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Confused with Reviews

When I decided to start a blog, I read that it was better if you had your self hosted. So I read a few websites and they suggested JustHost.

I decided to sign up for JustHost. It was a really simple set up, and I was able to pay through PayPal (which was key for me). I had my site up and running that day (I used the WP plugin).

Anyway, 2 days ago, I decided to look up reviews for it again (no idea why, just felt I should) and then I found all these negative reviews I hadn't seen before! So I decided I would switch my web host because of the issues others were having.

Before I cancelled, yesterday I filed two tickets, and they were taken care of right away. So tech support wasn't as awful as reviewers made it seem. My site hadn't been down (I had been with them for about 3 weeks). But I still decided to cancel for the other reasons listed (I really didn't want the headaches from account suspensions as they seem to happen a lot to others??).

So I followed the steps provided to me, expecting a huge ordeal about getting my refund. I sent an email explaining how I wanted to cancel, & get a refund. I said that if I didn't receive it within the business week I would file a dispute with PayPal (since so many said it was hard to get their money back). I also sent them what I expected back. I took off the $20 they charge, plus the add ons, and said I didn't feel I should pay for that month, since I was cancelling before the month was over.

I got the email back offering 3 months free, within an hour, but I still wanted to cancel and let them know. So my email was forwarded to the refunds department. I really didn't think I would get a response since a lot of the below reviewers didn't? Well, I woke up this morning to a notice from PayPal that JustHost had refunded me what I had asked for.

Maybe they picked up their game? Dunno. But I can't believe how pain free it was for me. I was kind of worried about the whole thing. I do think people should look into the TOS before hand, since the inodes limitation is listed in there (not that I understood what it was until yesterday)...

I did some research and am now with WebHostingHub, and so far they have been INCREDIBLE. Their tech support is amazing. I have never had to wait very long when I've called. They have been patient and walked me through whatever questions I have had. Since I am new and not familiar with anything they helped me so much. If you plan on switching and have a smaller company/personal site, I would definitely suggest looking into them

Anyway, I am no longer with JustHost, but I am not sure why I didn't have the same issues as others? Anyway, I guess since everyone has seemed to have an issue I would probably avoid. I wish I had seen these before I signed up. I lost about 40 bucks. You win some, you lose some.

Biggest Pro: Setting up wordpress was really simple.
Biggest Con: What others have said.

From rocks to roses

You could'nt in your wildest dreams imgagine that such atrocious p.r and customer relationship could go from one extreme to the other.
Earlier, I was treated as though I had the plague and it was caught by communicating with the customer.
I was at the stage of 'taking my bat and ball and going home".
As if by a swish of the magic wand, things changed.
"Communication" is now a part of the service Gosh, that's a hell of a start. It could'nt have been worse.
"Customer Relations" went from 'minus' to an encouraging 'plus'.
Even coughed up for another 12 months.If you've read my post of six months ago, you'd think I was mad!
There has been an amazing transformation.
I put that down to we plebs objecting to being treated with such rudeness. Customers must have left in droves.
It looks like revamp is taking place.
Let's hope the clean out has a continuing possitive approach.

Biggest Pro: Moving from minus is a start.........
Biggest Con: It was all a con........somebody woke up

Previous reviews by Nicholas Lee

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Just a row of flashing lights.....

Cheap and nasty.
Tutorials and help pages brief and useless.
Locked out when I tried to edit my site. Wasted hours rebuilding.
Aii in vain. It would'nt re-load.
STAY AWAY !!!!!!

By Nicholas Lee on February 8th, 2011 at 03:23 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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This place is a SCAM!! They make claims they dont hold up to and try to force customers into dedicated hosting. I have been with them for 2 years. About a yr ago this all started with the "suspending sites" and trying to force you into dedicated hosting. funny thing is the sites they suspend are big in name, however only take a couple hundred hits per month. It takes them forever to respond to the issue via E-Mail which is the ONLY way to contact supprt. I am starting to move all my sites to another server , but is so time consuming is the only reason I hadnt done this yet. BEWARE!! DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT be scammed by this company!! Take your bussiness elsewhere!! you will be Much Happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest Pro: NONE!
Biggest Con: SCAM into Dedicated Hosting!

Ended up moving to another host

A couple of months in, all 3 of my domains were still not up. These yokels had the audacity to accuse me of sucking up too much bandwidth/traffic too high for a small personal site(and I still did not have all of my domains available!), and tried to force me into a dedicated line and a pricier plan. These guys are crooks. I took my business to GoDaddy. The price is competitive, the customer service speaks English as a first language, and is actually very friendly and helpful. They don't want you to get off of the line until all of your questions have been answered.

