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will suspend acount without any notification!

stay away if you don't want to wake up and find your account suspended because you got 100+ visitors!

they will even suspend all ftp and account management and you even can't access to backup your files and move to a better host!!!!!! :(

seemed ok to start with

Just Host promised to set up my domain and four domain names to point at the domain. The hosting was ok until I tried to improve my CSEO. I checked one of my doamin names to see if it pointed at the main domain as it should and found all four of my domain names were never registered to Just Host as they were supposed to!
Checked with Nominet and Enom, they said the domain names are in 'limbo'. When I asked Just Host to transfer them they said it would cost me £7.99 per year for each domain name to do this!! I can't believe it. Just Host looked cheaper but are much more expensive than 123-reg who I used to be with. Eventually 123-Reg said they would transfer the names over to them and point them at the Just Host nameservers FOR FREE. When my Just Host account expires I will transfer everything back to 123-reg.
One good thing Just Host did for me when I was a new customer and they were interested is help me to set up a feedback page which was very helpful. So far I have written a whole stack of e-mails to sort the above out and as a previous reviewer said they don't actually read the previous parts of the thread so they keep repeating the same information which didn't help in the first place!

Biggest Pro: Setting up my Feedback page
Biggest Con: You have to pay and then pay again

Put my website on a 3rd Party Server

I started with justhost in Novemer of 2010, its now February of 2011. My site had been getting slower over time. Now it's been down for half of the last three days. No one can tell me what's going on. It turns out that they were using a 3rd party server to host my site and couldn't do anything about it when the server started having problems. Most of the time my email is down too. They keep telling me that the problem is solved, and then it goes right back down. At first they tried to tell my it was my internet connection, ignoring the fact that they told me this over a chat on the computer that they claimed didn't have an internet connection!! I'm moving on to a different host. Justhost is okay when things work and a nightmare when they don't.

Just Host is REALLY a Fraud

Just Host started off extremely helpful but with several months left on my contract and website, they simply pulled the plug, don't answer emails, and phone calls are useless. My website is/was a family-type site and there is no reason for this.
The same type of thing happened with StartLogic. They changed my password and gave me a new one that didnt work. I checked out Just Host and there was nothing negative about them on the Internet that I could find so I went with them.
Yesterday they "suspended my account" and all my hard work went down the drain for no reason. I've been trying to reach them since yesterday but no one will respond. It seems to me there is absolutely NO tech support. There's nothing but a shell - a shell game that's a fraud.
Stay away from Just Host. They'll do to you what they did to me.

Just Say NO!

the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing at justhost.

I can no longer send emails via my domain, and some clown at tech support actually accused me of sending out spam on my account, and that I have no email problems, and that it is all my fault.

This is outrageous, I would not know how to "send out spam" even if I wanted to.

In my opinion, their server has been hacked, and they have too big of an ego to admit it, much less fix the freaking problem, which they still have not fixed after 3 days now.

My email just stopped working all of a sudden after 8 months of no problems.

Then after I asked for a supervisor, no more contact...nothing.

Avoid this company absolutely. They are clowns who just take your money, and then drop you like a hot potato once you have a problem.

They should change their name from "Justhost" to "JustClowns"

Biggest Pro: zero
Biggest Con: 100 percent con

Just Host - Just Dont!

I have suffered through many issues with JustHost! Wish I would have researched more before going with them because they seemed cheap. Not after al of the hours you put into creating a site, let alone dealing with their so-called customer service. This company SHOULD NOT even be in business righ now. They are 100% incompetent! They could care less about the complaints, their customer's frustration or the customer at all.

I have been overwhelmed by the idocracy of their service. Yeah, they have 24 hour Chat available for customer service. Good luck with that! Their people don't have a clue about ANYTHING in the chat, and they refer you to email your issue or open a support ticket. Then, after spedning days emailing with various people about the issue after they email back asking some retarded question that doesn't even apply to what you asked in the first place, you have to email again. This has gone on for about 45 days for me now and still issue not resolved. I asked for a domain transfer, which I had to be sent an invoice for $14.95, but then couldn't log in to pay, then later, I attempt to transfer that domain to someone else after getting tired of dealing with them, and they tell me the $14.95 was to change my main domain, not to transfer the domain, and they never actually transferred it to begin with!

Then I ask to cancel, and they provide a link to go to, which your only option is to cancel at the end of your subscription. Then after requesting a refund, I learn the supposedly they can't refund a transaction on a credit card, they have to use a Paypal account instead.

What a joke! Stay away from this company! There is no phone number anywhere to be found, all support is done via email in broken english at odd times, which tells me they are not national but international.

Pay a higher price for something else instead! You will most assuredly regret signing up with JustHost as your hosting service!

Biggest Pro: Not one hat I can find!
Biggest Con: Dealing with them at all!

JUSTHOST are an AWFUL company!!!

JUSTHOST are an AWFUL company!!!
The support is none existent , with generic emails replies you will go round and round in circles till you are blue in the face!

A Trial???

I trialled Just Host but NEVER uploaded my site onto their servers & now that I have activated the site with another company they have been hassling me with these overdue accounts. I checked it all out with my host company & was reassured that they had nothing to do with this company. Now, they have direct debited my credit card for 2 years subscription according to the inane response to my heated complaint email.


Biggest Con: The whole company!!


I have been trying to get my authorization code for a paid domain name and the keep sending me emails transferring me to different departments. I paid the renewal fee and they refuse to give me access to services I paid for. customer service is a joke and this whole company is very shady. do keep looking and i can onloy hope you are reading these reviews before you get caught up with justhost!

Biggest Pro: Honestly no PRO
Biggest Con: SCAM

JUST HOST IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had my site for about 8 months and have it built up with a high ranking on Google. I log in yesterday morning and my site has a huge "ACCOUNT SUSPENDED" on it instead of my homepage.

I tried to log in to see what the problem was. I was locked out of my account.

No phone number to call. JustHost discontinued that. The only venue is their stupid Live Chat. A bunch of people who can DO NOTHING to help you, except tell you to submit a ticket for support. How can you do that when you're LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT?

One of the live chat people looked into and said I owed $26.85. Apparently the credit card I had on file was not working. But I couldn't correct it because these a$$holes locked me out. No email either. Everything shut down for $26.85

After almost two days of filing support tickets and waiting I have nothing from them except this:


Thank you for your email.

I can see this ticket is a duplicate and will now be closed. Your query will be dealt with in your separate ticket.

Kind regards,

Nickolas Pearce-Evered""""

That's it!!!!!!!!! I am losing hundreds of dollars because of these jerks!


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