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Avoid like the plague.

JustHost does not practice good business ethics at all. Once they take your money, you are useless to them. Their support team is incompetent and unfriendly.

The servers were very quick and had good connections when they actually worked, but they experienced frequent downtime and were unreliable for the most part. I experienced intermittent downtime only a month after service with them, the first few occurances were short, under an hour mostly. On December 28 of 2009, another instance of downtime happened, this time for much longer. I contacted support, they had it fixed after 5-6 hours of additional downtime. On January 17 of 2010, I had a critical error stating the Hard Disk on their end was full and to upload later. I contacted support on the 19th, as it now was starting to affect the site altogether. I got a response from a (very impolite and unhelpful) support representative a day later stating "Pay attention to the error that you got: 552 Disk full - please upload later". The fact that 72 hours of site downtime have passed and I was told to just "pay attention to the error, upload later" instead of being provided assurance they were working to fix the problem was very annoying. I experienced even more downtime almost on a monthly basis with their server. There was over 85 hours of downtime that I can remember, which breaks their "99.9% Uptime" guarantee.

Finally, in July of 2010, they billed me $71.40 for another year of service (which is almost twice what I paid initially), without any email notification of even being billed and without asking to be auto-renewed. Also, they decided to bill me 4 days before my service even ended, probably so by the time you're even aware of the expiration date, they've already taken the liberty of going behind your back to take your money again.

What's even more enraging is the fact that they are actually BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, regardless of the fact they've received 185 complaints from people that are getting the exact same problems listed here. I've already filed a complaint myself against JustHost, and strongly urge everyone else who has been victimized by these criminals to do the same. Here's a direct link to the Complaint form against JustHost:

Stay away from this company, they aren't worth it at all.

Biggest Pro: Fast servers when they actually worked.
Biggest Con: Downtime and lack of support.

Really consider choosing just host

I have came across many different hosts, such as GoDaddy which i had really bad experience with. Their servers are EXTREMELY slow, so i switched my hosts to just host.. Well, first impression: pretty good. When i completed the payment, i was offered loads of useless stuff such as private registrations etc. I don't really need that for website that me and my friend will be using, no, no, no.. Then an offer to have quicker, efficient server. That moment i thought my domain will be slow like godaddy. Oh no. Then i read the reviews about it.. It did not actually happen though.
However, When i typed into google "justhost sucks", not many results showed up. Statistics show that about 80 pages about justhost say they are bad company, unlike many other hosting companies. No problem with them yet.. Strongly recommend..

Biggest Pro: Statistics show up a big plus
Biggest Con: Poor customer service


Needed an account where I could run PHP 5.3.1 so I called the tech support people BEFORE I opened an account to ask if they supported PHP 5.3.1 on their shared accounts. I asked several times and every time the technician said, "Yes." I then bought the service and couldn't find out how to enable PHP 5.3.1, they only had 5.2.13, so I called the tech support people again, 45 MINUTES AFTER MY FIRST CALL and the same guy, I think, told me that they do NOT support PHP 5.3.1.

So I cancelled my account. And they would not refund my $20 setup fee. That is not right!

Biggest Con: Criminals

I reported JustHost to Google Web Forgery. Do the same please.


After being with JustHost for 1 year that was a nightmare and money was paid for services not provided and many of all the problems already report here, including taking money from my VISA account after 6 months after the contract had expired and I had closed my account.

I spoke with my bank manager and the solution was to change my card number to avoid JustHost accessing/taking money with authorization.

Well, due to all the hassle and the fact that I had to go to the extreme of changing my card and wait 2 weeks for the new one I decided to report JustHost to google web forgery.

I used Firefox, Help, scroll down to "Report Web Forgery"

Please, if you are also a victim of JustHost do the same. It is time to stop them. Thank you

I moved to Hostgator December 2009 and I am very happy with them.


Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Taking money from your VISA even after contract/account have been closed.

Previous reviews by Amanda

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I've closed account on 12/09 & they took money from my CC again:(

I used to have a JustHost account but due to many problems I closed the account Dec/09 and moved on to HostGator with whom I am very happy.

However, JustHost still taking unauthorized money from my CC/Bank account (: It is a nightmare to get JustHost out of your life and bank account.

Once again I'll have to get solicitors involved to recover the money.

Careful with this company. I regret soooooo much the day I signed up with them. It is hard to get them out of your life and bank account.

By Amanda on June 18th, 2010 at 13:21 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Don't Know | Platform: Mac OS X | Email: [Logged]

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JustHost is fake. Quick to take your money and does not comply.

This message is to be read by all and specially by Brooke Bryan and Nick Baker (Co-founders of JustHost)

As a customer of JustHost since December 2008 I've the following to comment:

1 - I've transferred my website registered with to JustHost and bought several add ons, including Priority Support, Domain Privacy and Search Engine Submission by Submission Hub.

2- Since December 2008 I've trying to sort out the services I paid for and they did not comply with. I, even called Chicago from London-U to speak with the manager. Was put on hold, and ask to call back in one hour or so. By my third attempt, finally I spoke with someone called Rizza, Risa (not sure how to spell), one of the administrative managers that promised the problem would be resolved.

3- It still going on.

4- JustHost is patronizing me, treating me with no respect, not being professional or courteous and taking money for services that are not being provided. Including the one I paid for Priority Support.

