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Frustrating experience

I use JustHost for both my personal and professional web site, and have done so for a couple years. As I write this they have been completely down for over 12 hours. I have no access to important e-mails, and my customers have no access to my web site. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened, but it is the longest outage so far. I question the reliability of their service as well as their support. I have avoided migrating to another web hosting service out of laziness, but this is the last straw. I highly recommend using someone else.

Biggest Pro: Ease of startup
Biggest Con: Service Reliability

Just Host IS Paypal

You should first be aware of the fact that many positive reviews of web-hosting companies are actually written by employees of those companies and submitted under guise.

As for me, this is the 2nd time I have lost access to my webpage due to the selective policies of Just Host. The first time around they used the caviat of "auto-renew" to force me to retain their services as "they dictate"-not as I select them (something they advertise as a benefit for using them), an employee of theirs on the phone (june 2012) told me that they can take money from my checking account whenever they want to and there is nothing I can do about it (I had to go to my bank and put a freeze on it). They refunded my money then took it back the following week-repeating the crime.
This second time around they tried their auto-renew crap again, tried to pay them with a credit card now that won't due for them because they have linked themselves to Paypal. Which means that despite what Justhost says, if your payment method isn't approved by bigtime Paypal then you can't pay them.
I could never directly access these features and benefits they make such a fuss about without having to redirect through multiple sites and reentering my passwords over and over again.
Unless you are a Paypal - loving bigtimer, Justhost is not for you.

Biggest Pro: Sure looks nice
Biggest Con: Nothing but hassels

Previous reviews by frank bennett

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Being Sued!

These people blatanlt ignore the law and your rights as a Consumer. They automatically removed renewal fees from my checking account wihout giving me the opportunity to choose to renew with them ( Which they claim in their contract with you is not an obligation at all but a service- well I guess pick-pockets are providing a service then, too) . I told them explicitly to put the money back immediately or get sued and then they told me I would have to reset my password infor with them to get my refund! (legal?....NOT!)

They eventually posted the money back and then promptly suspended my webpage! Then i get another "Thank You" message from them when they went back into my checking account a few days later to renew my Domain!

As for Service; I always had to reach out to them and always remind them of promises they made (such as 50% off my next renewal fee) - so much for service.

I was with another web service before them and they were no better. So does this sound like someone you want to turn your checking account info or credit info over to? Not me...I'm suing!

By frank bennett on June 10th, 2012 at 14:38 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Justhost review has been hosted for two years with

The customer service is rude, and it's very difficult to get the right help. I remember been on holidays and didn't have my login details with me. They changed the server was hosted without sending me an eemail before. I just realised that my sites were offline ( and They were rude and completly useless. My sites stayed offline for 9 days approximately.

So when your site come to renewal you don't receive a reminder, just an email telling you that your site is now suspended. How can you work like this?

Another thing, how comes new customer get a better deal than existing ones?

I m now looking actively for a new hosting company....

Avoid this company.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Poor communication

Avoid JustHost! Just DO IT!!!!!

The price is appealing but be aware that free cheese is available only on a mousetrap! I have been with justhost for more than two years and I just decided to cancel my account after their terrible support from their customer service agents that I found mostly rude, unfriendly and unable to resolve faults in a timely manner.

If your website is sharing cooking recipes or family photos, you may consider justhost as one of your options. If you need more professional support for a real business, then justhost is a NO NOOOOOO!!!

Deception or Lies? Can't decide!

This is exactly what I wrote to them when they asked why I wanted to cancel hosting after less than two days!

Please specify your reason for cancelling your account

Dissatisfied with overall service, particularly that at no point as I discussed moving my sites to justhost, did anyone inform me that I did not need to move domains. All I needed to do was change nameservers. Everyone I spoke with seemed impatient with me as I hadn't transferred a domain in over 6 years. I'd been with the same company that long, and felt I was overpaying for the service I was receiving. It is true that "you get what you pay for". Justhost is not worth the monetary savings.

What service(s) did you need that we do not offer?

"Service", in general. And honesty.

Biggest Con: Deceptive practices by tech support and sales.

Oversold Servers

If you get put on the shared server, be advised the servers are oversold and over-trafficked.

We began almost immediately having issues with our forum timing out, usually during peak hours but sometimes aperiodically throughout the day. The downtime was very brief - a couple of seconds and then it would come back up again - but it happened very frequently in the evenings, eventually becoming several seconds of downtime every minute or two, coupled with unbearable lag.

I contacted tech support four times about this problem before one of the techies told me that the cause was that our site was having trouble connecting to the SQL database "because [we] were generating too much MySQL traffic".

Let me be perfectly clear: We have a database no larger than 80 megs, with no more than an average of 10 consecutive users on during peak hours. And they "COULD NOT HANDLE" that level of traffic - it's MY forum. Right. Even assuming our database was poorly optimized, a server would really have to crap the bucket before it became unable to handle that tiny amount of traffic.

I think I have an old 386 computer sitting in my closet; maybe I'll recommend that to them and it could host their clients.

Biggest Pro: Cheap as dirt
Biggest Con: Oversold servers and downtime

JustHost Review Update 1 Year On

I have a blog which is hosted on and has been since its inauguration in August 2011.