Again, run away from JustHost, get better service and a similar price without deception or hype at someplace like GoDaddy.

Previous reviews by Christopher Gray

The information below is no longer valid because the user has posted a follow-up review above.

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Don't believe the hype - run AWAY.

It's been nearly 3 weeks and my 3 domains still are not up and running.

Customer service - don't bother calling. The Indian(?) fellow on the other line had a few canned answers. If you have a real problem, they'll just refer you to send an email to either or They typically do respond within 24 hrs, but you're given a 5 cent answer and blown off when you have a 25 cent problem.

I admit I'm not the most savvy site admin - but I do know the basics.

Their $3.95/month plan is NOT a monthly plan. They charge you for a full 2 or 3 year plan in order to get that price all at once,and it does NOT state that until it is too late. There is no billing or plan confirmation screen as with most online purchase sites - if you click to sign up, you've got an account. You CAN get a month to month plan, however, it is considerably more, and they're not up front about it. When you try to click away from their site, a popup live chat box comes that states you'll get another 20% off if you sign up. Well, you simply don't get an additional 20 pct off, the rep told me later that "the $3.95 a month IS with the 20 percent off". If you own multiple sites, to get domains transferred, you must pay additional fees, not the "free unlimited domains" that they advertise. The reality is they will nickel and dime you with fees for each and every domain you try to transfer over to them, and not 'for life', you will get assessed these fees annually. (Which i have expected with my other domain hosts - but don't make promises you don't intend to follow up on).

Even though I had the EPP transfer codes and domains were unlocked Yahoo side from day 1, 3 weeks ago, the DNS servers STILL have not been updated.

I registered a new domain through their site (no free, unlimited to it), so there should be no DNS problems with it - it is set up as an add-on subdomain of my account. I am unable to FTP anything to any of the 3 domain folders.

The worst part is, you end up re-explaining your situation/pose your questions each time you send a mail to support. You get blown off with a quick reply instead of someone taking ownership of your problem until the issue is resolved.

I simply want my 3 domains transferred/registered with the proper DNS, pointing to my account properly, and the ability to start FTPing up to the 3 domain folders. This is the most simple and basic expectation someone could have from a host, and they have failed to deliver. If support doesn't get this resolved in the next day or so, I'm cancelling and moving - and yes, paying a lot of transfer fees again to someone else, but someone's gotta do web hosting service right? Right? ;)

I would not recommend these guys. They promise big, deceive in their offerings, and deliver small.

Zero out of 3 sites up, 3 weeks into signing up for their service.

By Christopher Gray on May 1st, 2009 at 23:52 EST
URL: Customer for Less than 1 month
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email:

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Just Host is a JOKE!


I have enough bad experience with them in 2 months to write a novel, take my word for it.

Also, I am yet to receive my refund for pro-rated service.

If you want more detailed information I would be happy to share, email me at: info {at} adeptdesigns {dot} com

Biggest Pro: NONE

Very Poor Service

We are not very experienced at starting up a website and it can be very confusing, which is my customer support is vital. Both my wife and I asked questions by email and by telephone to get our email account up and running.

After 2 weeks we finally ran out of patience and called in a local company to come and help us. He came in and sorted it out for us (£120). He told us and I quote "You would have had no chance at sorting the problem out with the information they were giving you"

We had cut and pasted our live chat sessions so it is not like we were passing on the wrong info either.

I would avoid these guys and go to someone who knows what they are talking about.

Biggest Con: Tech Support

Bait and switch tactics

Justhost was a good company for me until they were bought out. This company appears to have gone down the tubes since they were bought out by Endurance Group International.

I had a 3 year plan and ran a small mom and pops genealogy site as well as a personal blog. Both sites have extremely low traffic.

The company has blacklisted ip's addresses sporadically to where I could not access the server from home, but could from other ip's. I Opened up a ticket and they fixed the problem once by removing the ip off the blacklist. It happened again a few months later and they stated they did not blacklist ip's. So basically I had a system I could not access from my home and the tech was either lying to me or incompetent. It makes me wonder how many other good ips were blacklisted.

