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Site shutdown without notice

I have been with Just Host for two years and have had nothing but good things to say about them. I have 12 domains with them along with SSH and a couple other add-ons.

I have 3 clients hosting their domains on my account as well as my development environment (for my new clients) running on a sub-domain of my company domain.

I got an email with a statement on 5/19/11. Without warning or any type of notice my domain running my business portfolio was shutdown on 5/26/11. There was no message in the mail log at or any type of indication the site had been shutdown (or why). I can only assume it was because my credit card on file had been expired.

Needless to say, that is unacceptable. Luckily my primary domain is still active so I can access my files. I am in the process of transferring all my domains and sites to Media Temple - the company that hosts the jQuery project (and many others) for free.

Not a good day for me!

Biggest Con: Customer service

Worst hosting server and wrost customer support

I have jushhost reseller account this was the worst experience I had with them. I have two other reseller account with less prices compared to this. but those are much better compare to this. and there customer support such bad and will not respond properly

I suggest no to go with justhost at any cost...

Just use someone else

Just do yourself a favour and use someone else! they're all very nice when you take a package and they're taking your money but they forget about you 0.1 second after the transaction is finalised. Trying to leave them and go someone else is like trying to leave Britania Music in the 80's, you have to take out a legal order to get rid of them and stop them contacting you. Total nightmare from day one.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: The whole package

Liars, Crooks, SPITEFUL Antagonists, Terrible Technical Knowledge

I wish I had researched my choices for a host better when I moved. JUSTHOST IS THE WORST HOST THAT I HAVE EVER HAD BAR NONE! I have been a web tinkerer and WebMaster since 1997 and I have even survived the likes of downtownhost, Netwizards, and others. I actually switched host literally running from Justhost in fall 2010 and had to renew my domain so this meant calling them and giving them my credit card number.

Luckily for me it was my PayPal credit card. They charged me $15.00 for the domain renewal, I took it stride knowing that it was a small price to pay not to deal with them anymore. Well less than 1 week later, there was another charge on my paypal account listed as an "upgrade."

I immediately reported them to paypal citing the difference between the two transaction IDs. Paypal reversed the charges within 24 hours. I get an email stating I owe them money for an "upgrade" for an account that has been closed since October. I politely explained how convoluted they are and was instructed via email to login and cancel. How can I log in and cancel if my account closed in October???

SO NOW I NEED TO WRITE PAYPAL AGAIN...Their latest email tells me to cancel my "subscription" through paypal. How strange, I give a credit card number once and I am now wasting time fighting with crooks. So if JUST HOST ARE NOT CROOKS THEN THEY ARE MANAGED EXTREMELY POORLY. SO POORLY THAT THEY LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE ZERO INTEGRITY!

THESE PEOPLE ARE TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST. I AM CURRENTLY VERY HAPPY WITH INMOTIONHOSTING. THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY treat you like a human, communicate about challenges or discrepancies etc. So like an abused lover, I am taking refuge and loving it at my new shelter. Down WIth JUSTHOST! THEY GIVE BAD SERVICE AND THEY ARE COMPLETE JERKS.

Biggest Pro: That I no longer have to deal with this kind of unprofessional aggravation regularly! :-)
Biggest Con: They will rob you blind and pretend not to know or the employees don't know about the full extent of the sleazy practices.

Just Host NOT

I lost 2 domain names because of these people, they are totally disinterested in helping or resolving anything, blatantly thieves. My sites no longer exist. they took the money were given the keys to transfer but did not. Still gettting bounced around the departments, no-one could me more dishonest.



Justhost is the worst web hosting company out their. I am convince that any good review you see about justhost on the internet is paid for by them or done by them. they are crooks. they suspended my account 4 times. Take note that i am now hosting this website on another host and have since added 3 times the amount of information i had when it was with justhost and they never suspended me. Justhost keep trying to sell me dedicated hosting from an affiliate company which pays them commission per sale every time they suspend my sharing account. I have since cancelled with them and they refuse to give me a backup of my files or access to my account to make a backup or my database and server home files.

If you are looking for a good hosting company steer clear away from JUSTHOST they will kill your reputation as a reliable domain and damage your image. ADDITIONALLY THEY ARE CROOKS

Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: crooks

Stay away from Just Host!!!!

They are crooks. Simply CROOKS. They will try to catch you on "unlimited" plan for $4.95 per month without specification for how long and if you live with them credit card# They will try to charge you for renewal much, much more without warning. It means: They charge first - bogus invoice later. My charges went from $59 to $161. Fortunately my credit card they attempted to charge was canceld, but now I have to figur it out how to get my domain name from them hosted for "FREE". Terrible service.

Biggest Con: Hidden charges, unscrupulous billing, Bad service

JustHost false advertisement. sucks! My site went down 15 times this month! My revenue on my website has been severely affected. 99.9% uptime guarantee? Bull crap. I experienced 66% uptime this month, horrible. I search google and yahoo for "JustHost reviews" or " review" and see reviews that look like JustHost spammed search engines with good reviews created by themselves! No legitimate blog/website has written a good review about JustHost. They use the same person for customer support in the chat room, but they give fake mediocre names like "Victor", "Max", "Cindy", "Ralph", etc to seem like they have an actual support team. Offer a lawsuit for false advertisement and they can't even give you a physical address (it's located in Phoenix, Az, in "iPower Inc" which is a domain/hosting company too, so JustHost may just be a fake competition site, a subsidiary of "iPower Inc", so don't use either company!) The Ceo will watch his company crumble.

Biggest Pro: The option to leave.
Biggest Con: Everything.

Bad for your business

If you host other people's websites, Justhost is a bad choice as a business partner offering a reselling deal.

Their support department responds quite quickly but my sites go down nearly every day for 5-30 minutes at a time. After I query this I usually get a reply saying they are having trouble with their server and my patience is appreciated.

I asked for a free month because they failed to meet their guaranteed uptime and they responded saying they no longer guarantee uptime.

When I asked, via the online chat, about paying more for a better service they said a senior tech person would call but nobody ever did. When I asked to speak to someone in management about my dissatisfaction, they said, after much prompting, that they didn't allow anyone to talk to managemnt.

Biggest Pro: Courteous, if uninformed, support staff
Biggest Con: Website goes down frequently

Hosting with can be a nightmare

My main site hosted on justhost was hacked on April 9th,2011. I am supposed to have a backup,when we tried to use the backup to get the site back, we found that the back up was tampered with by the hacker (so your backup was not saved in a secure location. justhost was unable to restore the site. I got some to help in restoring the site but since April 11, 2011, we cannot log to our cpanel (do not ask me why), we requested a back up of all the files of the site to move it to another hosting account because of our inability to log to the cpanel. We received the files about 2 days ago, when my people were working on the site, they found out that all the public html folder is missing, now it is April 13, 2011. Waiting for the site folders. I do not know if we will ever be able to login to the cpanel . Comparing this with the same problem with Hostgator, in less than 5 minutes, my back up was restored and the site was running again in very short time. Now if you do not believe it, I have 50 emails going between me and their support that testify to my comment here. And if people mention what goes wrong, is just to help another person to avoid these pitfalls. So you can be the judge if justhost is good or not.

Biggest Pro: reasonable price, but unfortunately a lot of talk on the internet that they are good which is not true
Biggest Con: cannot rely on their backup and extreme low quality technical support

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