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Just Host Scam - Charged Twice and Not Refunds

I read all of the bad reviews for Just Host web hosting, so decided to steer clear of them. Instead i chose Host Clear...though I had a concern that the website looked a little like Just Host. I contacted the Host Clear helpdesk and asked them and they told me that had no connections whatsoever to Just Host...this is a blatant lie (as I found out later).

Host Clear and Just Host are one and the same company.

I placed an order with Host Clear and they notified me that my order had failed, so I placed a second order. They then took the money from both orders, therefore charging me double.

I have been trying to no avail to get a refund for one of the orders. But there is no one to talk to, just just have to e-mail them. They then give you the run if have been scammed. This is now with Paypal in dispute resolution.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Billed Twice


I signed with Just Host 2 days ago as they were Wordpress recommended. I've discovered that without notifying me they've taken $118 in one sum instead of monthly. I have sent several emails and got no reply. I've also used Live chat 4 times and been told that my emails would be answered in 20mins again, a load of lies. I also called the States to complain and they just hung up on me! I am notifying my credit card company that they are fraudsters, and to stop the credit card payment. DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY WITH A BARGEPOLE!!

Very Unhappy with Support

I purchased a Domain name and the Website "Submission" and paid by PayPal.

At the end of the transaction I was given no information as to what follows next.

Two days later I've sent an email to ans asked for information how to Login, PW, how to create email address, FTP, etc.

I received only automatic responses stating that I will receive response to my questions within an "hour". At the same auto-response they try to sell me "30 minutes response" plan for $19.50?

For about 5 days now I go to CHAT LIVE function and the JustHost agents are unbelivable. They tell me I have received responses to ALL MY QUESTIONS. We will send you one right now. When I check my mail-box they are asking me for information which I've been discuss with them: "My Domain Name, my email address, etc.

I am so frustrated ....I am not struggling to CANCEL my account. I callke GB 011-44-871-311-0813 and they placed me on hold for about 20 minutes, I disconnected.

Better pay more money and go with Who knows they might be just the same garbage.



I rated the overall rated down a bit, because there, just like any other hosting site there are some things that could be better. I .love the way the website editing section and the cpanel is set up to be very customer friendly. I don't know what everyones problem is with this site, I think that we are getting our moneys worth, you just need to be able to be pation expetiallly if you are transfering form one webhosting site to justhost.

Biggest Pro: Its like you are working in Microsoft Word when you are editing your site pages
Biggest Con: You have to be a able to learn a little


I used their services for 2 weeks cause I was doing a school project and then decided to cancel since their advertisment says "anytime money back" and "free domain for life" and "no hidden fees". Well was I wrong. They charged me roughly $70 for the year and they advised me that they will refund me back but with $20 less due to the domain fee. Above all, the only way to cancel is by email only. There is no 800 number to call to cancel and they basicly try to delay the cancellation process by having me communicate to them by email only. It took me 3 emails so far to cancel my service. What a joke! Don't use them at all!

DECEPTIVE Check-Out Process, Very Poor Customer Service! BEWARE!

Just (Heist) er.. (Host) presents a good storefront BUT once they get you in the door your stuck... stuck with shoddy web building tools, NON-existent customer service and a very difficult to operate FTP and most importantly (you WILL NOT get your $$Money $$ Back!)

BEWARE: Periodically JUST HOST will send deceptive "Sales Tactic" emails trying to rope you into thinking they're offering a deal. Promising FREE additional web tools, in actuality, they take you through the same deceptive check-out process, making you think it's free until "without you even realizing it" you've SURPRISE check-out with your billing info already stored on their site! Good luck trying to get your money back.

On my initail sign-up for Hosting I was lead to believe nothing other than I would be paying a Monthly Fee for hosting on JUST HOST. NO WHERE, EVER, did their sign-up process state that I would be billed anuually (the entire total for the year!), not even in the fine print, I read that too!

Final words of wisdom:
"Very poor quality web hosting, No value for money, No 'Real' customer service. Very basic templates and very hard to use FTP service.

Biggest Pro: They suck you in Fast!
Biggest Con: and spit you out Slow!