Forward to 1.5 years later - out of the blue I get an email that my site had hit their cpu usage ceiling and the account was suspended according to their terms of service. It then went on to tell me that I needed to upgrade to one of their dedicated servers for $150 a month. I got a good laugh out of that one since the email really never proved or disproved to me their TOS were violated. The way their system is set up there is no way for a user to know how much cpu usage they are really using - unless you have shell access to their server to monitor this.

This is a bait and switch tactic.

When cpu ceilings get hit, reputsable hosts typically notify their patrons and let them fix the problem instead of trying to sell a non business site dedicated service for $150 a month. Typically, for non criminals as myself, this happens by either being hacked or using a poorly written program that is using too much memory or cpu power - neither of which I could find on the justhost account that would have pushed up cpu usage. I have to call BS on them and say it was an issue on their end.

They were at least decent enough to let my ip through so I could pull off some data that I did not have backed up regarding a memorial blog for my son who recently died at the age of 7.

I made sure that I used my legal title in any correspondence with justhost.

I read the horror stories and expected not to get a "guaranteed" prorated refund back from this company since they were bought out and their mother company appears to be getting a bad rap.

Justhost only owed me $70 back, but I am a bulldog and it is the principal of the matter. Many people would not bother with it. I wonder how many other people roll over and just let the money go.

If they do not give you a refund, you can call YOUR state Attorney General's office and ask them to look into it. Most states have a complaint form online. My state, if they get enough complaints the AG's office will sue the company on behalf of the consumer.

You can also take the mother company, Endurance International Group, through small claims court. They are out of Burlington, Mass and you will have to take them to court their. Ask the magistrate for reimbursement of travel expenses.

If you used a credit card - initiate a charge-back - but first let justhost know you are going to do this so they have the opportunity to refund you. This is required before the credit card company acts. Keep a journal/log of the steps you went through.

After jumping through a few hoops with justhost they did refund my money into a paypal account. I did not really like this and it looks like they use paypal primarily now instead of going directly through the credit card companies directly - another layer of headache for the consumer since I do not link my paypal account to my bank and will have to use paypal to spend that money.

NEVER link paypal to your personal bank account -- this is a security issue --another story.

I hate to see a good companies get bought out by investment firms and go downhill squeezing as much profit as they can out of the company usually at the expense of the workers and the consumers. This has happened to many providers in the US and appears to be the growing American way of internet providers.

I am now buying vps service from a mom and pop company and getting quality service....oh please do not sell out :)

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: Bought out by larger company and went downhill, questionable business practices.

Dreadful experience

I bought into the package, since then most of my emails are bouncing back, they charged for a domain they don't even support.
If you have a .eu domain be aware they do not have the facility to support.
Still can't get my money back.
I bought a 5 year package with them and now doing my best to move before the 5 years (ASAP)
Support service is terrible, they sent me generic emails which didn't solve my problem nor answer my questions.

One of the worst

We have been hosting with Justhost for about 6 months now and during this time we have experienced a lot of strange things with this company.
Not only have we received suspicious invoices but when you speak with the tech support they don't know a thing of what they're doing.
On each and every ticket I submitted or replied to I've had to wait for hours until I received a reply!
Is that what they call first class support?

After a while I was offered priority support which in fact did some effect on the response time.
This time it "only" took one and a half hour for them to reply. They claim to have a priority that takes between 20-30 minutes but that's just pure ********.

The support team barely reads your tickets and what you write in them, this is why it has taken days for me to solve a single downtime issue which occurs every day. You know what? It's still not solved!
A month ago I've noticed our SSL certificate was outdated so I contacted support but with no luck what so ever. The problem has still not been fixed.

Since they couldn't fix the downtime issue they blame me for being the cause of the problem. They say I might have blocked myself in .htaccess file each day and then enabled myself again. That sounds weird, doesn't it? Their support is one of the worst and most inexperienced I've ever experienced.

We will soon cancel our Justhost account and move on to another more reliable hosting company.

Their support suck, the staff is both rude and unhelpful. They have a lack of experience and cannot fix problems. They are in fact "stealing" your money.
Do not go for Justhost. It will definably be one of your biggest mistakes and so was my.

Biggest Pro: Just hosting
Biggest Con: Their lack of knowledge. Rude and unhelpful support who barely read your replies.

Justhost support failure

Initially Justhost was good. Then they transferred my site hosting to a different person for no apparent reason. fair enough, anyone can make a mistake. Then they refused to correct the problem, constantly asked the same question, 8 different people responding but not answering questions, eventually I have lost my web site. Justhost are best avoided.

Biggest Con: Customer support do not listen or communicate

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