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Worst Nightmare

When I signed up with Just Host, my order did not go through correctly. The Just Host web site charged me for a plan I did not order. When I tried to get this corrected, it was nothing less than a worst nightmare. Every Just Host employee I spoke with said they will correct the problem, but in reality they made it worse by charging me for a higher plan or completely mixing up my requests to put me down for the particular plan I originally wanted. Even after they finally signed me up for the plan I wanted, they refused to send me an updated invoice. This song and dance took place for quite a while. I have a very long chain of e-mail correspondence to prove the rediculouse non-sense that took place. The only two good things about this experience are as follows:
1. Unbelievably, I received a correct refund for the many transactions involving the confusing mess the Just Host employees ran me through.
2. I also learned my lesson on what I need to do to locate a decent web hosting company.

Biggest Pro: After a great deal of struggle, you actually get a refund back.
Biggest Con: The Just Host employees made it very difficult to obtain what I ordered.


i cant believe that these jokers can get away with this! my site has just been suspended, now all i have is a phpbb forum, about 500 members, 50 maybe being online at any one time however i seemed to have surpassed some 10% CPU time which they decided to suspend my account on behalf of! im so discusted they even had the cheek to call me a loyal customer - here how about a dedicated server at £149 a month! i mean come on! i ran a small site it shouldnt have ammounted to this, the most i had on it was a few images for forum use, i cant believe that this has ammounted to this! also we had a shoutbox on the forum, this was their main reason for suspending my account! i just cant believe this! criminals! out for more money!


Biggest Pro: nothing whatsoeever! (pro = the owner will die someday soon)
Biggest Con: damn criminal con-artists!

Are you lot being paid to bad review or something?

Okay, well I have had hosting with Justhost nearly since they started as a company, I have had 5 hosting plans run with them and I have reffered many friends and such to them, have NEVER had any problems, in terms of price, emails, or anything.. I think once there was a problem with website content not displaying properly but was sorted by their support staff in under 48 hours. Honestly they are one of the top hosting companies I have actually seen around in terms of price and reliability so im not sure whats up with all the bad reviews... maybe out of every few thousand people there is one or two that has a bad experience and only they post about it here.. or maybe people make things go wrong because they dont know what they are doing and then blame the company? .. Justhost... Great hosting all round

Biggest Pro: Stupidly cheap
Biggest Con: None

Previous reviews by Anthony Hopper

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Well you guys think it sucks.. I think its awesome

Well, Website from subscription to website being Live and products avalible to buy took 2 days... and thats including the web design (though it was mostly premade) The staff set up every really fast, they have resolved any problems with the scripts for me usually within 2 hours.. billing its one of the cheapest providers ive found so far. I find it funny that at the top it says about using hostgator instead.... makes me think this place is run by hostgator cause I was gonna use them at one point.... I subscribed... they took my money .... 3 weeks later I still didnt even have a login to upload anything to so I ended up going to justhost to set up the site...Personally, best hosting company I have found.

By Anthony Hopper on August 29th, 2009 at 15:53 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 3 - 5 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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I took the bait, but only to find out too late.

I have just now signed up with JustHost and am not to pleased to be hearing about this scam they seem to be running. I have gotten an email that said:

"I can see from our records that you attempted to place an order with Just Host today, but for some reason you ran into difficulties and the order was not completed.

To apologise for any problems you may have experienced, here's a special link to receive 50% off the usual cost of our unlimited Just Plan!"

Yet they took the money out of my account and now they are saying they are having a problem getting my account activated AFTER the fact?

Now they want me to click on a link and purchase even MORE services from them?

Not bloody likely.

Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: everything

Stay as far away as you possibly can!

Signup Date 4/20/2010

Premium Plan, Discounted per Email Coupon.
When you check out it promises 2 Additional Domains.
NOT SO! If you respond to one of their email scams Nick Baker (some big title) sends you a 50% OFF coupon.
When you pay and activate your site, you are instructed to contact for your two additional domains.

I did.
14 Emails and 14 CSR's later my issue is unresolved. No additional domains. Instead we are selling the domains for $14.95/year.
The last email came from another automated thingy that issues me 3 months of FREE HOSTING in exchange for my trouble.
I have spent 2.6 hours with these IDIOTS today, the 1888 number is not answered and if I was talking to a live CSR I would have received a call by now from a Manager, or Supervisor.

This company is about the worst FRAUD I have seen todate. Whoever shows them on position 1 of their review list should distance themselves but will likely not because the review site likely gets a huge CUT from all the money that is blown into Justhost.