Just host has crappy webpage building apps

Man, I am so fustrated trying to make a webpage. They advertise all these applications and modules, but the downloads of these apps dont really apply to the site builder. Some of the templates don't work. It just seems like to much mess with not enough help. Pick another Webhost.

JUSTHOST.COM is FRAUD! Guarantee agreement on their site is False

On May 9, I signed up for service with Justhost.Com.

On my first day with Justhost, I started to learn that most of the statements on their site are false. Please look at this link on their site Within that link, they claim, "We guarantee that you will be able to reach us and speak with a real human being, someone who speaks English and can answer your questions, fix your problems and help you resolve your issues." This is a FRAUD. All members of their support team I have talked to do not speak good English and cannot help you resolve any issue. They are only there to advise you to send an email, which is usually answered about 6 hours later.

The money back guarantee is a fraud. For cancellation, you have to send them an email, which is not answered days after of your request. I have not yet received my refund or a cancellation confirmation email.

The accredited with Better Business Bureau is new as of 03/23/2009 and I assume their intention for joining was another fraud for new members to trust their site. There are already 10 similar reports of refund FRAUD.

On May 14, my account was suspended and I was asked to sign up for a dedicated server because I have exceeded the 10% usage. I contacted them on the phone to advise them that I was not planning to upgrade and need to remove my files. I was told that I needed to send an email.

I immediately sent them an email and they never replied. Six hours later, I sent them another email to ask for my files so I can cancel my account. No reply. On day two, I sent another email no reply. So far, I have sent them over 8 email with no reply. is a FRAUD. They get you to sign up, suspend your account, and then force you to upgrade to a dedicated server. Their claim of me exceeding the 10% CPU is false because from my cpanel, I have never exceeded 7% and my site does not have the much traffic.

As of today, they have not confirmed my cancellation request or allowed me to get my files. I think this company is operated outside of the USA but is a reseller of another company like ThePlanet.

Please stay away from this company.


I oppened my account with just host about 5 months ago, After the innitial installation I run in to some issues with the c panel and they do not have a number where you can talk to someone with enough knowledge of what is goin on,Most of the time you get someone on the phone that can hardly speak english.My problem went on for about two weeks and finally I was able to get someone that got my issue fixed on the spot, and just becouse of that I stayed with them thinking that this was a one time bad experience .

A few weeks later after I lounched one of my sites they started sending me offers that I allways refused and I started noticing that my site will be off line from time to time. and several other small issues come up as well ,I will get frustrated and it will take me 2 days to get in touch with someone who knew enough to help me with the problem,I allways calm down and end up staing with them

Finally today after a couple days of web inactivity I logon to my site only to find an error message "ACCOUNT SUSPENDED" I checked my email and they had send it me an email claiming that I tried to hack their server from one of my sites, that is a complete B.S let me say it again is bull ****..!! They only cancell my account becouse they can not get any more of my money.

I have tried all day to get someone to return my emails so that I can get my sites back up and running and they have not respond . The worst part is my data all my data is gone I dont have a back up. I canot acces my control panel wich is where my data is and they wont get back in touch with me.

So now I am a few hdollars out of pocket and after all that labor building my sites I am gona have to start fom the begining again. FOR THIS AND MANY OTHER ISSUES PLEASE EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM THIS CROOKS. most of the time cheap means waste of time and money

P.S We all have experienced with this off shore support centers in india but their support center is by far THE WORST ....HAVE I ASKED YOU TO STAY AWAY? PLEASE DO SO!! IS NOT WORTH IT...

I will never recomend this a@sholes

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Bigest bunch of inept support service personel

Beware of JustHost SUCKS, They lie you before buying

Yesterday I asked about some feature, whether they allow or not from their tech support staff by submitting a ticket. What does that support agent said was, yes you can do that... and that... ect.

UNFORTUNATELY I trusted them and buy a plan for 3 years. After that I setting up those features and once again I contacted them. Then they said that previous mail is a mistake made by their tech agent and we are not offering those features. So they have that much bad tech staff or are they cheating us. PLEASE BEWARE FROM JUSTHOST. VERY VERY BAD!!!!! JUSTHOST SUCKS.

if anyone want I can mail you the tiket IDs they replied me..... DON'T TRUST THEM. JUSTHOST IS VERY BAD.

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