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If this host does not meet your expectations, please browse our search section to find one that does. hosting plans such a bad experience!!!

In 2 months of web hosting I got loads of issues: ftp troubles, email downtime, 505 and 404 errors, amazing slowness on page loading.

Ticket support will take so long delay that your ticket will pass from a staff to another and every time you need to explain your problem from the beginning (best case) or each of them will give you a different answer that does not help you to sort out the problem (worse case).

A complete failure.

I did wait a reasonable number of issues before asking a refund but billing support did not reply to my email (fortunately I signed for 6 months only so I cannot see the day where I'll leave

For such a personal bad experience I cannot recommend hosting plans at all.

Biggest Con: overcrowded server, uneffective support

Beware! of just host! It is a huge scam!!

I looked up several hosting companies and came across Just Host! That was a huge mistake! I will never use them again! I just got off the phone with India and wasted about 30 days! Warning don't be fooled by there #1 ranked hosting it's all a lie! Sucks and Fraud Sucks and Fraud.

I have been with then for over 3 months and first the issue is the server keeps going down and then the name server has allways issues with domains and keeps not responding. Few weeks back all the domains go hacked and no response from and just today I came to my homepage and went to a landing page and when I asked why, they told me that its a hard drive issue. Lost all my emails and now lost all my content. One of the worst hosting company

Biggest Pro: They SUCK

I don't think it gets worse than

justhost seems attractive because of the deals - but they don't even know what version of Apache they are running.

If you pay the $20 for SSH access... don't expect it back, and don't expect any file to be other than read only. And don't expect to chmod it, either.

Support is a bust. They clearly don't care. The three representatives I spoke to couldn't agree on anything - not even the version of Apache running on the shared servers. I had a problem getting gzip to work, and the http monitoring software lists the server as "apache." Apparently, they use 1.3, but one rep told me 3.0. Really? considering that 2.2 is the latest stable version and 3.0 doesn't even show up as under development on Apache's site?

And when you start worrying about your site being slow, even if, with images, it's only 180kb in this day and age? No Problem! just pay justhost another $20 per month, and you can have "faster" servers.

And the ads! Cpanel is filled with useless, needless reminders of ways you can spend EVEN more money with justhost, so they can bend you over the table a little more.

Biggest Pro: They have a refund... it's just partial, despite their false advertisement

Complete Rip Off

I have had just host for about six months now. I am a freelance designer who uses their create new domain service quite frequently. Every time I have to set up a domain there is always problems. They either spell your domain name wrong and say that you have to pay 9.95 to fix their error. If it is not that they over charge for domain registration. I was charged multiple charges to my bank statement. They say they will refund your money in 7 to 10 business days, but when you go to confirm it with someone they go and say that you were never over charged and ask to see a bank statement. Also if you make a mistake when setting up the domain and put an extra letter in they still insist on charging you the 9.95 fee. This is crap as they should give you a week or so to fix an error like this. Another issue is there telephone support. Not one of their representatives speaks clear English. This is very frustrating. I am not trying to sound racist or anything but do they have one America that works for them that understand how to speak our language properly and cleary. I had enough with them and I am going to where they actually have people that can clearly speak.

Biggest Pro: Unlimited Storage and Emails
Biggest Con: Anytime you have to deal with them on the phone or through emails. Very rude people as well.

A big lie and a scam

A lot of bad things had been said about JustHost here. I am blind by its cheap plan and seemingly good service. I should have read reviews here.

I am going to just highlight 2 things that makes me think JustHost is a total scam and a sales-oriented bitch:

1) One week after I used JustHost, they emailed that my website is selected as one of the best designed website. I was happy for a while. Then they emailed that the prize is to have a special discount on some upgrade package. This is ********.

2) After 6 months with JustHost, I had my account suspended without notice. They claim I have exceeded the 10% CPU usage. I don't even have more than 2000 hits a day. Un-suspended me when I emailed. Two weeks later, I got suspended again!

I have gave up on JustHost. One hour ago, I have transferred my domains to Godaddy and cancel JustHost service. Hope I can get my refund.

Biggest Pro: Good sales and publicity
Biggest Con: Its all a lie

One of the few I recommend

As a web designer for the past 10 years I have been hosting my sites under many different servers and clearly this is not the worst one.

They have been very prompt with me from day one. I had to wait for sometime to have some domains get transfered, but that's everywhere really and most of the times it depends on the previous host. So patience is the key to that.

I have only been charged only what I asked for and nothing more than what I was promised prior to signing up with them.

I highly recommend them for their price. I noticed that I had some problems logging in sometimes, but the site was still on. Servers can come down everywhere and believe me I have worked for some multinational corporations that had their servers down once in a while.

My advice though is that if you are hosting more than one site never host all of them under one server

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: None so far

the worst hosting company in the world

Just host suspended my service without any warning at all just after my website achived its hisghest PR ranking. they have crippled my business! this is a very unethical company and I advise everyone NOT to use them!

Biggest Pro: nothing at all!
Biggest Con: unethical business practice

Justhost is pretty good for me

Personally tried to email support once because the server hosting my site has an ip address blocked for email to my ISP. I emailed them only as I believe it was after midnight in US (I am in Australia). They suggested to move my site to another serve and I agreed in reply. It did not take long and all was good in less than 12 hours.

The plan I got includes unlimited subdomains, download quota and disk space. I paid only a few dollars a month. So far it has been serving really well though I might experience sluggish download occasionally. Considering what I paid for - it is excellent. I can only speak for webhosting that I paid for though. Not sure about any other service they provided though.


I signed up for a couple weeks ago. It was not until after I signed up I actually went out and read some reviews on them (backwards, I know). After reading many horrible reviews on them I got a little nervous and decided to cancel my account. To my surprise, unlike many of the reviews stated, all of my emails were responded to within several minutes of sending them and I had no problems at all receiving my refund. It was back in my account with in just a few days. So although my experience with them was short, it was nothing at all like many of the horrible reviews I read. The only reason Im even writing a review is because of how smooth my cancelation process went. So in conclusion, give em a try if your considering them. There is a $20 charge though for the domain set up, which they also released for me at my request during my cancelation. Maybe I jumped ship to soon?

Biggest Pro: price

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