What a shame America! What a shame!

Their Guarantees are JUNK, no SUPPORT is available. CSR are not responsive and change all the time.
Wanna save some money? Don't get your stuff hosted with these guys. It's totally silly!

If you think you get the promised refund? No! They will send you a link that requires a lot of stuff, the refund will not be complete and your selected domain will not be released for 60 Days...............

Good Luck! I will answer ANY questions you may have about this place, in fact all these emails I got from them will be published!

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Read the Reviews, Its worse than WORST, there should be a -!!!

Now I get spam?

I was going to move on after a bad experience, but now that my email USED ONLY with Just Host is getting spam, I'm going to share my experience.

Signed up for an account.

Got double charged for a speed upgrade option, which I had to take care of by phone. The told me it could take up to five days to fix.

A few days later, got approved and charged--without my knowledge or permission--for a second unlimited account and speed upgrade.

Decided to cancel the whole thing and test their money back garantee. You can only do it online, and my login details didn't work. How convenient!

Finally called enough people in England and the funds were returned a week later.

Did I mention that now my email address used only with justhost is getting spammed?

Biggest Pro: It was fast
Biggest Con: Don't like them charging my card illegally

All I can say Real bad service

I updated my IE to 8.0 and I can not view my site. i was on hold for 35 inutes and I emailed them and had a chat with thier expert support team members he was no help and he was a liar

check this BS out Do not sign up with them

All our operators are currently assisting others customers. You are currently in position 2 Thank you for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with 'Mark'
Mark: Welcome to Live Chat support, how may I help you?
Mark: Hi Mike
mike: I just updated my IE browser to 8.0 and ui can not view my site it is a blank page
Mark: Can you please provide me your domain name ?
mike: I am at the office and we have three computers 2 on IE7.0 and one has 8.0 my domain is
Mark: Please allow me some time to check
mike: I have the same issue on my home computer as well I am running IE 8.0 and all I get is a blank page. When I go back to IE7.0 I can see the site
mike: I have deleted all temp files, cookies and cache memory, still nothing
mike: I really need my site up and running. it is the heart of my business without it. I will be out of Business. I just placed an add on Google adware and yellow Please I need your help on this issue
mike: r u there
mike: hello
mike: all you have to do is type in the browser
mike: u will get a blank page abnd you can right click it to view the source
Mark: Thank you for your patience...
Mark: I am getting your website without any error..
Mark: It is working absolutely fine..
mike: what IE version r u running
Mark: Even in IE browser 8.0
mike: what do you see?
Mark: Pictures to the right..
Mark: And some text to the left..
Mark: It is not allowing me to copy..
mike: not pics links
mike: can you click on them
Mark: Yes..
Mark: i can..
Mark: And it takes me to another link..
mike: so tell me why I can't see my site on 2 different computers at work and home
Mark: This issue needs to be investigated further. We therefore request you to email us at with the all the required details. This will help us to replicate the problem at our end. Thank you for your understanding.
Mark: Just send an email..
Mark: And our admins will fix this issue for you..
Mark: Yes i can see it..
Mark: Without any error..
Mark: Because you are complaining about it..
Mark: That you can not see it..
Mark: Mike please Trust me...
mike: I CAN SEE IT FINE ON IE 7.0 NOT 8.0
Mark: it is working at my end..
mike: IE 8.0
Mark: Yes..
Mark: I tried in all the browsers ..
Mark: That Red symbol takes me to this link..
Mark: Yes..
Mark: And that Phone symbol to this link..
Mark: Firefox/3.5.8
Mark: Please turn off your caps lock...
mike: That is crazy I even emailed my buddy and he is having the same issues I am having
mike: that is three comupters can you send me screen shots of what you see to
mike: when I click on the links you enclosed I get a blank page
Mark: That's the reason why i am telling you to send an email to support so that our senior admins can further investigate it...
mike: send me a screen shot of what you see to
Mark: I am sorry I do not have Privilege to do that...
Mark: I am providing you level 1 support..
mike: u can click printscreen and paste it in an email
Mark: Mike you are correct, but It is against my company policy ..
Mark: Please try to understand...
Mark: I can not send an email from my side..
mike: U r not being honest or helpful. I have gotten screen shots and emails before
mike: u r a liar
mike: and a waste of time
Mark: I am sorry for that...
mike: I will copy this chat and i will make sure that you will answer to someone for the waste of time
mike: you lied to me
mike: that is real bad
mike: why couldnt you be honest
Mark: Your website is working fine at my end..
Mark: That is my problem...
Mark: And all the links are working correctly..
mike: ya sure keep on the lie I am coping this email and I will call the number and email this chat to a manager
Mark: Apart from sending email..
Mark: Is there anything else I can help you with?
mike: dont lie to me I am not playing u r a waste of my time and will not send screen shots

the session ended without any help or support they are a scam and i will find soem one else to host my site these guys can go to hell all they do is try to sell you things you do not need