About 10 months ago I wrote a first review on having been with them for about 4 months at that time. My review at the time was very favourable. I had signed up to a 5 yr package and paid £117 all in.

My blog is in Movable Type and as time progressed and my blog grew I started to have a few problems as they did not have enough resources on the server and their technical support doesn't know very much about Movable Type; At one point they caused an error which made my site go off line, but they fixed it in about an hour.

It is obviously very stressful when you get any downtime and there are at times when their customer service and technical support could be much better. Also as I am in the UK they wouldn't honour their Facebook and Google Ad credits which I thought I was entitled to when I wanted to use them, but that is a very minor point as the running of my site is naturally priority.

However, in April they upgraded me to a new server as they have done to all their accounts I believe. This new server has more resources and my blog runs fine so far and since the upgrade in April I have had no downtime at all. I get over 10k visitors a month to my blog which is my views on Life, Love and Relationships to Help Others and JustHost allow unlimited bandwith which is great as I have approached almost 8gb a month so far in usage. [The reason why I haven't given them a 10 for uptime (I have given them 9.8) is because this is the first 6 months since being on their new server.]

As I say technical support could be better, but at least you can call them 24 hours a day and speak to someone if you have a problem.

So overall I would definitely recommend them and I will point out that I am an affiliate of theirs but that has no bearing on this review and if you would like to check out my blog - you will see how it runs on JustHost.

Biggest Pro: Uptime so far has been 100% since move to new server in April 2012
Biggest Con: Technical Support and Customer Service

Previous reviews by Isaac Sarayiah

The information below is no longer valid because the user has posted a follow-up review above.

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Just Host Are FAB!


I have been with them since August 2011 and have only great things to say about them.

I am in the UK and paid £117 for 5 years of hosting and since that time I have only experienced one server downtime for a few hours.

I have used their technical support on several occassions and found them to be excellent. Only today I was trying to add functionality to my backup site when I messed up and couldn't log in. I called their technical support and they had a backup from 2 days ago and I asked them to restore just the area I needed to and within minutes of them confirming everything it was done whilst I was on the phone to them and everything was working again. This was at no cost to me.

I would wholeheartedly recommend them and if you would like to see my site then it is

My site is using my unique experiences to help others problem solve, challenge their way of thinking and the status quo in order to... "be FREE be ALIVE be Truly HAPPY." At time of writing it is ranked in the top 800k websites in the world a jump of over 26m places since launch in late August 2011!

Happy New Year

Isaac Sarayiah

By Isaac Sarayiah on January 3rd, 2012 at 18:29 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Don't Know | Email: [Logged]

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Avoid Avoid Avoid - Diabolical Customer Service - All departments

Having been with Just host for a few years on a .eu domain i decided to change to and prior to changing i made inquiries about how easy it was to changeover as i needed e-mails back up and running quickly. I was given several options and advised there would be no hassle at all. WRONG WRONG WRONG!

I signed up for my new domain through their own forms and for a 3 yr hosting package. All went well, including the taking of the payment until i tried to set up my e-mails. 24 hrs later, at least 10 live chat conversations with their support teams and additionally several e-mails to them as well i canceled my account completely and WILL NEVER GO WITH THEM AGAIN OR RECOMMEND THEM.

They basically set up my new account and the hosting but never registered the domain hence not being able to set up e-mails. Every person on the live chat fobbed me off to another team, e-mail support, billing etc. They told me they don't even provide domains (even though i chose it on their sign up forms)

I could log into my new account, see the domain as my primary domain and the expiry date of my hosting package as 2015 (3yrs) but not one of their guys would take ownership and resolve the issue

Basically what was great service over the last few years has been let down with 24 hrs of complete hell by their support teams.

I've now bought the same domain elsewhere (so they really hadn't registerred it)

Biggest Pro: Unlimited everything included
Biggest Con: Customer Service and Support

Best customer service EVER

Though I've had zero problems with Just Host, my website has been designed on Vistaprint, and I've never gotten around to building a real site to be hosted at Just Host.

So I just cancelled a hosting account here. When was the last time you tried to cancel anything and had a GOOD and QUICK experience? I just did!!

I cannot believe how quickly and without hassle they credited my account! When I'm ready to put up a fully designed site, I'm coming back here. The customers service was the best I've ever encountered in web hosting services, and I've dealt with many. Awesome service!!

Literally within an hour, my credit card had been credited for the billing they had just submitted at the end of the week. And all this on a Sunday!

The reps were polite, spoke English, and didn't hassle me about cancelling. Definitely recommend them for the customer service alone.

Biggest Pro: The best customer service ever

If You Use This Host, Check Your Site Daily or It Will Be An Ad

My site has been here for 5 years and then all of a sudden, it started having problems. My site would be gone and there would be a big, ugly Just Host Ad in it's place. 56 people showed up to an event that had been cancelled because they got the Just Host Ad instead of our site. I contacted them 4 times and each time they said they had it fixed . One tech actually lied to me and said it was fixed and like a dummy I didn't check it before I got off the phone with her and when I tried it, I got the big ugly Just Host ad once again. I'm paying for them to advertise on my site I guess. They charge for a service they do not provide. Stay away, they have too many and too frequent problems with techs that are unable to figure out why these things happen and are unable to fix them. If you're smart you'll go elsewhere as I am doing. They should be out of business.

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