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On average, Just Host is not recommended by users on our web site.

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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 Very High
# of Reviews 335
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% that Recommend 8%
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Very Low
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Very High

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JustHost is JustWorst!

JustHost was at the top of the of all the best web hosting lists when I looked. This convinced me that it was reliable. I was horribly mislead. This was my first domain and I was happy to finally have it. I was still working on tweaking the layout here and there. On the second day I checked my statistics and I had a total of ten unique visitors. My website was only a small wordpress site with no complicated scripts. I was at my friend's house and we were looking at it. Then when I got back home I went on and it said "This account has been suspended please contact support/billing." I had no idea why I was suspended! I had received no notification! I inquired why. I got an email back saying I had exceeded the 10% CPU. What? I used up 10% of their server's resources with a website with 12 unique visitors? Either their servers completely suck or this is a lie. I'm edging towards the lie. I asked them to explain how this could have happened. They said they couldn't and gave me a link to my server usage that didn't even work. I told them this and they didn't respond. They also managed to give me a link to a host that charges $150 per month. Gee, THANKS A LOT for being so helpful justhost. This is such an obvious scam I threatened to file a lawsuit. After that of course they unsuspended my account. They told me if this happened again my account would be terminated. I asked them to please not suspend my account for a day because I needed a bit of time to back up my files... my site was suspended again in less than 25 minutes. I'm very glad I backed up all my files immediately. I wish I had seen the reviews underneath this so I didn't make this mistake. I don't know how they got to the top on all the best web hosting lists but no doubt they pay for that. Only trust sites that have reviews from REAL people. Unfortunately I'm sure in a few months just host will start getting their employees to write fake reviews about justhost on these sites too.

Biggest Pro: that I'm not going to sit here thinking about what a pro of justhost is and keep everyone waiting for years.
Biggest Con: everything is a scam

Looks Like a big con to me

Went to sign up at justhost for the hosting deal of a lifetime at the best host , No 1 by all fake accounts.The £2.95 a month deal turned out to be a 4 year deal in advance so a little misleading advertising there to start with. Talked to CS about it and stated my case which if someone says Give me £2.95 a month or give £141.60 in advance for 48 months are two totally different deals. They were adammant they were right as you would expect. Deciding this was bad practice from the off I navigated away from the page to look elsewhere for another deal only to find popup after popup offering me better and better deals , live chat galore giving me 25% off and offering me the monthly deal I wanted, So click through to signup and the 25% deal was there but the monthly pay as yo go plan was not, it still wanted an advance payment of a couple of years payments. Conclusion was no way is any money parting my company to there direction, if you cant get it right at the start with missleading adds and comments from CS how could it be any better when your in. Reading the below reviews I am very happy I spotted this dodgy firm for what it is. S H I T E ........ say NO

Biggest Pro: Had a chat
Biggest Con: Wanted 48 times the money advertised

Uploading a 7 MB .rar file in 35 minutes, Extracting JustFailed!

Really slow servers.

After paying them, they always show you pop-ups on how to pay more and more...

My last terrible experience was as titled: The last 2 days, I was trying to upload a 7MB rar file. It took 35 minutes for the upload (my upload connection speed is 780 kb/s). While trying to extract it, I had no response.

Biggest Pro: Price (Not value for money though)
Biggest Con: Extremely Unreliable

JustHost is a sham

They canceled my domain with absolutely no notice. I happened to try to navigate there one day and discovered my account had been "suspended." I had no idea this had happened as I paid for 2 years of hosting about a month earlier. Needless to say I was furious - my site had been down for 10 days without me even knowing about it!! I tried to contact support, but there was no help. They simply told me to contact a billing representative. But when that also lead nowhere, I changed hosting services right away. Who knows how this could have affected my #1 Google ranking?!

Anyhow, I would never recommend JustHost to anyone - not even an enemy of mine. I switched to I host another domain with them and I've always been very satisfied.

Let's file a classified lawsuit against JustHost

We iOracle Consulting LLC has just become the latest victims of Just Host horrible service. Within a few days, they completely shut down our startup site, and destroyed all our clientile we've built up so far.

And our site is still marked as Account Suspended!

Now we're in the process of filing a classification lawsuit against Just Host illegal practices!

Pls. join us for a justice and a stop to their damage to our business!



Unless you plan to run a very quiet website with minimal traffic and bandwidth usage then prepare for the following:

this is a screenshot of my site or should I say the site that had a 2 year reputation that Justhost has now destroyed.....

It's been like this for 4 days now and theres still no support from Justhost whatsoever, I'm losing money and probably going to struggle now to meet my rent at the end of the month, but then again I was a fool to believe that Justhost were claiming to give you "unlimited" bandwidth....

I used a free host before upgrading to paid hosting and I can honestly say that although they had no phone support at least the service, honesty, and uptime was BETTER!

After I signed up to these cowboys my server crashed 2 weeks later and left me with 6 days downtime and a whole site to rebuild as they were unable to provide a backup whatsoever.

Should have seen the warning signs then really.

My advice for anyone considering this host


Biggest Pro: Google offers you the opportunity to find out about better hosts
Biggest Con: The whole thing

One of the Useless Hosting Companies

I was very angry this afternoon when my site kept on going down temporarily after just some 5 hits on the homepage.

Justhost servers have never improved. They are always down.

Around September 30, 2009, I was told they were configuring their servers. This decreased the SERPs of my site completely. Before then I was hosting other sites on the hosting space of my Justhost primary domain. When I moved those sites to another hosting company, the SERPs of those sites had improved completely. I must say that Justhost is one of the useless hosting companies and never waste your time hosting with them. I must even think of hosting my account with another webhost.

Its all just a sales pitch

I like the hosting its fast and has every thing i want like unlimited bandwidth space emails and subdomains at a very good price but everything is a sales pitch i got an email saying that my site was selected by the ceo of justhost as being the best on their site and asking me if i wanted to upgrade anything on my site for a reduced amount. every time i login to the cpanel its the same deal adverts asking me to upgrade to faster hosting. I did decided to go for their dns privacy at £10 after getting it nothing changed! You can still get all my personal details by whoising the domain so i paid £10 for nothing. The uptime is less than average ocasionaly the domain wont respond but a refresh of the page useually fixes it.

Biggest Pro: Cheep hosting with lots of stuff
Biggest Con: They try to sell you things you dont need that are useuless all the time.

My Current Legal Issues with JustHost

Very Sad my friends. was adding over 50-60 unique visitors a day. (For a rather new site, this was great) Yarpool was an online auction site similar to eBay. Unfortunately, I decided to switch hosts once my contract was up with previous host. In doing so i allowed to let me domain expire. Here we are 40 days later and they have yet to complete the transfer (Not that i care anymore considering i lost all my customers and there respect)

I paid JustHost a year in Advance. It has only been 2 months with JustHost and they managed to destroy 2 business sites of mine!


Biggest Pro: They Say Thank You after Screwing You
Biggest Con: They pay for #1 rankings and reviews!

The runaround from JustHost

All they do is generate more and more tickets. I get a different person with each response and a new ticket. I believe, once they understood I don't know how to maneuver the transfer codes, they have got a pigeon. It has been a month since I started the process of transfer with them, and I am still at the beginning. I am now going to cancel my new account with them.

Biggest Con: they made money with their multiple tickets, all right

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