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If this host does not meet your expectations, please browse our search section to find one that does. Marketers are Con Artists - PLEASE, DO NOT EVER PAY

I am with JustHost for about one year.

I can say they services regarding webhostig are okay however sometimes it takes long time to connect from UK to US where the server is located.


What I think is absolute con is their "200 Search Engine Submission Pro" It's just con. They ask you to pay about $100 (every year!) for submission of your webiste to about 200 SE like,,,,,,,, etc. What a joke!!!! Absolute con!!!! I am enoyed so much because this is just a con. I was not informed so I payed for this service. They informed me after about 1 hour that my website was successfully submited to all 200 SE. What a joke! Technically it takes few hours to do that. Then I have checked all those 200 SE in the list they have on and find out that about 50 percent of URL are billing companies - accountants, ABSOULUTE NON-SENSE and CON!!!!! I have mailed JH and ask for refund but they refused, f.....s!


I wonder how the marketers from JustHost can sleep in peace doing this to their customers???!!!

I hope people who had same experience as me will write reviews about it and leave JH as soon as possible.

All the best folks, Tom

Biggest Pro: none

Extremely BAD!!

JustHost claims on its website to have excellent tech service and says they will refund in full at any time we are dissatisfied. The tech service is terrible. I have spent hours on the phone and when I finally reach a human, his accent is so bad I can't understand him.I have received nonsense emails from the so-called tech staff (all signed by the same name: Sam) that do not in any way even address the problems described . I decided to have my website hosted elsewhere. They owe me a refund of $91.16. They admit to $89.10 due to me. But they say they cannot issue it to the credit card with which I paid them, they say they must issue it to a PayPal account. Chase credit card says that is not true.

The service is supposedly cheap assuming you can get your money back. It is worth a lot less than the supposed cheap price.

I was pleasantly suprised - after a rocky start, things are good!

I signed up with JustHost and it went smoothly, except for a minor glitch. I then bounced around several customer service agents but it was going in circles. Typical customer service scenario: what should be a small problem snowballs into a Major Issue because you feel you're getting nowhere.

Then I looked at this site and wondered, 'What have I got myself into?'. But Luke Kendall from JustHost had responded to several postings, so I contacted him.

I have to say, he responded so quickly - resolved the matter in no time at all and in a way that showed he'd understood what had worried me. No standard template response or script.

So, just to put things in perspective: I had been in despair about JustHost, but Luke turned the whole situation around and I've been happy since.

justhost has delete my acount and not give refund

i has subscribe justhost for 2 years . and i only can use for 2 month . at 1st month they suspended my account because over cpu usage then they recomend dedicated from other hosting .

after i ask for refund . they banned my acount and dont any refund.

i not recomended this hosting overall.

Just Host are the bigest scam ever be ware before you sign!!!

Since i signed with just host I only had nothing but trouble.

They will suspend your account without notifications and when you ask them why you may get a reply if you are lucky after 48 hours.

They do say unlimited but once you exeed 10% of their whatever limit is they will suspend your account.

So guys think before you pay those scams. They say 99% will be up but more likely 76% and very slow.

I wish I never did as they realy have made my life hell dealing with them, they don't even have a clue what customer service means and how much you can damage someone by suspending the account.

They are cheap but will cost you much more than you think by loosing business and spending time trying to get your website up and running everytime they decide to suspend your account

Biggest Con: Biggest Con

the agony is finally over

If you value your time and your sanity go elsewhere. I struggled for a month to make this work, spent 40 hours or more trying to deal with their support. Final outcome lost all my content for my site.

Biggest Pro: shiny pretty website, great marketing
Biggest Con: The product

BEWARE - may pose a serious virus risk to your PC!!!

I choseJust Host because of good reviews on other websites but after approx. 2 weeks of using Just Host I had a very bad spyware attack on my PC that got through my anti-virus and took over my computer. This resulted in my having to re-format the hard drive to get rid of it and because of this I am now paying the price of lost hours re-loading everything etc etc.

I do have a thought that it might be because of my website as the spyware attack happened, just as I was testing a PDF file link I have on there. Before I even clicked on the file link, Acrobat reader opened on its own and then all hell broke loose! Since this attack my wife has tried to look at the website via her work PC but received a warning that the site was a potential spyware risk and wouldn't open it. My anti-virus has also since detected and quarantined 2 spyware viruses on my PC after I had been looking at my site again and yesterday morning I received notice that Google have suspended my Adwords because of a potential risk.

I have been e-mailing Just Host for answers and help and the result has been very poor with a feeling of them being uninterested and to top it all, I have just received an e-mail from my ISP that an e-mail message from Just Host has been deleted because it contained a Trojan!!!!! I don't know how to prove there is a problem with Just Host but my I have checked everything else and the hosting of my site is all that is left, so I think it is time to cancel my account and go elsewhere - if you choose to use them - BEWARE!!!!!!

Just Host is a Total Scam

Please, what ever you do , dont send these crooks money. This is a total Scam. They charged me 214.80 and I never got a single thing that was promised. I can't get anyone to answer the phone or return a e-mail.

Biggest Pro: Nothing good about this company
Biggest Con: Complete Crooks

Beware of their Unethical Practices if you cancel !

Reviewer: from Indiana

I will never do business with them again. I signed up and added various features. A few hours later I decided I wasnt ready to do the website so I sent in a request to cancel. I had to go through sending them various emails in order to get the cancellation through. And though I never used their service at all, they kept most of my money for services I didnt even use. If I go to Walmart and buy items and before I get out of the store I return them unused I get my money but you dont with this company.

They are also slow in returning emails.

Biggest Pro: dont know
Biggest Con: They keep your most of your money if you cancel, even when you dont use anything.

Horrible hosting

JustHost is the BIG LOSER of all the web hosting websites I ever dealt with. They are unreliable, liars, I pay for extra services that they did not even setup and replying me that I did not pay for it while i have the paypal evidence.


And I agree with what someone else said:
In the last few weeks both of those last 2 websites have suffered a lot of downtime problems and as I write this both have been down for 24+ hours.

And contacting Just Host support I just get the same copy-pasted replys back telling me that my site will 'be back up again shortly'.

It is quite evident that Just Host have begun on a policy of oversubscribing all of their servers. In all probability I suspect they will not be in business much longer... I have already began moving my websites to another host.

DO NOT use JustHost

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