It is making me ill, stressful, wasting my time and soon I'm going to have a nervous breakdown due to this form of abuse and disregard to my person as customer and human being. The waiting game, transfer of tickets from one department to another and unsolved situation during months and months is putting an enormous pressure on me and affecting my well being and productivity.

5- My apologies to all for posting it all over the internet, but after 8 months of this soap opera drama I say: enough is enough. Believe, for months I've been trying to sort out this issue and have been played about by staff. JustHost website if full of false advertising, quick to take your money and without delivering the promised services.

Brooke Bryan and Nick Baker my ID in JustHost is amandai1. Take a look in Billing Events and Logs, and also open tickets not answered for days, even when on high priority or 911.

By amandai1 on August 6th, 2009 at 14:24 EST
URL: Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Dedicated | Platform: Mac OS X 10.4.11 | Email:

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Good service at first, shady after you're with them a while

I've been with Justhost for over a year now and just had to pay my first yearly fee. I got in at a great, great rate, $41.88 for a year and was assured via customer service that I'd be renewing at that rate. I had talked to them multiple times about billing and they never once told me my rate would increase.

When it came time to renew, which by the way they would not tell me exactly what day I'd be billed on- just that it'd be "about a week" before my actual service expiration date, they charged me $71.50 instead of the rate they assured me I would be keeping. I contacted customer service and they refuse to give me any real answer, their version of an answer is "I can give you the lower rate if you want to pay for another year up front right now" or "Cancel and we can debit your account". Since I am not the only person that uses the website I can't really do anything to cancel the service, but it seems like they love adding charges and changing rates without notice. The customer service guys seem to have no care that they could've possibly caused me to have NSF fees at my bank because I was never informed of what the bill would actually be.

Of course, now their billing website has been updated to reflect the new rate and has no record of my old rate.
If you plan to be with Justhost be warned that although the initial hosting is cheaper they WILL raise your rate without your permission. As of right now, except for prepaying all at once I am not seeing a viable way to keep the 'lower' rate, also just so you know their plan which supports 3 domains is almost $120, plus domain privacy is an extra $10, otherwise they let anyone and everyone see your address which you must provide to them for billing purposes. You have to pay EXTRA for 'premium speed' customer service which I doubt is any faster than their standard service, and its not uncommon for you to talk to 3-4 different employees in the course of getting your problem solved- this is bad because it means you'll be explaining yourself... a lot- the service guys apparently haven't figured out how to read quoted emails. Extra domains on their service are $14.95 a year which seems like a bargain until you realize you're now paying $70+ for just one.

As far as the actual service, it seems pretty good. I probably would not recommend it for extremely tech savvy people, because it is supposed to be dumbed down a bit for the average user, which is what I am, and I find it easy to use. However I just can't recommend a place that essentially scammed me by NEVER telling me my terms would increase. Oh, I'm sure there is a clause SOMEWHERE, which is why I can't report it or anything, but it is still very ridiculous.

Biggest Pro: Cheap at first
Biggest Con: Poor customer service, sneaky billing tactics

24 hours down time and still counting.

I have never known a hosting company like this. I have around 10 domains hosted with Just Host. Yesterday around 4:00pm GMT they all went down as did email. It's now just gone 4:00pm the next day and they are still all down.

After numerous emails (via gmail) they've agreed to credit my account with this months hosting cost, a small amount compared to the less of sales. No-one has given me any glue as to when my sites will be back up or why they are down. The support team are just fobbing me off with "our support team and they are currently working on the issue and this should be resolved shortly" SHORTLY. That was hours ago.

I moved to Just Host because of bad service and long down time from previous companies. I thought 1 hour was a to long. Until now.

From day one Just Host has been a nightmare I haven't received more than 2 months without some down time.

Congratulations Just Host you have now managed 100% down time in 1 day. Maybe they can manage it for another day.

You get what you pay for with Just Host. Low price, low level of service.
Very, very, very disappointing.


There was many incidents of downtime. There support staff asked me to give my login credentials over the internet, and it was a bad overall experience.

Biggest Pro: It sometimes worked
Biggest Con: Downtime

When they go down, they go down hard

Been down all day. The only response is that they are working on it. No response as to when it will be up, why it's down, nothing. Basically no information at all. Just suck it up and it will be up when it's up and they're working on it. This is the first time it's ever been down, but you can usually tell the merit of support when there are issues. I won't slam them too bad unless it doesn't come up in a couple of hours.

Just Host is TERRIBLE

I would not recommend Just Host to anyone.

They get a "D" grade in my book. My site is down for several hours every week, and sometimes for more than a day at a time. Even when site's running, it's intermittently slow without any explanation.The company provides no advance warning for "scheduled maintenance."

After each repair and "free upgrade" they say I'm "one of their best servers" and then, each time, the site fails again. Also, they don't do the daily backup as promised, so now that my site's been down all day Friday and they don't know when it will be fixed, they can't move it because there's no backup. Unbelievable! I pay for premium service.

I can't wait until I have the time to move my site to a better host. Unfortunately the domain switch takes time and effort.

Add-On Charge

I had found through the usual search and hosted my website with them. I had two other websites to build for businesses and decided to host them through JH also. When I bought the domain name for one (paid online with a CC), my email receipt had an extra $9.95 charge for "privacy service". However, I didn't order that.

When I emailed back to ask for a credit, they claim in "service agreement", there are no refunds, though I didn't order the service.

They still refuse to refund the $9.95, so I'm moving all my accounts from them.

They're crap.

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