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Works Just Fine for Me

During the time that I have been with Justhost I have not had any troubles or issues with me. If anything, the trouble I have is when I doing something foolish and have to seek their help. Everytime that I have contacted them about a problem I have gotten a quick reply (less than 8 hours). They have been patient with me as I have learned how to build and configure the website.

I see all these complaints written about Just Host here on this site. And you know what the common thread in all of them are? They are written by people that cannot structure a sentence, spell correctly or clearly state a problem. I can see why they have troubles with Just Host and I have a hard, hard time seeing them as professionals or astute business people.

Biggest Pro: Inexpensive, good tech support, easy to use
Biggest Con: Some ads to upgrade service...easy to click off though

Refund scam

Asked for refund as I was not ready to put my site up. They delayed the process by continually sending me emails stating the process was not complete. I finally got approx 50% of my refund after 3 attempts to cancel. It may be a very good host, but good luck if you change your mind and ask for refund.

Justhost is a SCAM ! Charge without authorise / Credit card scam!

Since i subscribe to Justhost, it has be a while i never login to my account.

This month my credit cards statement receive total of 7 fake transactions from JustHost.

I emailed to them, they said they are not allow to refund.

see below for total transactions being Hack by them & charge to my credit card.

1. 12 Dec - $9.95
2. 13 Dec - $9.95
3. 13 Dec - $9.95
4. 13 Dec - $14.95
5. 18 Dec - $19.95
6. 18 Dec - $23.64
7. 28 Dec - $14.95

they just claim that someone hack to your email, and do not allow any refund to be made.

also 1 of the transaction is charge as upgrade to domain privacy. they also not allow to refund, they claim that they highly recommaneded customer to go for domain privacy.

but i never agree on it. they still charge to my credit cards.

i can't believeable. worse internet company that i even encounter.

they wan money & charge customer cards without gettting ant authorisation, as they like .

this is a not trusted company! pls be aware.!!!

BIG SCAM. I truely disappointed.


Take web servers down with advance notification to website

This is a constant occurance with this hoster. They constantly take down their server for maintenance and never notify you that you are going to be taken down. Over and Over again i have asked for advance notification and no one ever does it. So you may wake up one morning and just find your site down for a couple of hours..>REALLY REALLY bad if you have a 24/7 website that users access for information or purchases.

Biggest Pro: Cheap and very fast when the site is up and running
Biggest Con: take site down with no notification in advance

I'm gonna kick this bloggers butt!

So found Justhost through some blog, praising how good it was. You've got to be kidding me! This was a disaster from the start. I bought a domain, secret reg, and dedicated IP. Only the company charged me for all, but forgot to give me the secret reg and IP address!

Down the road, I have a few domains and want to tweak my records and dns settings. Justhost won't let me. They said their Tech dept has to do it. After 25 emails back and forth with tech support (absolute JOKE! Always a different person and asking me the same question over and over. They don't read the previous responses!!!) So, I insisted they give me the ENOM logins so I could do it myself. I still dont have complete access to my own domains!

Lastly, half of my Cpanel is filled with ADS and upgrades and crap! I had to email them 3 times to tell them to turn off the pop up ad that came up when I logged in, asking me to upgrade my services!

I've prepaid on year, but doubt I'll get a refund. So have time to find a quality host. Heck, If I would have known, I would have stayed on Doteasy!

Biggest Pro: Very easy Wordpress Installation
Biggest Con: Tech support!, Billing support, Ads, Limited domain control, and so much more...


my nightmare with justhost as below:

1) they sent my login details to someone else;
2)i waited 1.30hrs before receiving my login details althou i was told it will only take about 20mins max;
3)i used the online technical support, their knowledge were poor, couldn't even help me out with simple technical problems and at the end i have to turn to my friends for advise
4)their 100% gurantee refund is not true, you will be lucky if you can get anything back from them, by the time you realised, everything according to them is 'non-refundable'.
5)they refunded me less than 20% of what I have paid, to make this clear to everyone, I have used their host for one day, i made my cancellation on the 5th day, how many days has gone by. i still have not received my refund.
6)throught out the whole thing, I have not received any invoice from them.

my advise to everyone, never trust what they said on the website, check other user's review to see the truth.

