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Unacceptable Service from JustHost

I moved my domain from a different host to JustHost after reading reviews for them on TopTenReviews. Honestly, I was very impressed with the reviews there. But today I seriously believe those were "paid for" reviews that were written by TopTenReviews.

JustHost does not stand anywhere close to what they promise.

My first problem took place the day I signed up. I tried making a payment for my account vis PayPal. Payment went through PayPal but JustHost did not reflect that. So I decided to make the payment directly by my credit card. Its then I realized that I was also charged on PayPal. Took me a couple of hours to get a refund.

My second problem also took place the day I signed up with JustHost. I was looking at the website transfer offer they had. I clicked the "Continue" button expecting it would take me to the next page with more details, but voila, clicking the Continue button actually placed the order for Website Transfer; No confirmation asked, no order page, nothing.. I was charged $50 for website transfer. I decided to continue without making an issue, since I was actually transferring my domain I thought I might as well some professional people get the site files transferred as well.

Anyways, they still did not leave up to their promise. They promise to transfer your site files and the databases in less than 12 hours, thats what they charge $50 for. BUt it took them almost two whole days to complete the transfer and it came with a lot of problems. My site transfer was not actually a successful one. I have to make changes to my sites configuration to get it up and running properly once again.

In short, I had to be offline for two whole days and go through a lot of problems when I decided to switch to JustHost.

Anyways, my nightmare was not over.

I have a couple of databases, however, only two are actually active. One is for my site and the second is for the wordpress blog I have.
Early November, 2010. My account was suspended. BAAAAMMMMMMMMM.... Why..? I had no clues. There was no intimation sent either before or even after suspending my account. I had to raise a support ticket to know what happened, which is definitely not acceptable. They are supposed to be informing their customers about any such severe actions before executing it.

Aren't they suppose to send you a warning mail, atleast 24 hours prior to take any such actions? Surprisingly they don't even bother informing you after taking any such action as well.
Then I read the super fine print on the Terms & Conditions page.
These arent the exact words, but it is what those words mean.
"We hold the right to suspend any account at any time at our discretion without any prior intimation. We will do our best to inform the customer but are not obligated to do so"
I believe we all understand what that means.

When I raised the ticket, I was told I am overusing the system resources. Against the 10% that I am supposed to be using according to the fair use policy. The database for my site is using 45% of CPU resources and my wordpress blog's database is using 105% of the CPU resources.
Now here is the surprise. My site has around 300 unique visitors a day with approximately 3000 pageviews a day. That is not too much of traffic and they say I am using over 45% of the CPU resources.
Now beat this. My wordpress blog had only 85 posts so far, had been online for about 10 days and I didn't have any visitors as yet and with this, I am using 105% of the CPU resources???????
God, what are the limitations????

They suggested making certain changes to the config file in the wordpress blof to speed it up and reduce the load on the server. When I added those codes, my blog was a complete mess. I once again, had to redo the config file to get the blog up and running again.

I tried searching on their website, Terms and Conditions, FAQ, even the Privacy Policy page, but there is no reference to anything which can give any idea as to what is this 10% Fair Use Policy in numbers?

And guess what, it took over 6 hours to get my site online again.

P.S.: I had asked JustHost to provide me with numbers which can help me understand the 10% Fair Usage Policy and there has been no reply on that as yet.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Everything

By far the worst hosting company I have ever dealt with

Site was running OK for a few months, although it did seem to go down quite often and was slow, then without any warning the account was suspended with immediate effect.

They basically sent an email saying I was using too much of their server power and I was no longer welcome to continue with my hosting. From that day I have not been able to access ftp or my account. I was told in the account suspended email I could get a refund but their so called customer support is horrendous. Every email was replied to by a different person asking the same questions I'd just answered. Very poor. Over 20 emails were send in a period of 48 hours and I got nowhere. Very frustrating, poor service and extremely damaging to our business which is mostly on-line retail.

They still seem to be emailing me telling me to pay for my hosting or my domain and site will be suspended which is an absolute joke as my domains and sites are no longer with them and haven't been for months.

I also believe their advertising is very misleading and probably isn't legal as it give the impression that everything is completely unlimited and nowhere does it mention that terms apply or that there service is actually only unlimited to the point where you take up any of their server power.

I certainly won't ever recommend them to anyone and they don't deserve a single point in the rating system for the pain and hassle they have caused.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: Just Host

Cancelling? You may have to file a dispute with your credit-card

I joined Just Host on 11/10 as a "silver" reseller. During the sign-up process, they offered a number of inducements to add on services, which I took advantage of in several cases.

The product/service - as delivered - was totally non-functional. I did not even have reseller priveleges at the beginning, I had to open a support ticket to get basic control panel features enabled.

As I continued to work with the service, I ran into one problem after another - basic functionality was either absolutely missing, or was configured in such an abysmal way as to be totally useless.

After about 24 hours of writing trouble tiickets, and fighting with their software, I decided that I had had enough. I have a business to run. I don't have time to mess with all this B.S. I expected to be provided a service that was "as advertised" and it was not. Not even close.

I asked them to cancel my account and refund all my money back to me. With the exxception of the initial reseller account fee, they have refused to refund a dime - and I have a whole slew of e-mails, back and forth with them, where they have thrown their terms and conditions in my face saying (in essence) "It just sucks being you!"

After repeated attempts to resolve this, I have opened a dispute with my credit card company, asking them to charge this back to the vendor.

