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Horrible, worst experience ever!

My experience with justhost:

At initial sign up - Browser crash - While attempting to submit payment my browser crashed 3 times. My system is new and up to date and has been working fine for all of my internet needs including everyday surfing, bill payment and online shopping. The next day I found that my account had been double billed.

Email Support - Responses were all from a different person. Original message sent by me not included in any responses causing a convoluted change of emails with no cohesion or clear resolution.

Extensive hold times - 3 calls to sales and billing more than 15 minutes on hold without ever having my call answered. Attempting to leave a message simply disconnected the call.

Tech support - Online chat very unhelpful and unwilling to provide steps to complete basic tasks.

Phone Support - Irritated orperator refusing to listen and explain steps required to complete tasks. Told me there was no higher level of support. Then put me on hold, came back and said the supervisors line was busy and I would have to call back. Would not let me leave a message and hung up on me.

Avoid these guys at all costs. I don't know how the get any good references online at all. Maybe they are hosting the sites which say good things?


Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: There is no value in something that cannot be used as intended

Predatory advertising.

I did a google search for best web hosting sites and was swamped with very different looking sites for this company, but they look like unpaid sites, not ads. it says you get a full refund. When I decided, after 1 hour, to terminate my contract, they added on a cancellation fee, told me i couldn't transfer the domain that was "mine," and that they can't refund other charges. furthermore, they operate under page 1 (and maybe "fat cow") but don't acknowledge it.


CAUTION! Policy thumpers who don't want to help; frustrating customer service; unclear purchasing arrangement (be careful if you only want a quote); "Anytime Money Back Guarantee" is only partially true - you will lose $100+ before you know it. I am also sure I am not alone in giving two-thumbs down.

Biggest Con: is the Biggest Con. I feel ROBBED!!!

Excellent all around!

I've been puzzled at the reviews here. One complains of hosting tools. CPanel is the most widely used hosting control tools out there. Some complain of "unlimited" storage. I've not had any problems, and the people who are having problems are either: A. Doing something prohibited by JustHost's TOS, or B, simply don't have the basic knowledge needed to host a website. I'm no expert, but you obviously have to have some experience in PHP and CGI scripts if you're going to use the site to its full potential. The one time I needed help, I got it promptly via email. The email was accurate, concise and answered the question completely. Many complain of being billed automatically. There are controls to easily take the billed card off "auto renew". One time the site was down for less than a day....and I can understand things like that can happen.

I guess my advice is be sure to ready everything before clicking! Anyway....I'll be with Just Host for the foreseeable future since they've been good to me!

Biggest Pro: fast, unlimited, cheap, easy to use!
Biggest Con: None I can think of!

Downtime at Justhost

I put my domain at justhost. I created emails for my employees. Everthing was just fine, until yesterday I found that the site is down. That was on Sunday, Augut 22nd, at 8:00 am.

First contact with support, i was told it will be back in 4 hours.

at 5:00 pm, it was still down. I was told it can take up to 12 hrs because they are restoring to another server.

Today, it's Monday, August 23d, at 9:00 am, the website is still down, and all I get from support is that maybe in 'few' hours.

I thought I should share this experience with others who are looking into choosing a host.

Just Host Just Needs Money!

I read a couple of good reviews about and decided to try them for two new websites I was putting up. After signing up and having massive problems, I began wasting my time trying to receive support. Their support department is the biggest joke I have ever seen. With my other webhosts, I usually receive great After two days of trying to get support,ustomer support in just a few hours! Not with!

I then emailed their billing department to cancel my service. I was assured I would be refunded within 7 to 10 days. That was July 26, 2010. Today is August 15 and I am still waiting.

I have emailed JustHost four different times since July 26. Each time, they responded back to me by reassuring me that they were looking into the matter and I would be refunded promptly. Today I received an email from JustHost stating that I have never fully canceled my accounts. Is stupidity curable?

I have now come to the conclusion that I will never get my money back from these people. It is too bad that JustHost does not provide decent support. It is also too bad that JustHost does not teach their billing department how to use a spell checker before sending out emails. is nothing more than a “fly by night” company. Enter at your own risk.

Help get me out of my 1 year commitment!

I won't waste a lot of time regarding their slow and awful service. You have to pay for expedited service and even then, they can't respond within their promised time frames. I would never believe it could be this bad if I hadn't experienced it myself.

I set up a reseller account with JustHost and began moving existing accounts and setting up new account on their servers. After a couple of months (shortly after the satisfaction guarantee ;) ) I was notified that they were shutting down some of my accounts because I had bad scripts or unsecured accounts. This was strange since I had NEVER had problems with the same scripts at previous hosting companies. I was told that passwords may have not been secured on the accounts that were hit by SPAMBOTS. While this was a possibility, it became obvious that this was not possible when I was told that it was happening on accounts that did not have mail accounts, mailing lists, or scripts installed! A brand new account with nothing but their default files was hit with SPAMBOTs and they said they were going to shut me down!?!?! They have convinced me that YES, they are NOT worthy of hosting since their own default file structure cannot withstand SPAMBOTs and Blacklisting. So, if your site gets any decent level of traffic, be aware that it may get shut down shortly after moving to JustHost. Pay a couple dollars more and try to get a reliable host unless you are just hosting for a hobby, because it is not for a business or professional level. -JustSaying.

Biggest Pro: Small price
Biggest Con: BIG Problems, frustrations, headaches, disappointments

JustHost hosting is terrible

I have used JustHost for more than a year. Their hosting environment is just fine.

Their support has been lackluster. Unlike what is usually posted, they do not want to give you phone support.

They recently double billed me ($120!). How does a CHEAP webhosting site ever bill you $120? Twice?

Not only did they acknowledge that they over billed me but that I would have to wait 7 to 10 days to get MY money back into MY account. They will not talk to me by phone. I have sent them numerous emails, making myself available for 12 hours a day, any day, on either of two phone numbers and they claim they have been unable to reach me. This can't be true. Anyone else has been able to reach me at will.

They are stalling and are not telling the truth. Oh by-the-way, I called their phone number and was put on hold for over an hour only to be disconnected after holding for that hour.

Biggest Pro: Web service equal to any number of Web hosting sites
Biggest Con: Lousy response and effort. Bad cusstomer support and business practices.

JustHost will take your money

Starting off was fine. The server went down for a few days in the first week, but that I could deal with. The software to setup the website was clunky and time-consuming, but it did get the job done. The tools for the operation of the website were about useless, and didn’t provide any info that I wanted. I also received an endless supply of emails trying to sell web traffic.

The real problem was when my 1yr subscription was up. By that time I did not need the website. I had planned for my subscription to expire and that would be it. Instead my subscription was renewed for another year at a much higher charge. They had retained my credit card info and charged that. I dug into my account details and saw that it would renew every year, and there was no way to remove my credit card info, cancel my subscription or close my account. I had to contact customer service for them to close my account and give me a partial refund.

Biggest Pro: Low initial cost
Biggest Con: They will charge you without asking

Avoid this host like the Flu.

JustHost has to be the worst host ever.
Everything about them makes them look like Criminals. And they are.
Stealing your money, giving you the blame, everything.

Buying an account is like burning your money.

If you want to have a website, you should stay away from JustHost.

Biggest Pro: Nothing. Period.
Biggest Con: Never talked to a human, crap servers and load time is so very poor.

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