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Domain Phishing?

I recently received a bill from JustHost which claims a fee for "renewing" my hosting services. The reality is that my domain is hosted by another company (owned by a personal friend).

When emailed and asked why I was receiving the bill I was told that is was due to a "transfer request" and I would need to respond to avoid an interruption of service.

I have been assured by the company currently hosting my plan that no request has been made from their end and I know that I have never requested a change... Hmmm... sounds like phishing to me.

Be wary.

Just say NO to JustHost

I hung on with these folks for almost two years before finally throwing in the towel and getting new service elsewhere last night. Some of the problems I encountered were:
- my email was being blocked by some sites as coming from a "spam server"
- my ftp would suddenly not work, and Customer Service said it was because I was having too many simultaneous connections. WTF?!! I never had more than one connection at a time, and usually less than twice a month.
- suddenly my catch-all account quit working, after performing correctly for over a year. CS's response was simply "we don't allow them".
They make strange changes to your account from time to time (such as the ftp mess) without so much as a word of warning. CS reps border on rude, and the entire experience has been frustrating. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!

Biggest Pro: I'm trying hard to think of one.......
Biggest Con: Too many con's...... I don't know where to start

Just Host - Cowboys

6 months into a 5 year contract they simply suspended my account alleging excessive use of server capacity - supposedly in excess of 10% - quoting some percentages which I am unable to check, verify or monitor. My website was out of action. I was locked out of my account so that I couldn't even do anything about it. After strong email protests they reinstated the account, but now a couple of months later they've done exactly the same all over again!

Their proposed solution is for me to upgrade my account to a dedicated server. Do they really think I'm going to throw more money at them after that experience?

Cowboys. Don't go near them.

Save yourself heartache do not use just host

It looked a good deal and was easy to set up, then you guessed, I had an email to say using too much server and account suspended.

One of 4 accounts were suspended for good, then it happened to others until I threatened that i wanted to make a complaint. So 3 active accounts, next were messages on one of the plans that i had not paid, i had set up payments with paypal. Hosting kept asking for payments over internet so paid to keep my hosting going. Sent proof that i paid, and proof of the over payments, guess what they suspended my account.

It took me 5 months and threats of reporting their english office to the fsa before i was refunded all the over payments that had been paid, oh and a threat that if they could not see the overpayments, that their accounts needed looking at by an official body. That worked best of all and I got an immediate refund, within minutes!

Now after having no accounts for several months they have taken money from my credit card, even though on advice from my cc card company that I email them and tell them not to take any more money, they took $19.95 for faster server, for hosting i do not have. This is surely theft, a refund has been issued after around 5 emails of complaint for $3.60.

I am now happily with hostmonster and havent had a problem in the last 5 months, found them helpful when i had a problem with another hacker, and they have so far been excellent.

JustHost - Nothing Else

after nearly two years with JustHost, we ran into a snag. It started with a principal in the company needing additional spam filtering, so we signed up for the $20 spam attacker. The problem is, we haven't received an email since.
Despite all efforts to communicate with this company, they are just not there. You cannot "speak" to technical support, it's not allowed. You cannot speak to a manager, they are not there. You can only communicate throug email (does anyone else see the problem here), so you end up having to share a personal email to communicate.
The "Technical Support" team seems gifted at replying to emails without ever answering any specific questions or resolving the issue. We disabled the spam attacker after the first day, and later found on the Cpanel that all mail was still being routed to it. We corrected that, received (2) emails, then nothing.
Since this frustration, we have begun researching alternatives, and although I know there is no such thing as perfect, I do place a lot of value on the ability to speak to a human being - something JustHost doesn't offer. I also researched reviews on JustHost, and was astounded at how many show up on the search that are clearly created by and contributed to by JustHost. When you keep telling yourself and everyone else that you are the best, I guess the people around you begin to beleive it too.

Biggest Con: No Technical Support - in person

Just Host is the worst hosting in the world !!!

Switched from my old hosting service to Just Host three days ago. From day one it was nothing but slow loading of pages and timing out of pages and links constantly. They gave me email, and the web address to go to cancel my account. I followed their directions. When I got to step three, there is only one ambiguous option,,,to "cancel the account so that it does not renew at the end of the billing period.
That's not what I want. I want the account completely closed, and my refund issued. Now can't get anyone to answer me or simply do what I request. I'm out over two hundred dollars,,,,,,,,,,,,and I WILL get it back.
Stay as far away from this company as you can.

Cancelled Credit Card

STOP!!! Read this before even considering JustHost.

Oh, by the way, only review comments from lists like this where we can add our own opinon, as I like many are fooled with all the hype at review sites.

I went back and forth exploring JustHost before I signed up, when all of a sudden I was offered 20% off the hositng price. I signed up.

As I going through the sign up process I chose a plan, gave my Credit Card and then pressed next.

A second page came up asking about add-ons, I scanned the page and decided I did not want any add-ons at this time. Press next to move through the ordering process.

Before I even completed, I was texted from the bank advising of two transactions from HostPro on my credit card. I didn't even get the chance to complete the order.

I tried to contact billing both through email, by phone and through their online chat, but to no avail.

All the emails were vague and were designed in my opinion to buy time.

I even got an email from the Cancel Department, that was after I got one from the billing department advising that my request for a refund was to be handled by the Refund Team.

