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JustHost change for BAD!

I paid with Paypal on Nov 2011 for 2 years.
It suppose to expire in Nov 2013 and in July 24 2012 they JUST canceled my account because it expire on 2011.

All because they change their billing system on May 2012.
Before that they work great but now they want me to renew paying more than the payment that I did 8 months later.
I show them a print screen of my payment with Paypal and they said that, that information is not in their system, so, it that correct then Paypal took my money????

AVOID this people they change for BAD. I will move to another web hosting.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: They will lost your payments info and will trty to charge you again.


I don't have words to explain.
Simply doesn't work.
The attention services are the shame of the company.
They lost some databases and they say to me, sorry we don't have idea what happend to your accounts.
The server goes down every two hours ...

Forget JustHost.. isn't a posibility.

Worst ever hosting provider

The servers are flaky. Latest "upgrade" this week has resulted in my development sites and clients sites going down. The only way to get support is by email - I still have had no response after 24hrs. I tried phoning (no reply) - so I tried Live Chat - having waited in a queue of 35. Live Chat curtly informed me that I was in a queue, my email would be answered in turn, and they had no idea when that might be, also that there was no other types of support available. They did not answer my question if there was a known issue on my server.

Misleading information regarding automatic backups too - I paid for the premium service only to discover that the backup I required was not actually available.

Biggest Con: Worst ever support

Stay away from these scam rollers

Justhost is the worst hosting company in the entire world. They always get your website hacked, they keep changing the tos to favour only their little scam, they have a VERY HOSTILE live support group. They are the worst EVER!
They trap you by their unlimited hosting scam at a low cost.. once your in, they will milk you for every penny you are worth. The time i've had with them has been a total nightmare! Gosh, i hate those devil worshippers

Biggest Con: Its a Long con! Someone should have warned us

Stay Away...Shady company who are completely incompentent.

Just Host is a very shady company. They had a computer glitch which I guess only charged me for part of the services. No communication what so ever there was a glitch and they just turned off my website which is how I found out. There were also credits on my account because I was over charged for service in the past and conveniently those credits couldn’t be found. I explicitly told them I did not want to renew and i wanted a refund for my credits and services charged. They were also informed that they were not authorized to charge the card on my account for anything. I then contacted a friend who is an IT specialist who is now going to hosting my site to see what I needed to do. We got the domain name transferred over and both the billing and tech department told me I needed to cancel my account to allow the transfer. Turns out this was a lie and would stopped the transfer, which they would have charged me to get the transfer back in process. I would have not known this without my IT friend helping me through this process. The transfer was complete and domain was no longer under Just Host command anymore as of 7/2/12. As of 7/3/12 I no longer had access to Just Host because I was no longer a customer and they did not own my domain either. A refund by the billing supervisor was in process and they were trying to figure out how to refund the some of the credits I had, only because they show I was charged for a daily service which $19.99 but my credit card was charge $3.85 due to the credits. In reality my credits covered my hosting charges, daily backup, and domain for the year and balance due was $3.85. But like said they conviently had no records of that and they said they could only go by their system which they already told me was glitching. Doesn’t make much sense and they were only using their system when it helped them. End of 7/3/12 they charged my card on file for domain registration, hosting, and daily backup (again). They charged me but still had no access to my account, nor did they even own my domain name that they charged me for. This was not even a date that it should have auto charged or anything which tells me they manually did it. This is illegal and is misuse of supposedly secured credit card information. When I called they would not help me at all and said i wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone about it until 7/4/12 but the person I needed to talk to wouldn’t be in the office until 7/6/12. This company also promotes that they charge $3.95/month which is not true after the first year. The second year I was with them they tried charging me over $100 per year and the 3rd year was even higher. Their excuse was that it costs more money to provide service and the $3.95 was only introductory but this is no where stated on their site or when signing up. I wanted to cancel after the first year but they gave me the introductory price again to get me to stay but they would only give me credit. So based on the agreement we made those credits should have lasted for last year and this. Just stay far away from this company or they will radomly charge you for things you don’t order and lie to you to make decisions that will cost you money. Stay far far away.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Customer Service and Billing Department

DO NOT Use this hosting service

If you care about your websites or service do not use JustHost. My account was hacked 5 times before I finally left. They insist that it's from a source caused by your accounts, but I don't have this problem with other hosts. They will lock you out of your own account - you will lose your data, site files and your customers. I p[aid more for more effiicient support - it just did not happen. I needed sites to be restored ASAP - it usually took 2 days. Im not sure if its because they're such a big provider, but their service and their systems is very poor. Every time i emailed with a problem, they spend about 6hrs getting you to verify your account before they even begin to look at the problem.

Biggest Pro: cheap, but you get what you pay for


I think if my resellers account was hosted on a 386 with a dial up modem it would be better service then I have now with Just Crap!

At least it would be up SOME of the time. My sites have all been down for well over 24 hours, my customer's are all pissed at this no advance notice move of there's and when you call, they just don't give a f*ck! They say sorry, but what you hear is " F*ck off your bothering me, we'll fix it when we are good and ready."

Worst service EVER!!

NEVER do business with this company

I have experienced frequent outages with this company. They really seem to lack knowledge. When I call up to find out why my domain went down, the standard response is they are migrating the server. They never seem to know what they are doing. If I ask a specific detailed question, they never seem to know. I would say at least 2-3 times a month the services go down. I WOULD NOT recommend anyone use them... they are horrible in customer service, horrible in support, horrible in reliable up time.

Biggest Pro: Cheap (you get what you pay for)
Biggest Con: Poor reliability - poor customer services


Justhost is a fraud hosting company. It's unreal how often your sites will go down or get errors out of the blue. Their tech support is a bunch of retards that just use google to find the fix you already tried. What kind of tech support takes 24 hrs? They have a bunch of scam review sites from them and affiliates. This company is hands down the worst hosting provider online. They should be sued and put out of business!

Don't waste your time and money with Just Host!

Just host already cost me a couple of thousands as I lost a project due to their irresponsible conduct! They updated a server which was giving me trouble for weeks and during the update which happened during a busy working day and lasted more than 24 hours all the emails sent to me were lost! They simply brought down the old server and copied everything to a new one and at the time I'm writing this even the emails on this new server are not working. I have several accounts with them which I'm closing all and moving to a better provider.

Don't waste your money on them as I did.

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