JustFine for me

I put together a fairly simple site for our gymnastics club, and JustHost has worked out well. It's darned cheap, so I wasn't really expecting much, but so far it has been everything I've needed. Had a problem with some email attachments being blocked, and Tech Support responded quickly and got it solved.

In an effort to make more money, they try to sell you additional "features" at every turn, but it isn't that hard to just decline. I have no Idea how well they would work for a high traffic e-commerce website, but for what I need they are very good

Biggest Pro: Bang for the buck
Biggest Con: Annoying offers to sell you more stuff.

Hosting Nightmare

Hi there, 12-4-09
It was confirmed on 11-30-09 that my account was cancelled at my request by Lea Golding a Just Host representative. Today, I double checked my web page to make sure that the account was cancelled; and I find out that my account has been suspended not cancelled. Also, a landing page comes up. On 11-24-09, Billings Supervisor, Richard Ford, states via email that my account will be cancelled at my request and that a refund will be issued. I have not received a refund yet. On 11-16-09, I emailed Just Host when I realized that unauthorized changes were being made to my ecommerce website. I was told that I had a Trojan Horse virus that had infected my files. I therefore paid Dell to reformate my hard drive in order to get rid of the virus. I archived my website files and scanned them for the virus. However, the attacks continued to happen. After consulting with a paralegal, I was told that Just Host is at fault for not securing my website; and that I have the right to sue Just Host. Today, I have called the Just Host 888 number twice just to be disconnected after a long wait. While I waited I reviewed some of the comments regarding Just Host. I found out that several others have been hacked as well. I can only be thankful that I chose to use PayPal only for Purchases from my online gallery "The Rhonda Rene Greenwood Gallery". I am also glad that I did not mail out my Christmas welcome letter inviting customers to my gallery. Never do Just host! Also, for those of you who may want to start a class action lawsuit against Just Host count me in "[email protected]" I want all of my money refunded today. Rhonda Greenwood

Biggest Con: Just Monkey Business

This can't be a real company....

Some host reviewing website rated it #1 so I signed up for my first domain ever. Which was the worst mistake ever. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, TERRIBLE HIDDEN COSTS, TERRIBLE TECHNICAL SUPPORT. I cancelled my account before the first 3 days were over, lost my domain name to them, and have to start over. I had been excited about their chat support, but they're responses were soooooooooooo slow and unhelpful and repetitive, I thought at times that it was automated. NEVER AGAIN.

Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: Where do I start??

JustHost is JustWorst!

JustHost was at the top of the of all the best web hosting lists when I looked. This convinced me that it was reliable. I was horribly mislead. This was my first domain and I was happy to finally have it. I was still working on tweaking the layout here and there. On the second day I checked my statistics and I had a total of ten unique visitors. My website was only a small wordpress site with no complicated scripts. I was at my friend's house and we were looking at it. Then when I got back home I went on and it said "This account has been suspended please contact support/billing." I had no idea why I was suspended! I had received no notification! I inquired why. I got an email back saying I had exceeded the 10% CPU. What? I used up 10% of their server's resources with a website with 12 unique visitors? Either their servers completely suck or this is a lie. I'm edging towards the lie. I asked them to explain how this could have happened. They said they couldn't and gave me a link to my server usage that didn't even work. I told them this and they didn't respond. They also managed to give me a link to a host that charges $150 per month. Gee, THANKS A LOT for being so helpful justhost. This is such an obvious scam I threatened to file a lawsuit. After that of course they unsuspended my account. They told me if this happened again my account would be terminated. I asked them to please not suspend my account for a day because I needed a bit of time to back up my files... my site was suspended again in less than 25 minutes. I'm very glad I backed up all my files immediately. I wish I had seen the reviews underneath this so I didn't make this mistake. I don't know how they got to the top on all the best web hosting lists but no doubt they pay for that. Only trust sites that have reviews from REAL people. Unfortunately I'm sure in a few months just host will start getting their employees to write fake reviews about justhost on these sites too.

Biggest Pro: that I'm not going to sit here thinking about what a pro of justhost is and keep everyone waiting for years.
Biggest Con: everything is a scam

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