Someone else mentioned that this company is run by computers. Sure seems like that.

This company seems to be really good at what they do - taking your money.

On advice from my Credit Card company, I have cancelled my card. Guess they have a record on JustHost.

I am currently with cirrushosting and was moving because of the attitude of the techs there with a problem I was having with MicrosoftOnline exchange. In the end I will probably stay there as at least everything works and a real person answers the phone.

That brings me to another point about JustHost. They claim they have real people who speak real english. Another marketing claim perhaps?

Biggest Pro: Smart Business Model if you own the company
Biggest Con: Fool me once, shame on me....


I have only registered with justhost a couple of days ago but after I read all this I decided to cancel. I had a 5 year plan for £87 with no extra addons (thank god I didn't get any when I registered!).
It might seem cheap but I have decided to cancel to avoid any trouble in the future.
I have had to email their cancellation, billing, refund and support emails to get this done.
The reply to my cancellation email was a link to cancel my hosting AFTER 5 years. They said it will be active for 5 years and I had no other option but to agree. I wasn't happy with this as I wanted to receive my refund straight away. So that's when I emailed their refunding service telling them that I am entitled for a refund. They replied within the hour stating that I need to cancel my hosting NOW, not after 5 years for a refund. I was a bit confused because that option wasn't available for me on the cancellation page. I emailed back and told them to cancel my hosting now. They replied back with how much I would get back excluding domain fees because I wanted to keep my domain. Supposedly it's $20 dollars for the domain but it looks like I have been charged $23. I didn't really care for the extra $3, I just wanted to avoid trouble. The refund has been confirmed by my paypal and said it will take 7 days for the transaction. Justhost confirmed that they have sent a refund and reminded me to cancel my subscription with them through paypal to avoid any extra costs. And so I did. I presume the money will be back in my account within 7 days as confirmed by paypal. I have contacted their support team to confirm that my domain name will be released by them within 60 days. I have yet to receive a reply for that email.
My cancellation only took one day to deal with and I was happy! I used the livechat about 5 times.. that's where I got those emails from.
Compared to you guys I feel lucky being scammed by only $3.

Biggest Pro: They reply quickly
Biggest Con: They can be difficult to deal with

JustHost - JustAJoke

We have our site hosted with Just Host and ever since we started with them, there's been nothing but problems.
Our web server was loading so slowly that every load attempt was giving "connection timed out" and i have been contacting them about this for nearly 2 days. Nobody has come back to me.

I phoned them today and the customer service agent accidently unmuted his microphone when speaking to his colleague only to say the words "******* idiot" in mid sentence....Appalling!

When i finally spoke to someone with half a brain, they told me they had been conducting maintenance to our web server (which we had absolutely no notification of!!) and to add insult to injury, they conducted this DURING BUSINESS HOURS!!

I wouldn't even recommend JustHost to my worst enemy!!!
JustHost - JustDont!

Biggest Pro: Nothing - They're cheap i suppose u get what u pay for
Biggest Con: They could even host a dinner party!

After a rocky start, now a very happy customer

When I first signed up for Justhost's service, I immediately considered cancelling my account because the server was so slow that my Wordpress databases were timing out. Their technical support couldn't accept the fact that the problem was on their end, not on my end, and not a problem within Wordpress.

I nearly cancelled my account but tried a workaround solution of increasing the timeout wait time in Wordpress. This solved the problem but my website still seemed incredibly slow at times.

Within a month, the problem dissapeared and now my website is fast and responsive, I've even reduced the Wordpress timeout limits back to their defaults, with no problems.

Now I'm running several domains and everything is running perfectly, with only occasional spotty downtime of a few minutes a couple of times a month. I recently ran a constant ping against their servers for 48 hours and got a 99% uptime. (The few packets lost may well have been due to my own bad connection.)

Customer service is OK to good. The live support on the website is helpful, I've used it many times. The staff are in India, and have a good basic knowledge, but they can't help with complicated technical issues. In cases over their head they will direct you to email the support staff, which typically reply within a few hours.

Frankly considering their price, the value is phenomenal. You get unlimited storage, bandwidth, subdomains and domain hosting for just a few dollars a month, and there are always coupon codes floating around the internet to save you more.

Biggest Pro: Best value, period.
Biggest Con: Support staff could be more knowledgable.

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Too slow for Wordpress -- functions timeout.

I moved my site to Justhost from my former hosting company, Godaddy. I'd read tons of great reviews of Justhost and most hosting review websites list them as best or at least top 5, so I signed up.

After setting up my Wordpress blog, I first noticed that the news in the Wordpress Dashboard wasn't showing up. Then when I went to install new themes and plugins I found that the server was unable to connect to the directory. I would only be able to install plugins and themes manually. This is unacceptable for me so I decided to contact support via their live chat.

Their agent was quick to respond however he was not very helpful and he didn't seem very knowledgeable.

A quick internet search for my error message confirmed my suspicion: their server was too slow. The requests were timing out. The default timeout setting is 5 seconds. By adjusting the timeout delay to 30 seconds, the problem disappeared, however I feel I shouldn't have to settle for such slow speeds when there are plenty of other choices out there.

I'm not going back to Godaddy, but Justhost is unsuitable for Wordpress-powered websites. The search continues...

By Joe Bowers on July 14th, 2010 at 23:40 EST
URL: Customer for Less than 1 month
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email:

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