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Their customer service is awful! They tell you that in order to cancel you have to do so on the website but in order to do that you need a password. Then they tell you that you need to call customer care in order to have the request filled. I tried to escalate to a supervisor but was informed that none was available. I then waiting on hold for 30 minutes just to be told I had to email my request. I had already moved my domain, but in order to get on the website to cancel I would have had to move my domain back. I ended up canceling my credit card so that they wouldn't charge me since neither online or customer care could cancel this account. It was a big fat circle of hell! I would never ever recommend them to anyone.

Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: horrible service!

Bad Service, does not address problem, Does not reply to tickets

Bad Service: Hosted sites keeps on returning Bad Gateway, site is down for an hour at least 2 times a week.
For 6 months with them, I encounter these problems frequently.

Bad Technical Support: I have lots of the tickets on them, their usual "BS" - were looking at the problem, the problem is fixed. But the problem keeps on recurring.

Bad After Sales - Their refund department don't reply to emails, its been 3 days and still no word from them
- Lots of gimmicks, their so called "billing term" is a scam, be mindful in reading what you "tick".

Value for Money - Totally nothing cause it's a total waste of time being with them.

Biggest Pro: Nothing and a total waste of time
Biggest Con: Bad Service, Bad After Sales, Term/Condition Trickery

Just Host is AWFUL!

I have had my site and domain there for 2 years. After dealing with:

1. being double charged
2. terrible customer service - I even can't speak to anyone who can even understand what Im talking about
3. nobody working seems to have any technical knowledge
4. multiple billing issues with the same unhelpful response back from them

I decided to switch to Hostgator and I forwarded my domain... but of coarse its not working. I also have domains with Godaddy and Proud Domains that all worked fine when forwarded to my Hostgator acct... but not my Justhost domain. I just paid for the domain for the year (10$) and now they tell me if i cancel my hosting they wont "host my domain for free." I wrote back "its not for free, i just paid for the entire year!" far no response back. the only reason i didn't change sooner is because I was too busy and they site wasn't really getting any traffic anyways so as long as it was up most of the time that was all I cared about. however, I didn't check the site too often so I cant even say that their up-time is good either.

When i went to cancel they tried to offer me all these free add-ons and free hosting for 2 years.. yeah right!! They are liars and scammers! they always have hidden charges, just like when I very first signed up. I've seen it before and I would never believe an offer like that... and even if it was true I still wouldn't do it... That's how bad they are...I WOULDN'T USE THEM IF THEY WERE FREE!!

Host Gator has been a million times better so far. don't do Justhost, THEY SUCK!

Biggest Pro: NONE

Just Stay away

Terrible web hosting provider, in fact they are worse than terrible...I can't even put into words the anger and frustration JustHost have caused me. Their website displays a contact telephone number and the words "24/7 Live Support" underneath, however once you have completed a purchase with them it stores a cookie on your machine to prevent the telephone number from displaying! If you call them they will simply tell you they don't provide support over the telephon.....100% false advertisement.....and to make matters worse their servers are unreliable, their support staff are rude and have a 'I don't give a s**t' attitude. I wouldn't recommend JustHost if I was paid to. I have 5 websites hosted with them, I am moving them all away next month. I used to have 4 seperate web hosting accounts with them and 18 domains - F00ls....

Biggest Pro: It's cheap....
Biggest Con: Website Constantly Down, Bad Customer Support

Run-around Customer Service

I am in the middle of dealing with JustHost and trying to wrestle straight answers out of them.
I had a 6-month hosting plan, which I decided to move to Hostgator because with Justhost I was getting random slow server responses. Unfortunately, I had already purchased my domain name from them and it's locked with them for 60 days, which extends beyond the end of my 6-month hosting that I won't be renewing.

It's been like pulling hen's teeth trying to make sure my domain name A) points to the right nameservers (they don't let you change this yourself), and B) will continue to work once my hosting expires. A dozen messages later and an hour of my life gone, I've finally strangled a straight answer out of them.

