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very bad service

Very bad service,sometime my domain is off line fiew hours without my knowlegue.
After that nobody can find myself in google search engine :(
Is very bad,but very cheap hosting

Biggest Pro: +

JustHost just didn't host!

We signed up with JustHost on Jan. 25, 2010. They were prompt in billing us, and we quickly received e-mails with our billing statement, DNS server settings, a request to authorize them to e-mail us about data
centre maintenance work and exclusive deals, and a 50% discount on all account upgrades. However, we did not receive a welcome e-mail with log-in information which was needed to upload our site.
After contacting tech support by phone, he said he was resending the info. I still didn't receive it. I chatted with support. He said "I am sorry but I do not have direct access to send you your login details" and kept telling me to call 1-888-755-7585 or e-mail I e-mailed about the problem. By this time, it was already more than 24 hours since I had signed up. An auto responder said "As we offer 24/7 technical support you can expect to receive a response from us within the hour." I received no response, period!
On Jan. 28, I filed a dispute through Paypal. The next day they canceled our account and gave us a refund. This company offers low prices, but then they probably have to in order to keep snaring new customers and make up for the others they lose through rotten service!

Biggest Pro: Cheap! Has lots of great features--or at least they advertise them!
Biggest Con: Very slow account setup, or just a total scam! Pooooor customer service!

JustHost was Good Once

I used JustHost service for 12 months with only 1 problem: they suspended my account by accident! They said sorry about it and I forgot about it as I was happy with their service. Uptime was great and support was fast and prompt.

But on my 13th month (last week), I just need to leave them. They suspended my account twice in a week!

First, they said in the email that 2 of my sites are using more than 10% of their server's resource. This is strange, because those 2 websites have very low traffic (not more than 10 visitor a day), and there were no significant increase of sudden visitors. I even have never updated one of them in a month (both using wordpress). But I tried to understand because the other website was using autoblog. Maybe this autoblog was causing the problem, although I still couldn't understand why the other site (the one that's haven't been updated in a month) can use more than 10% of the server's resource.

I TOOK DOWN those 2 websites immediately, send an email to support, and a few hours later my account was unsuspended.

A few days later, my account was suspended again. This time my main domain was using more than 10% of the server's resources. It's a wordpress blog, and just as I made a new post, my account was suspended. So, making a new post in wordpress was using more than 10% of the server's resource? If so, why haven't my account been suspended before? I've made hundreds of posts with this domain, and there were never a problem before.

This time, support was very disappointing. I emailed them 2 times and no response in 9 hours. I contacted their live support 3 times and all the live support agents only said that I should wait for my emails' replies by support. And about 11 hours later, my account was unsuspended, with the email saying that this was the last time they will do this. If ever I use more than 10% of their server's resource again, my account will be deleted immediately.

So I had to move to another hosting. I backed up all my files and databases immediately (while praying that I won't use more than 10% of their server's resource while backing up), and signed up for another hosting company.

After I moved, I cancelled my account. This was surprising, because when I fill in the forms to cancel my account, they offer a huge promotion, which are free hostings and free other services such as search engine submissions etc which normally they would charge for. That was tempting, but I couldn't take it anymore. If I get those for free, maybe I will get suspended more often.

So, the price of JustHost is great. It's cheap, uptime and speed is great. But with something cheap, I don't get the service I expected. Price just don't lie. JustHost was good for me once, but not anymore. Their support used to be great, but not anymore. I used to think that this was the best hosting company ever, but last week I changed my mind.

don't buy the add ons and don't bother with customer support

I wouldn't recommend justHost to anyone due to misleading advertising and poor support.

When I signed up, services were recommended to me at a 50% discount -- if I purchased TODAY only. I bought them.

The next day the same services were still offered at 50% discount, and those discounts continue to the present day. Ir was a come on and, stupid me, I fell for it.

More important, the service I really needed, Search Engine Submission, was described in a misleading way. Anybody can submit a URL to a search engine, its a no brainer. The service advertised by justHost specificially said: "Submission Hubs professional search engine submission specialists will analyze your website to maximize the results." Banners declared "Website Analysis" and "Professional Submission". The page is, you can look at it yourself.

Doesn't that imply some kind of intelligent help in improving your score with search engines?

I asked customer support to describe what I purchased and how it worked. It took two support tickets and about 8 emails but I finally got the answer, and I quote: "this is a submission of the name only". (I have to assume that "name" means "URL"). I haven't received any confirmation, but I am pretty sure that they simply run a script which submits your URL to the various websites. For this you pay $99, or $49 if you sign up TODAY (well, its always TODAY, so don't rush).

Now I could be wrong about all this, so before I posted this critique, I emailed the CEO with a copy and gave him a chance to tell me why I was wrong. The answer? A repeat form letter response from customer support telling me that the submission was "name only".

I will be terminating my service with justHost when my contract expires and I do not recommend justHost to anyone. I especially recommend that no one buy any add on services from justHost.

If you want to see the chain of emails, email me at

Biggest Con: customer support is deaf, misleading advertising


I signed up for a simple website with because they advertise Free Instant Set-Up and NO HIDDEN FEES. I worked on my site for 3 days and never could make sense out of their setup features. Never added any services. I got fed-up with it after 4 days and cancelled my agreement with them. That same day they charged my account for a total of $61.54. I wrote them since they also advertise a "Cancel Anytime".