We'll see what happens!


Biggest Pro: I can dispute this with my credit card.
Biggest Con: Everything they do and offer is a Con. In both senses of the word.

it does not worth neither with a cheap price

if you want just to play with a few code and some basic HTML it's ok, but don't rely on them for more than that, unlimited is just a marketing trick, support is evanescent, customer care just depend on who you find and
and control your bank account, they charge for everything and more, I spent a lot of time trying to have money back

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: everything else!

Just don't even think about it...

I would strongly recommend that no-one consider using JustHost. My personal experience has been worse than any I can remember with any other company, for the following reasons:

They quoted me a price in dollars, and then charged me in euros (38% extra), without any justification.
When I went to cancel, accepting that I would lose the 20 dollar domain name registration fee, I found that they intended to charge me 20 euros.
When I query this, they repeatedly say that euros and dollars are the same to them, so they charge customers in Europe in euros. They do not deny that they charge you a different amount than they quote you, nor that the 20 euro fee is not mentioned anywhere on their website. They simply say that as I was charged in euros (against my will, which is the main reason for me wanting to cancel!) they will charge the domain name registration fee in euros as well.

Avoid like the plague!

Biggest Pro: You can use a different company
Biggest Con: Atrocious customer service

Horrible speed - do not provide what you pay them for

I payed an extra 24 euros for "super fast servers". Result: Not enough speed to stream a video!
TOTALY unworthy! I sent them a ticket, they "solved " the problem, but the day after I had it again. I suspect they downgraded my hosting again and hoped I didn't notice!
Pretty pathetic...

Biggest Con: slow servers

Letter To Just Host

The misunderstanding has been your own.
The log in info did not work when I was trying to use my web site. Where were you then? How do you think I was trying to cancel initially? THE LOG IN INFO DID NOT WORK! So now I have to pay for your negligence (not fraud?) anyway!
The misunderstanding is your own.
The log in info did not work when I was trying to use my web site. Where were you then? How do you think I was trying to cancel initially? THE LOG IN INFO DID NOT WORK! So now I have to pay for your negligence (not fraud?) anyway!
You people have 10,000 ways to bilk and come up with a few more every day. Have you no shame? How do you perceive yourselves? Can you face yourselves in a mirror? I never got to use my web page for one minute. I could not access it. So I think every cent should be returned. But here is what you do. Tell your boss what a good girl you have been to his company, maybe he will give you a raise or something. Just hope he does not stab you in the back like you have done me. In the meantime I will spread good will about Just Host and tell them just how just you are and !what! a host.
Thank you for finally, manually canceling my account as I asked in the first place. Words cannot define how I feel about the trouble I must have caused you all this time. You must think terribly of me for causing you to have to deal with a customer willing to pay for a pig-in-a-poke. I got exactly what I paid for. I am sorry you have had to listen to the squealing. Sir Thomas Poteet, Esq., Retired Machine Designer. Ex Web Page Hopeful. Future Just Host Good Will Ambassador (Promise)

Biggest Pro: Advertisement
Biggest Con: Yes this is the biggist con.


I'd been with 1and1 for quite a few years (won't blast them here but I agree with their reviews on this site) and decided to take my domain to a new host. I don't know why I thought I could believe a site like "Top 10 Web Hosts" (obviously a paid sponsor) but Looking at Just Host's ratings there and the great price I found on their Web site, I initiated transfer of my domain and pre-paid for 4 years. That's when the trouble started. Once my domain was set up, I attempted to set up my email accounts. All at once I couldn't log in to the control panel (Cpanel is a piece of junk by the way) and started to work with JH's "customer service". Over a three day period they reset my password four times and I could never get my new password to "stick" for more than half a day. On day 3, I suddenly couldn't connect at all. Bottom line is that someone there had blocked my IP address at their server - I guess I was taking up too much of their valuable time. It's at that point that I ran across this site and read what a horrible operation Just Host is running, as rated by actual customers. Armed with that information I was able to get to my credit card company in time to head off completion of the transaction. I feel fortunate that I didn't have to fight them for a refund, because I don't know how I would even have communicated with them about it. I feel doubly fortunate that I found this site in time to act on real information. Thank all of you who have posted here.

Biggest Pro: "apparent" good pricing and features
Biggest Con: really really really really really bad customer service

Avoid at all costs! They are crooks!

They automatically bill your credit card a month before your bill is due. Canceling your account can only be done online of course and it is impossible to do. They steal your money by criminally charging your credit card and then don't respond to emails, return phone calls, etc. They are nothing but a bunch of crooks and are a joke of a company for hosting. Avoid these crooks at all costs!

Just Joke

Just Just insane. This company has to be the biggest joke in History of Hosting. Seriously I had a look at a site that I have been a bit too lazy to move over to Bluehost, strangley 15 pages about was MISSING. This is a wordpress based blog and soon i discovered the shocking truth that my wordpress version was downgraded to an very old version and that at least 7 plugins were missing. These jokers has apparently run a restor of their host server just like that and restored it to an old version. What a complete utterly joke...

This hosting company deserves to be in hosting hall of shame. Not to say say that they have extremly poor server uptime and all the time there is intermittent problems "random connection issues". I really hope everyone comes to this site and read the reviews of Just Host they do not deserve to run a hosting company.

Biggest Pro: good at charging money
Biggest Con: too much to list bad service over all and just plain crap.

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