversation (sounded like he was on a cell phone outside in a windy park), he said he would call me back in 20 minutes.

Also, the UNLIMITED this and that, not true, read the TOS, in fact it is quite limited. You have to be careful with the hosting companies that say UNLIMITED, because really, their serve is NOT unlimited. They haven't made an infinity GB hard drive yet.

Biggest Pro: I have been able to reach someone everytime
Biggest Con: No Instant set-up, clueless support, no unlimited, read TOS

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