What a joke! First of all: I had to have the original Welcome Letter in order to start the refund process. I keep everything, so I had that. They had charged me for "Faster Server". Now, why in the hell would I order a "Faster Server" when I couldn't even build a website?

After their "NON-REFUNDABLE fees were deducted I got $7.95 refunded. Stay away from JUSTHOST.COM. They are nothing but RIPOFF ARTIST.

Biggest Pro: Slick Decptive Advertising
Biggest Con: Total Ripoff


I tried to set up a domain name and etc on Just Host. Everytime I clicked on a tab, or button or whatever, they bounced me out of their site back to my home page. I finally got my domain name set and tried to do "add ons" but once again, I was bounced out and didn't know if what I had clicked on went through or nt. I called and told them to cancel any charges and explained what happened. The person I talked to said he would cancel the charges. Then....two days later, I was billed!!

I am now disputing the charges and filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They could care less and probably think I will give up - my attorney will be the next one in line after my credit card company with whom I have filed a complaint and refuse their charges. This company is totally UNETHICAL - don't use them!

If I can't even get a site set up without problems and no support from the company, can you imagine what support you would get with problems at a later date??

Biggest Con: response to problems


The first few months with Justhost were o.k., afew issues were eventually sorted out. Then all of a sudden my account was suspended with absolutely NO NOTICE. After painstaking hours turning into days, they finally responded to my emails only confirming they had cancelled my account for breaching the terms. Someone had hacked into my account and used it to send SPAM. I told Just Host this and they could not care less, they had absolutely no interest in helping or even responding. Now my business is on hold and my emails blocked. FANTASTIC. JUST HOST are a nightmare. They are cheap and this is the prime example - you get what you pay for. All was fine, now looking back I wish I paid 10 times the price for a responsible host. STAY AWAY, they are scammers.
Oh, and by the way, the afifliates program is also a scam, I introduced my brother just after joining, they never paid me and said they gave the money to Google!

Biggest Pro: Was price but you get what you pay for!
Biggest Con: ZERO SUPPORT and no way of direct contact

Just Host Disaster but "Have a Great Day"

I awoke on January 19th, had my coffee, checked my email, it wasn't working, clicked one of my websites and was greeted with: "Account Suspended - Please contact the billing department as soon as possible on billing[at] Related Searches, Foreclosures." Just how a guy looking for work wants to present himself. I scoured the website for a phone number. (I wanted that page off quick) No luck but there is a live chat. OK, it turns out that my account is suspended not for payment but because it is using more cpu than 10%. I remark that is unlikely since the sites only have html. The reply is that the html causing the problem is: "send_reminders.php" Interesting since I don't use any php on these sites. (and it is unwise to use php as a file type for html) Then the live chat moved on to what turns out to be a theme - blow off the customer. Shortly an email arrived saying they will release my files after I upgrade to dedicated hosting. Oh, if you have used justhost as your registrar, we will release your domain only after 60 days have passed. And you can kiss any email goodbye as well. I'll spare the multiple pages of interaction with justhost. Instead I'll leave you with the salutation from each email telling me they were doing NOTHING, that as a "loyal Just Host customer - Have a great day!" Steer way clear of JustHost. Their low priced hosting is to connect them to you for the upsell. If you are using JustHost, make sure you have complete backups of all your files. If you are using them for your registrar start moving your domains somewhere where they won't be held captive.

Justhost Justrippedmeoff

Charged my CC before the due date with no advance warning. When I complained, I got a nice personal reply which stated T's & C's on the first line - Not happy about THAT!
Went to cancel but was offered an extra year hosting as a sweatener to get me to stay, so I went for it!
Rub is, my account is Still set to expire Jan 2011, Not 2012 as stated!
They also added a truckload of other 'Goody's' to my domain which I'm unlikely to ever use.
Went back in to my account to cancel and get a refund and guess what ............. couldn't get past the loggin screen because - wait for it - I asked for my account to be cancelled ................... Duuuhhhh................... what a load of tripe this crew are!
No doubt stopped in my tracks re a refund because of all the goodies they added to my domain!
As for the domain, I've never yet managed to get a site uploaded because I can't get their sitebuilder software to work for me!
Only tutorials they have are Videos which I Hate - I want a text based service too!
Justhost just bombed in my book - Avoid like the Plague!

Biggest Pro: ******** Advertising that lures you in Big time!
Biggest Con: Ditto!

JustHost is commiting business suicide!

Start to subscribe Justhost one year ago, at that time it is quite good, but recently it suddenly become worse and worse. I have four sites and three separate account with Justhost, two of them are got suspended without any warning! and all my sites got the ugly "this account is suspended' left on the home pages, which hurt my credibility to my customers. All they mistakenly moved some of my sites to a slower ''load server" last week. After exchanged a dozen of emails with the technical support, they told me they already corrected it but the sites are still on the wrong server. and today, without any advanced notification, I received an email from the billing department saying that they got my email to cancel my account and so they actually canceled it! I have never sent such an email.

Oh yes, this is the ending of their email:
We hope you enjoyed your Just Host experience, and look forward to maybe seeing you again soon. Thank you for considering us as your web hosting provider. Have a great day!

looks like they are happy to get rid of their customers and will doing so for more. I just cant understand how a company can commit such suicide in business!

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