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If this host does not meet your expectations, please browse our search section to find one that does. servers are unreliable!!

I hosted a few domains with About 4 months later, their webserver my sites were hosted on crashed. They just wiped everything and started a fresh install of the server. None of my site data was restored. It has been days bounding emails to the customer service without any real solution.


Bought 3 hosting packs. Taken 4 weeks to cancel them! What a nightmare they are. They support can't speak English. They're sitting in India somewhere. Useless. They push you from department to department. And you'll wait days to hear back from them. I'm terrified to sign up with another host. 1&1 were also horrible. Maybe Yahoo?

Biggest Con: Indian support people take too long to get back to you

Total Rip Off

I signed up and was never sent a password or any means to access my website.

I tried to cancel and I all got was requests to spend more money.

The marketing office was sending me emails asking to spend more money when I was never provided any information to even start my website.

I have sent numerous emails to and all I got was a ticket number.

I made a huge mistake in signing up with tem. My advice. Avoid at all costs!

Biggest Pro: None.
Biggest Con: No service provided at all!

JustHost are best host around

I can't believe some of the bad reviews on here. Every situation is because of your own fault. JustHost offer the cheapest hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth and space plus free domain for life. I have had my website hosted with them for 5 months now and I have found them to be awesome. No downtime, my site loads super fast and i paid like $2/month because I had a coupon code. Honestly what more do people want for $2 month, hosting a website is hard enough without having to support thousands of users. I email their support about help i need with my actual website and get responses which help me develop my web building skills that shouldn't be supported by the hosting company but these guys want to help and have helped me a lot.

I wanted to move from monthly billing to yearly as i found them to be good and knew I would stay so i sent 1 email to billing and they sorted it for me within an hour. You guys who are complaining must be truly nuts. These guys are good and a lot better than other hosts i have used. We should be supporting the new age hosts who are cheap and helpful so they can grow and get prices down and features up. I highly recommend JH to anyone and if you are still unsure they have an anytime money back guarantee, which was the reason why i gave these a try in the first place and for me it's really paid off.

Biggest Pro: helpfull support


Dont waste your time. I read all the reviews and thought I would just give them a try because they couldnt be that bad. They were the worst. Within one hour of setting up my email account it went down. An hour later my whole site was down. This was all within the first day. I called and was on hold for 15 minutes before I heard a humans voice. Then the person said they couldnt help and that I needed to go to there website. Their customer service is slow, rude and they dont help.

Best of all. They say 100% money back guarantee. Before you read that read the terms of service. They defiantly dont give you your money back for the domain. I paid 70 bucks for two years of hosting and a domain for "free". I only got 50 bucks back after one day of use. JOKE! Should not still be in business.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Down, not helpful

Terrible destructive technical support

Employee in India named Bruce corrupted files after being asked to point url to a directory.

Other technical support people could not help me. One call to tech support took over 50 minutes for them to answer. They are terrible.

Just Host Just Sucks!

This business is a scam - they say their rates are low but tey have a million additional charges. Their customer service sucks too - it takes days to get a response from them - they just continually give you the run around. Don't sign up with this service provider if you want to save yourself a headache and a bunch of money!!

Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: hidden fees and shady business

Just Host (A SCAM)

I joined Just Host and before I could get an answer on unsubscribing 3 times( my emails were all ignored) my savings account went down to $24.00. Without my permission-they continued to draw out various sums of money. I was not able to get my Website and had paid for it plus some. I am so angry! I'm on SSDI and have $24.00 to last me 'till Aug. 3rd. I want my money refunded because I recieved absolutely nothing for it. This won't be over until I am paid back! They are most definately SCAMMERS!!!! This is the middle of July- What will I do for food etc.? They need to be punished as the thieves that they are! sucks! Perminant suspention for getting hacked!!!!!!

My site was hacked by unknown person/persons originally I didn't even know I was hacked. I just happened to check out my site one morning to find that it had been suspended. Then after contacting I was told my site was suspended because I was using more than 10% of their server cpu. I was told that I needed to upgrade to a dedicated server that could handle my site. I have put nothing into advertising other than submitting articles and blogs occationally and had no traffic to speak of and couldn't figure out what could possibly be the reason for the cpu usage. After 2 days of customerservice requests I managed to get them to reinstate it and also had them check the cpu usage the next day and all seemed fine. Until, the next day when I found my site suspended yet again. This time again I was not notified that my site was suspended I just happended to visit it and find out that my site had been suspended again. So after another 8 hours of waiting for a response to my emails at I found out that they had been notified that my site had a phishing link installed and that they were instructed to suspend my site imediatly. Ok this I can understand but they could have at least sent me an email stating this fact!!!!!!! Ok I was finnally sent a copy of the email notifying justhost that I had the phishing link and its location. I called the company that send the email to them and managed to get the same person on the phone that had sent the email and he explained where and how my site had been hacked and how to fix it, great I thought now I can fix it and get back into business after my 3 days so far outage. WRONG, well it would appear that has a policy that states when a site is suspended a second time the account cannot be reinstated. Again after a 12 hour wait and another 12 emails to I managed to get a support rep to rebuild my account not reinstate meaning all info on the site was lost totally. Lucky for me, I thought, I have a backup of the entire site. So I reuploaded all of my files short of the hacked area, and got my site up and running for the first time in like a week. Then the very next morning I visited my site again just to check it out and would you belive it was suspended yet again!!!!! Again no email stating that it had been suspended again after another 8 hours of waiting for email response I finnally recieved an email from that said that since my site had been suspended twice it was not ever going to be reinstated. I have explained where and how the hack was installed and the fact that it was the reason for the over 10% cpu usage and therefore the same reason for being suspended we just didnt know it at the time and even their tech had tested the site and emailed me that it was ok now. I am fed up with trying to communicate with a company who's left hand doesnt know what its right hand is doing. I am in the process of getting a refund, 2 days so far waiting for an acknowledgement, and still waiting.

So if your not an expert on hacking and don't want to have your account suspended perminantly because someone hacked your site DONT USE JUSTHOST.COM they have virtually not helped me in the slightest in finding the problem or fixing it and they only seem to want to punish me for having my site hacked!!!!!

My site has been down 5 days now and I am in the process of changing hosting services.

Biggest Pro: You can drop them and use someone else!
Biggest Con: No support for being hacked!

Going down the pan!

I have had 3 of my clients websites hosted through Just Host.

The first one was setup in January and everything was fine, worked as it should do and I have had no problem with that site at all, which is why I used Just Host again to setup a further 2 websites within the last few months.

In the last few weeks both of those last 2 websites have suffered a lot of downtime problems and as I write this both have been down for 24+ hours.

And contacting Just Host support I just get the same copy-pasted replys back telling me that my site will 'be back up again shortly'.

It is quite evident that Just Host have begun on a policy of oversubscribing all of their servers. In all probability I suspect they will not be in business much longer... I have already began moving my websites to another host.

Biggest Pro: Used to be good
Biggest Con: Not anymore

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