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It has been down for a very long time, somehow they have lost one of my domains, they do not answer the support tickets, ...

I am very disappointed. In their main page they say that customer satisfaction is their specialty. Then they should try to at least, meet the customer's expectations.

Biggest Pro: ?
Biggest Con: Uptime is not 99.9%

You are freaking out.

Seriously, you are freaking out.

I am a customer with no other ties to the company. They have been a helpful and consistent host for me. Not to discount the experiences or frustration of others, but it seems that some people are just saying they are a bad company because others are saying that. And then freaking out about getting they're money back due to reactionary fear, etc.! : )

As a web designer, I work with other hosting companies and honestly, justhost is way better than godaddy when it comes to financial issues and usability. Although it would be more comforting to speak to someone about canceling, as opposed to just sending an email.


Biggest Pro: Lots of aplications to use if you know how to use them.
Biggest Con: No phone customer support for cancelation.


They will screw you.

Three days in a row with over than 3 hours downtime. I use my mite to promote music and concerts. Recession is under way and I am losing contacts everyday more and more. I hate the just host. The ruined my business, they did everything possible to destroy me financially and apart from that get massive complains that "the links you gave me don't work, why do you send us spams all the time"? I also have email account, and I cannot use it since the server is always taken down!!! What a disaster. Important emails that need a fast reply cannot be answered, more financial loss, more complains...

If this is what you want, then get the justhost. If you want to suicide, this is the first step. But my business has been devastated. I am stigmatized as a bad promoter, nobody will believe my server is the problems, to my clients seems like good excuses.

Gotta emigrate and find a new country to start it up again. Fantastic. Minus points to justjoke

Biggest Pro: It helps people to commit suicide.
Biggest Con: The existance of this server

WARNING : you pay for what you gets!!

WARNING : you pay for what you gets!!

no way suitable for ecommerce, Justhost simply just not reliable. with their reliability & uptime issues. you are spend more downtime than uptime. not to mention losing email, and delaying your refund.

STAY AWAY - you are better off to build a Ubuntu LAMP server and host it in your bedroom!!

In the UK, i think someone need to reported them to Trading Standards or WatchDog.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Everything Else

Servers always down

Signed a client up for hosting end May. Between 27 May and 4 July their server has been down three times to my knowledge. First time was down about one hour. No explanation. Second time was down 2 days plus. Was on server 63 ... which went down many hours, asked to be moved got moved to server 80 that went down 2 hours later as they overloaded it (quoting them!) .. without telling me moved me to server 85 and today it has been down for 12 hours so far. I have given them every chance I can, but to have three servers go down for long periods of time in around a month is just not on. Have put in for a refund and moving elsewhere.

WOW... these guys are real a-holes!

So last night I decided to get Just Host since they promised me the world. Turns out that was a HUGE mistake. They make you pay soo much extra for upgrades and they're not even refundable! I am trying to cancel it now and they promised me all of my money back. Turns out that was ALSO a LIE! They said they are going to take a $20 fee which was stated in the terms & conditions, which I did not even see! This place is real shady guys, I advice you to not join Just Host.

Biggest Pro: None, everything was a hassle
Biggest Con: Scam, poor customer service


I signed up a 3 year hosting plan with just host, never received my login info. A week now I have had no response outside their auto-responder. I am going to contact california attorney general's office and file a consumer complaint as well as request an investigation into criminal charges. Then I'm going to contact the US Attorney's office and do the same. I believe they are committing crimes and by the number of complaints here it amounts to quiet a large amount. i have become their victim as well as many of you that have posted horror stories of this company. Give your voice to law enforcement and Dept of Justice, both state and federal.

Biggest Con: Just Host is the biggest con

Cannot get refund from Just Host

I signed up with Just Host on June 2 because my current host could not provide a shopping cart feature. Just Host talked me into the 3 year plan and I paid up front. The money came out of my account the same day. After switching the servers to Just Host servers I realized that I did not have a clue as to how to set up anything -- every time I called I got a Middle Eastern person with a very heavy accent and communication was next to impossible. They kept sending me emails that were supposed to help me set up my website but I was still lost. Realizing I was in way over my head technologically, I decided to switch back to my previous host. Switching back was easy, I just typed in the server names. However getting my money back has proved to be the hardest task of all. Just Host does not have a phone number or dept. to call regarding refunds they only accept emails. So I followed the procedure to cancel my account and sent the email on June 3 -- today, June 16 I noticed the money was still not credited to my checking account so I called -- the British person (at least I could understand him!) told me I never cancelled my account and sent me an email to follow. When I followed the steps the website indicated that I had already cancelled my account so I called again. This time the Middle Eastern woman told me I had to email to cancel -- I explained that I have been through all this on June 2-3 and I was not refunded my money. There was dead silence for over 2 minutes. Finally I said "hellow?" several times before she said yes -- I said well are you helping me? She said I cannot help you you need to send an email. With that I said thank you and hung up and sent a second email.

This is the worst, most unprofessional, frustrating, rip off of a company I have ever dealt with -- DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!

Biggest Pro: If you get the British person you may understand his instructions.
Biggest Con: Language barrier, no customer service, no billing dept/refund dept. to speak with at all.

Not a scam just piss poor support

I signed up with Justhost about a week ago. Their ads got to me, what can I say... so I signed up for a 2 year plan at $70. I paid thru Paypal so and it was immediately transfered.

Then my site went down.

I of course freeked out! Their customer support is SLOW to say the least. I got so desperate that I signed up for their "Priority Customer" service. This service was supposed to get me an answer within 30 minutes every time. It usually was 1-2 hours. And the reply was just thanking me for my patience and telling me they would transfer the problem to another person. That usually happened a couple of times per email.

A lot of the time I would only get an answer quickly by using their 911 checkbox in the normal contact form. This service can be used by anyone. So the "Priority" service is complete rubbish...

1 1/2 days in without my site and having also found this place with all the bad feedback on Justhost, and I decided to chuck the whole thing and change hosts. This time to Dreamhost who had my site up in a few hours. But after being with Dreamhost for 1 day suddenly my site dissappears and a TEMP page i had up at Justhost suddenly kicks in for about 2 hours. The Dreamhost guys got it fixed thankfully. But it was weird.

So... after hearing all this about Justhost, I feared the worse and even canceled my credit card (which I tried to use to purchase their "Website transfer" that never went thru, because they kept changing the $49.95 to EUROS at the last second) and never expected to see my $70 again.

SURPRISE SURPRISE!! Today the $70 popped into my Paypal account ! So it wasn't a scam after all. Just REALLY poor customer support and amateurish work.

And one thing that really lead me to believe that they weren't for real was that through all the dozens of emails that were sent back and forth, only a FEW were from the same person... They might be a big company, but not THAT big.

But I got my money back and that's all I care about.

Biggest Pro: Got my money back.
Biggest Con: So slow that problems had to be solved by other company


I FEEL SO scammed and betrayed and i feel really low right now.

You took my money made a mess of my business....i wish i had read a review of you before hand i will surely STAY AWAY FROM JUST HOST if i were you.

I wish i read this and listened.

My website is leass than 2 weeks old.......thank you for the ride.


Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: scam!!!!!!!!

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