Apart from this customer service fiasco and the randomly slow/unresponsive server, their prices are fine, and they've been reliable, but not for any website beyond a personal blog that you can live with not being responsive every so often. In dealing with Hostgator customer service at the exact same time, I am much more impressed with them and have high hopes of staying with them long-term.

Goodbye Justhost.

Horrible Customer Service

So I canceled my site after 2 years because I no longer need the site. They charged me anyways and when I called them I am directed to email them for security reasons. It has been 2 weeks and they have not refunded my money and if I reply to their emails it moves my ticket down to the bottom of the line. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Could not recommend JustHost

I bought a shared package which came with a free domaine last year. Sometimes during the year I wanted to cancel the account because there had been downtime without much explanation and I had several domains on there. They offered me 3 months extra if I didn't cancel which i accepted. However, it was never applied. I had cancelled the automatic renewal and finally also lost the free domain that came with the hosting.
There should really be a punishment for being stupid: I actually renewed the package at the beginning of the month and again experienced "downtime" and some mysterious problems with "altered files" for which I never got any explanation. Something I found strange was the fact that they could enter my account from cpanel without asking me for the login! I have dealt with other companies who asked me for the login under the same circumstances.

When I asked for a cancellation of the account, they offered me this:
FREE Additional years hosting -
FREE Priority Support Upgrade for life
FREE Search Engine Submission
FREE SEO / Visitors 2 You for life
FREE Domain Privacy
FREE Just Host Directory entry for life

Total Saving - $363.10

How can a company give you unlimited bandwidth etc for two years on $41 when they pay $60 to the affiliate. It looks this setup is run by somebody who cannot do the maths!
Proof? My site has been down since Friday and their "priority support" is no support at all, though their ordinary support does answer the tickets.

Draw your own conclusion at your risk and peril

Biggest Pro: Supposedly the price but if you get 20% uptime that is no good either, is it?
Biggest Con: They don't seem to know what they are doing

OMG Don't Even Go There

They had most of my sites down daily. Recently they suspended my account with NO notification and took down all my sites. After waiting hours on the phone they said my usage was too high even though I have unlimited bandwidth and domains. That is all a bunch of crap. I told them when I signed up there was Nothing about usage and they had to the right to suspend me for this? I am so fed up and lost a ton of business. So they took me down with a ton of work lost. I highly recommend to stay away from them.

Biggest Con: Unlimited Domains and Bandwidth

Horrible and ridiculous

I have to confess i went with them because they are a cheap hosting company. But never expected they will have such a cheap server. We get atleast 1 hour down time everyday. This is horrible in today's hosting. I have never seen any other company give such horrible hosting. I was cheated i will never ever recommend them to anyone. Even if they give their hosting for 10$ per year don't take it. It is not even worth that much money.

Just Host gave out my personal information to third parties

Just Host gave out my personal information to third parties without checking with me or even advising me that third parties had contacted them. This contravened the Data Protection Act. they gave me a new password that they had already given to the third party and I continued to use this not knowing this had been given out. I only found it by accident when I found a past ticket and saw the complete conversation that had taken place. I contacted them and they refused to deal with my complaint. they refused to give me the name of the person involved in their data protection. They also awarded me 3 months free hosting when I told them I was cancelling - which htey didn't apply to my account and kept sending me reminders for the website invoice. They refused to listen when I told them I had 3 months free. They then started referring to a website they had already cancelled due to them believing a third party when they were telling lies about copyright. I have been the victim of 2 fraud attacks on both my websites and they have freely allowed people access to my personal details and believed them in relation to copyright theft - WHEN BOTH PROVIDED NO EVIDENCE. I have cancelled my Justhost web hosting and will take my business to another provider - Laughing Squid who are excellent and I have no problem with them at all.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: cheap is not always best; no training for customer service staff

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