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: support

Just Host works alright for the price

Rating a web host 0-10 is difficult for a first-time user as I have nothing with which to compare it. The main advantages about Just Host are that it is cheap and that its DIY system - the control panel and tutorials are pretty good, even for a beginner. We now have one domain ($118 for two years), five add-on domains registered at $15 each a year, and a daily back-up facility at $20 a year. That is six domains with back-up facility for $155 a year. We are developing websites for each domain and have two up and running with the others expected to be completed within a couple of weeks. We are computer-literate but with no experience in website design, development and maintenance. Due to our lack of experience, it has been a hard row to hoe, and we initially drew heavily on Just Host support. Live Chat provides a very fast response, if only very basic support. To be fair, some of my frustration came from my own lack of knowledge but I would say 80% of my problems were solved through Live Chat. The balance - more complicated stuff - was handled adequately through email support which took a day instead of a minute. Sometimes I just had to slog away until I got the answer I needed - and it was hard work - persistence is the key. But for the price we are paying and for the websites we have managed to complete, I am comfortable with Just Host.

Biggest Pro: Beginners can work their way through website design and development.
Biggest Con: Support is fast but requires persistence.

Previous reviews by Bob Lake

The information below is no longer valid because the user has posted a follow-up review above.

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Fast, but poor quality support

Wish I had read these reviews before signing up. Setting up a website is difficult; the tutorials and instructions are not always accurate. The problem with Just Host is the competence of support staff. Some don't seem to understand the question asked and often give off-the-cuff replies that are patently ridiculous, dangerous, and can cause real problems that take a lot of sorting out. Live chat response times are very good, email support response times are good. Occasionally you get a really competent operative who answers a specific question with a specific answer - the problem is that you generally have to keep recycling the same question many times through live chat and support to find anyone whose advice you can trust. When I lost access to the website builder (an only this one service), I was told the fault was with my computer settings - even though the website builder had been working on two different computers for a month. I was told to 'try' changing my computer settings and given technical instructions and settings I had never heard of. When I queried this I was referred to Wikepedia. In despair, after eight hours, I went to bed. The next day I found the site builder worked as normal. What can I say? Frustrated. Dread working with Just Host.

By Bob Lake on September 27th, 2009 at 16:36 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 1 - 2 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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"UNLIMITED" is not unlimited at all.

The “UNLIMITED” stuff is just a lie for marketing purposes.
If you have more than 50000 inodes your account will be suspended.
(Inodes means files, email, whatever. Problem is that the system is creating by himself all this bulk.
You think you have 20-30 of pages and instead your home folder is full of bulk and unnecessary files)

You may not send more than 500 emails per hour (using ,of course, a script)

If you violate this rule then they'll be forced to suspend your account.

So, for a serious hoster I advise you to look elsewhere.

The customer support is OK, but this doesn’t help you in these situations.


I purchased an add on domain -that I should be able to use via my existing site - I was advised to purchased the .com domain as well as the I purchased both names at the same time. Yet on my billing a payment has been aten on 4th March and a double payment on 6th March - I also noticed a very strange transaction on my account for a site I do have call visitors to you.

I cannot NO WAY edit the new addon domains - the ,com domain cannot be recognised - IT is impossible to get Just Host to understand that I cannot edit it as sitebuilder edit page does not display - they insist it is my web brwser - but it is not I can access my other website easily. I have been exchanging emailsl for 4 days with them they have taken"24.90 of my money and cannot resolve the issue - I have in desperation contacted Consumer Services who suggest I ask for my money back uner the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1972. I have also written to the BBC watchdog programme.

I am sure the people that are correspoding with me from just Host are not English and cannot understand English (who having very strange names 'dogs names I think' like Jake and Raplh and Tom). It is apalling Service and has left me frustrated and angry - they do not have a complaints department or anyone who can communicate properly - I reall y feel conned - DONT DO IT - GO TO ANOTHER HOST

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